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    Removing RTV Residue from Fiberglass

    Gasoline dissolves RTV easily.
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    Drivers in 70+ Age Group Safer Than 35-54 Age Group

    Key word in that report: Fatal. If we look at low speed parking lot type incidents, those numbers would tell a very different story.
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    Walmart Beef

    I've found more than one package on a grocery shelf. The worst was watching a lady pull a package of ground turkey out , open the plastic and feed some to her dog. Naturally she left the package behind.
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    Coffee - Your Current Brew

    Any home roasters here? Been roasting my own for the last 15 years.
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    What Do You Think About Long-Term (20+ Years) Ownership Potential Of Modern Cars?

    Methinks we could have stopped at OBD1 . It was the sweetspot of technology vs. simplicity.
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    Briggs mower carb

    I don't see a name , I'll check again.
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    Briggs mower carb

    When I tangled with a Honda and their clones , the main jet was screwed into the base of the emulsion tube housing. This is a completely different setup. I opened up the idle and main jets and it's much better now. HF Micro drills to the rescue.
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    Briggs mower carb

    This mower never ran right from new. I rescued another one from the trash,and got it working properly but how did this get through QC>?
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    Bosch developing new water-injection system

    Adding water creates a second power stroke as it runs to steam. Bruce Crower experimented with this also. Google six stroke engine for more info.
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    Ford Ecoboost 2.0L-Any Good

    I guess I'm an outlier. 152 k on a MazdaSpeed3 ,still hummin'.
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    Coyote 5.0 Limits

    For daily use , area under the curve makes for a good result. Steer clear of peaky power curves, as things break when flogged constantly.
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    Engine knock, only when warm and at idle?

    +1 on verifying oil pressure.
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    HD engine, economy and wear 5W30 vs 0W20

    Would I be correct in saying... Because of that, the 454 can tolerate a larger intake port than the 440? Correct! Short rods (lower R/S ratio) require larger ports and vice versa. Shorter ,sharper intake pulses with the 454.
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    Can engines get anymore fuel efficient?

    I'm still waiting for my turbo diesel/electric hybrid with the generator powered from a compounding stage. Pie in the sky to be sure ,but you would surely wring as much energy out of the fuel!
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    Can engines get anymore fuel efficient?

    Compounding is next,active aero is already here in a lot of cases.
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    Read "Beast" book? by Jade Gurss 2014, Ilmor-Pens

    I remember rushing home from work in the middle 80's to 90's to watch happy hour. The growl of the Buicks and the shriek of the Chevys ,the stock -block NASCAR roar. Open wheel racing has lost its way.
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    OE parts suppliers car companies go with

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: nthach</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Honda, Toyota and Nissan have varying degrees of vertical integration - more so with the former two. Nissan was associated with Hitachi and they also had a small stake in...
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    Mazda- CVT's are not good for high speed - huh?

    Kenichiro Saruwatari, chief engineer on the new Mazda3... There's a cultural disconnect on the language here. When he refers to high speed , he means spirited driving. If it was his primary language we would have seen a different phrase.
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    Mercedes Benz transmission weld repair(pics)

    Well done! Are there issues with oil /fluids filling the metal's pores?