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    10w-30 or stay with SAE-30

    Wyandot, the 10W-30 likely is not recommended because the engines of that vintage had relatively large oil pump clearances compared to later designs intended to make use of lighter oils. A 5W or 10W probably wouldn't give you the oil pressure the bearings were designed to use. (please, no...
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    Worst fears confirmed.. VQ35 (TT G35 sedan)... 4600 miels

    Before you get too excited, re-torque the heads to ARP (not factory) specs. Even if nobody does it.
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    Flat tappet camshaft break-in?

    Doward, as I read the replies to your question, I think that I should explain to you that your cam is the critical-path item in your engine break-in, and it needs to be fully broken in (it takes 20 minutes to fully break in a cam) before you change to your synthetic or whatever and drive the...
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    Flat tappet camshaft break-in?

    I havent read this board for months, but just happened to cruise by and your question caught my eye. Your setup is rather mild, but the first few minutes of running will have much to do with your engine life nevertheless. If you want to do it right, find some straight SAE 30 Rotella T or Delo...
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    dino vs. synthetic HDEO "cleaning" properties

    The dispersants in aviation engine oils and gas and diesel oils are there to keep particles in the oil from coalescing and collecting on engine surfaces, and they are active at fairly low temperatures. The detergents activate at higher temperatures in the ring belt and exhaust valve areas...
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    The Hemi in the new Chrysler 300C gets 5w20!

    Sorry fellows, thought you all spoke engineering shorthand...for instance: when 69 implied "hp=torque x time" he got the definition backwards, resulting in a quantity that doesn't make sense physically; I wrote "hp x time=torque, which has the correct dimensions. The constant in the handbook...
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    The Hemi in the new Chrysler 300C gets 5w20!

    69 riv gs posted April 14, 2004 04:09 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comparing "peak" horsepower numbers (380hp vs. 345hp) doesn't tell the whole story. You have to look at the entire "power curve". The lightnings'...
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    The Hemi in the new Chrysler 300C gets 5w20!

    AV8R: It's a truck , 70% of the weight is in the front and you can't figure out why it's hard to put 345 hp to the ground? Darryl: Thanks for explaining this to me. My old Chevy pickup, which has a 400cid small block, B&M blower, and a little over 600 hp to the 2.56 rear end, only does high...
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    The Hemi in the new Chrysler 300C gets 5w20!

    It takes some engineering to design a chassis that will 'hook up', or transfer power to the road, well. Apparently the Dodge pickups need some help here, as well.
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    The Hemi in the new Chrysler 300C gets 5w20!

    Right on, JTHorner. I posted a reply a while back trying to debunk the ad hype about the 'new hemi' and was met with much uninformed scepticism. As I recall, Zora Arkus-Duntov built the first hemi head to get some hp from flathead Fords, which basically had the combustion chambers in the...
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    Magneto Switch Question???

    Terry, this thread seems to obey Henry Kissinger's law of academic battles: "The battles are so bloody because the stakes are so small." I suppose his law applies equally to aircraft trivia. Now knowing more than I have ever wanted to imagine about the subject, a few calls to accessory...
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    Anti-wear additives & extended sitting

    I'm using Rotella 5W-40 in three cars at the moment, including a GM 3.8 V6 which sits a lot. Rotella has high levels of ZDDP and calcium sulfonates, so it has very good AW and anti-rust properties. The calcium sulfonate and its cousin, barium sulfonate which is mostly used in steam-cylinder and...
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    Redline vs. Swepco info

    Marketing is everything for oil blenders. Most of the better blenders do have at least one engineer or scientist on the staff, but lack research budgets for anything much more than QC. Lubrizol, Ethyl, Oronite, etc. supply the add packs for most of the specialty oils, and they do good work...
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    Visible marking of overhead cams to be expected?

    Cam nose wear is pretty dramatic. The lobes can look like they were plowed. I tend to go with the polishing theory, as long as you cannot feel any roughness on the noses with your fingernail. One of the problems with ohc designs is that the cams run too cool, leading to increased condensation...
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    Air cooled military truck

    What a fun truck! I think the 15W-40 is an excellent choice. I would be inclined to do UOAs on this, and on a monograde 40, though, as the 40 may give you better cylinder wear in an air-cooled. XD-3, Mobil 1240, and Delo 400 in SAE 40 would be my choices to experiment with.
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    Magneto Switch Question???

    RE Anti- seize on spark was used on round engines in the Pacific Theater in WWII and made the plugs easy to remove for service after a mission, even in the humid, salty island climates. Worked well applied sparingly to the first few threads. However...from a friend who was there...a...
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    Chemical fix for low oil pressure due to crud in oil pickup?

    I doubt that your oil pickup is clogged. You may have a stuck-open oil pump bypass valve, though. That's a pan-off job. Most likely, the heads may be at fault. Take off the valve covers, one at a time, and crank the engine (ignition unplugged, of course) to see if you spot a gusher.
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    Subaru in a airplane

    Just an observation-140 degrees is WAY too low for your oil temp, needs to be a minimum of 175, way better 185 to 190. Under 175, your cylinder wear will increase dramatically, and the cam may show abnormal wear as well, but the wear likely won't produce visible particles. Hope you track down...
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    Magneto Switch Question???

    Terry, to be serious for a moment, the 'L' has to be next to 'BOTH', otherwise you have to switch through a previously-dead right mag and its set of possibly fuel-fouled plugs on the way to the 'both' position, if you're hand-propping the airplane. The 'push to start' feature of the Bendix key...
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    Magneto Switch Question???

    Well, that's surely an interesting observation. It seems that the only question left (sorry, I couldn't resist) is "why is the retarded magneto on the left?" I suspect it may have been an attempt to disguise a pirated British design originally having a retarded mag on the right. Having the...