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    How to seal dipstick?

    When I first built my 383 small block, UOA's showed that I was getting some junk in my engine. Not a whole lot, but Terry suggested I check for a vacuum leak or PCV leak. I believe I've tracked it to the dipstick tube not being sealed at the insertion point at the block. What would be the best...
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    Any guesses as to weight weight and brand will be factory fill for the new Z06?

    Wouldnt choosing Mobil-1 0w-40 make the new Corvette even MORE exotic? It could be GM's way of throwing a little european twist into the picture <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />
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    Truck Stolen!!!...What to do with engine?

    Now state farm is saying that I cannot buy the truck back from salvage after they totalled it. Obviously I'm fighting this.
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    Truck Stolen!!!...What to do with engine?

    No dirt was pushed, or put into the enigine. However the valve cover was off for about 2 days in an orchard, and while it was towed to the impound yard. definitely not good.
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    Truck Stolen!!!...What to do with engine?

    I agree with both tallpall and tomjones 76! All of the work will be subbed out through a local body shop which works directly with State Farm Insurance. If things go as planned the truck will be taken to the repair shop of my choice to be gone over with a fine tooth comb, and find any problems...
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    Truck Stolen!!!...What to do with engine?

    Tanks for the feedback! I will definitlt take the truck to the dealer to find out the max operating variables on the truck.
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    Truck Stolen!!!...What to do with engine?

    My truck was stolen on Tuesday the 5th from a Costco parking lot here in Bakersfield Ca. It was recovered that Friday evening in an obsolete orchard about 50 miles away. The truck stands out quite a bit, with a cowl hood and SS logos. Engine is a 383 stroker that puts down 330 hp and 380 tq to...
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    source of potassium and sodium in used oil.

    I have had a trend in sodium from 5 to 10 to 15 in my last 3 UOA's which has puzzled me as well. Some other members pointed it out to me, yet I'm not sure what to make of it. I will find out pretty soon with the help of Terry Dyson's services, as I plan on chaging my oil next week.
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    Mixing with Mobil 1 Racing?

    Mobil 1 racing sounds like a good oil, and I like everything on the specs but the viscosity. What do you guys think about mixing it with a little Mobil 1 15w-50 to thicken it up to around 14-16 cst?
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    Coffee review: Best Coffee Ever

    In opposition to my vehicle filters, I like a "low flow" coffee filter for more brew time, and a consequently deeper pot. ..I'm not sure if I should say it, but I like Starbucks Coffee with their Gold Coast Blend being my favorite.
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    Olds good/bad is it?

    My family has had 2 Auroras, both 1995 models. The engines are identical to the Cadillac Northstar engines, yet I would never buy one. My mom just recently bought a Saturn Vue to replace hers. Ever since it passed 100,000 miles the Aurora had been a complete piece of junk! We're talkin trans...
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    Synthetics Incompatible with Certain Bearings?

    UOA has been up for awhile now, so maybe this will help with some diagnosis.
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    Sodium and coolant leak?

    What I'm looking for is at what levels of sodium should I start to worry? My sodium levels have gone from 5 to 10 to 15 on my UOA's. When would one start to be suspicious of a coolant leak?
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    Best car movie

    My vote is for Two Lane Blacktop! I love the great (and realistic) street race scene in the very beginning. It makes me want to go light em' up.
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    Best fix for small internal coolant leak?

    Is 15 ppm of sodium going to ruin my engine?
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    Sodium and coolant leak?

    UOA is posted,(383 stroker w/ 10w-40 Syntec) but havent had any comments on the how severe the sodium is.
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    Sodium and coolant leak?

    At what levels of sodium in a UOA would one determine a coolant leak? I just had a UOA with 15 ppm sodium. The oil being used is Castrol Syntec 10w-40 which doesn't show any sodium in its virgin oil analysis. Should I be alarmed?
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    1996 Corvette LT-4 M1 5W-30 and S1300 15W-40

    Great car! I love those LT4's. Many LS1 owners have been shocked as they watch an LT4 walk away from them. May I ask why you went with the M1 10/30?
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    How many people here prefill their filter?

    Alot of trucks (like mine) have external oil coolers that come stock. When changing the oil those lines are dry and have to be primed again before oil pressure can return. I fill my filter, and crank the engine over to regain pressure before starting.