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    Those who use 30 weight oils...

    1998 Monte Carlo (114k): 3100 SFI V6. 10w30 Mobil 1. Its the same motor as yours but a generation or two later. Splayed valve heads, DIS etc etc. On a 5k mile OCI it uses about 1/2 qt. Its got a leaky front main seal so that contributes to the oil loss. No problems at all. Still meets or beats...
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    How often do you check your oil??

    I broke off my dipstick's handle and JB Welded the plug into the dipstick tube. Its under warranty.
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    GC Gold in 2.2L Ecotec

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /> I'm considering getting the chevy cobalt with the ecotech 2.2L. how is oil consumption if any with GC compared to mobil 1? thanks <hr /></blockquote>You're considering a buy of a brand new vehicle (2006) and you're asking about oil consumption. Unless you do something...
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    300 + Degree Oil Temp HELP !!!!!!

    I'm no engine expert and I'm no oil expert but working in the business and designing a few aftermarket parts this is what I see. The main oil line is traveling directly through the oil gallies (Mains, then cam and lifters on a SBC). On this trip the oil picks up heat from the block. Theeeennn...
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    Where does engine noise come from?

    When you put interior trim and audio equipment aside, all cars are subject to three different sources of vibration: 1st order: This involves noise/vibration from both the engine and accessories. In most cases the vibration or noise will get progressively louder as engine speed increases. This...
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    Piston Slap and oil question

    My GM 3100 (112,000 miles) has been running strong since 35k even though it rattles its *** off on cold-starts. Piston slap will not affect the longevity, performance, or fuel mileage of your engine. Its just an annoyance.
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    Longer filter for 96 Pontiac 3.1?

    PF52 - Used them for years on my 3.1 in the '91 Grand Prix and on the 3100 in the '98 Monte Carlo. I always added an extra .5 qts for the added capacity of the filter/leak compensation.
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    Starting a car thats been sitting for 6 months

    Don't see any benefit on draining some oil to dump over the top of the motor. You'll probably get whatever water the oil is floating on out of the system though. Just crank the motor over without spark/fuel and check your oil pressure gauge.
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    GMC Envoy Mobil 1 5W-30 10,200 miles

    OT: Welcome to Houston, Scott... oddly enough we share the same initials. =p
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    Two Post Lift

    You might try a Rotary 2-post. We had -lots- of those at our old dealer shop (was around since the '70s). Many of them were in terrible looking shape but worked great. Just make sure to get one with a manual safety catch and -use it!-.
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    Nitrogen:Is it really that great?

    The biggest and best reason to use Nitrogen in tires... It does not contribue to fire in the way Oxygen does. This is why the airline industry, NASCAR and the military fill their tires with nitrogen. In case of a vehicle crash/fire, the tires may explode, instantly releasing a high volume of...
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    What is the benefit of solid axles in RWD?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />cv's automatically dont mean weakness. i have a dyno video of an 800 horsepower fwd civic being put to the test on a dyno. its almost scary if you ask me, but the cv's didnt break. if ever there was a question of a cv's durability, this civic shows that you can overcome...
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    Testing GM's Oil Life Monitor

    Just to let everyone know.. I was browsing data lists on my 2006 Cobalt w/ a Tech 2 and found that engine oil temperature is monitored by the PCM. This likely has quite a bit to do with the furthering developement of the OLM system. I believe '05 Cobalts and possibly anything with OLM and an...
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    Guy wanted 15w50 in his car....

    Sheesh. I guess the customer knows best... P.S. Send him my way when he needs a new engine.
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    Please put me at ease

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /> This sealed for life is a lot of Balogna, and it is just an attempt by manufacturers to seemingly have lower lifecycle costs (something that Consumer Reports uses). I am sure you can get that old fluid cycled out with some fresh fluid! <hr /></blockquote>I fully agree...
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    Friends experience with Royal Purple so far.

    ^^ To let you know, I've seen several cutaways of Fram's basic oil filter (orange canister with black grip-tape base) and the ends of the filter media were capped with paper. This filter also included an ADBV composed of stamped aluminum and a small rubber gasket at the bottom of the canister...
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    Bad gas - suspecting fair amount

    The main point of alcohol additives that bond with water is bringing the contaminants to the point of combustion where they can be removed. If the water were left un-touched in the fuel tank it would simply fester and rust whatever it was in contact with. ISO-Heet is the best fuel additive for...
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    Friends experience with Royal Purple so far.

    Fram = Paper ends on the paper filter media, which allows unfiltered oil to seep past the filter material. Their Anti Drain Back Valves are also teh suck from what I've read. Don't bother with Fram. Stock AC-Delco filters are of much better quality.
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    What is GM 89021806 MT Fluid? (for their Aisin 5 speeds)

    Manual Transmission Fluid API AI-A or GL-3 SAE 75W-90 GM P/N 89021806 (Canadian P/N 89021807) That's what Service Information says for the 2004 model year.
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    Any insight on new Honda reliability?

    Hondas are decent cars, reguardless of whether or not they contribute to the american economy. (which they obviously do not). So lets talk about build quality. Hondas are well-built vehicles designed to last 300k miles or more. Domestic cars are cheaply built vehicles meant to last 300k miles...