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    Changing vibrations per road and speed - shocks or tires?

    The second peak at 28-29Hz is secondary harmonics caused by the same source as the first peak (2X multiple). The third peak is a bit odd as it's showing a bit over 40Hz. This may be the driveshaft if the diff ratio is 2.82, so 14.8 X 2.82 = 41.7Hz. But the third peak is also much lower than the...
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    Changing vibrations per road and speed - shocks or tires?

    Your primary vibration is the one at 14.8Hz, as you calculated points to the tires at the particular speed you felt it at (70 mph). It's unlikely the guibo as the driveshaft rotates at a much higher speed. Did you have all 4 new wheels and tires installed and felt the vibration? If you still...
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    Chrysler 2.0L SOHC & DOHC power difference

    The engine designer can extract the same amount of power from a single cam vs twin cams when using similar valve lift and timing specs. The difference is when a more aggressive cam profile is specified for more power (more lift, duration), the cam(s) need to work against high spring rates as...
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    Start/Stall Issue 2014 Elantra

    Possibly the variable cam timing units are at fault, thereby advancing or retarding the intake/exhaust cams and staying intermittently stuck. If there's huge overlap of intake and exhaust timing during cranking, you will get the "no compression" symptom.
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    Start/Stall Issue 2014 Elantra

    In your video of the first restart after the stall, then engine sounds like it has zero or low compression. The engine is cranking as shown on the tach, but the noise it makes is indicative of low compression. My guess will be skipped timing, seems like you have a timing chain?
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    Cheap German cars

    It has an aftermarket Android head unit, on the MK5 chassis this will likely result in battery drain issues unless the CAN Gateway has been updated. Won't be noticed if the car is a daily driver but if parked for a few days will result in no crank. Check for torn CV boots at that age/mileage...
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    Hack to defeat Buick's Auto Stop-Start??

    It's nice to have a dash button to disable the start/stop. I have adapted to the system in my car mostly, as the system reacts to brake pedal pressure when you come to a stop, as well as before the engine restarts. So you can actually prevent the engine from stopping if you are light enough on...
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    Should I fix this car (accident vehicle)?

    There are numerous Youtubers who buy cheap cars from Copart and rebuilt it themselves. Check out a guy called "Samcrac" who has done numerous cars, and is currently rebuilding an Audi R8. He has good information on what to look for when undertaking a DIY rebuild, what to avoid etc. Worth a look.
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    why aren't compressor tanks coated

    Corrosion is an interesting science. When you coat something which you cannot readily access to check regularly, there are a few potential issues. If the coating has a tiny point of failure, you actually have an accelerated corrosion problem known as pitting since all the electro-chemical...
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    Acura MDX Key Problem- Urgent request please!

    You have a no crank, no start.. which could be caused by a variety of reasons. If you have already ruled out the battery, then the next few items could be: 1) Neutral safety switch 2) Brake switch (if the Acura normally requires the brake pedal to be depressed before you can start) 3) Ignition...
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    Steel Wool 0000 on Windshield

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by diyjake</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'll have to look into the glass polish, if anyone has any to recommend i'm all ears. </div></div> Look for cerium oxide powder online, the professional shops use it for polishing...
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    Vibration diagnosis via sensor data

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Trav</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It doesn't matter if its spinning 2.8 or 28 times more if it vibrates at a consistent speed and rpm. Where do you get the 2.8 number from? That depends on the gear ratio and tire size...
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    Vibration diagnosis via sensor data

    Your math looks to be correct, which points to an rotating assembly at the same rpm as the wheels. This could be tires, wheels or drive shafts. It is not likely to be the prop shaft as it would be spinning 2.8 times faster than the wheels, so will have a correspondingly higher frequency if it is...
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    03 Accord V6 "needs" iridium plugs?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by columnshift</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So tomorrow i'm going to grab some coils. To those mentioning #6... it's actually three misses... #1, #3, and #6 are all missing CONSTANTLY whether idle or high load or slow...
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    03 Accord V6 "needs" iridium plugs?

    No, don't throw parts at the problem. You need proper diagnosis to see why the misfires are happening. Each cylinder needs spark, compression and fuel to run. You need to identify which basic element is missing. Plugs on the front bank is easy, rear bank needs more effort, contortion and...
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    03 Accord V6 "needs" iridium plugs?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by columnshift</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Stop at an Autozone, the code says "replace spark plugs" and says misfires on 1/3/6 repeatedly but doesnt say any bad sensors. I'm not sure when plugs or wires had been...
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    Gen 8 Accord rear brakes-What tool?

    I have a set like this, works great: <a href=""...
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    AC blows cold for 10-15 seconds then warm 2010 Honda Fit

    Sounds like the compressor relay is intermittent. On Hondas, you may be able to swap the relay with another one within the same relay/fuse box. On an Odyssey, I swapped the horn relay in to check and the compressor kicked on again, so that's a free confirmed diagnosis.
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    Russian BMW Body Repair

    Here's the video on what collision industry "leaders" have to say about Arthur's repair on the 7 series: <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    2006 Prius - Hybrid Battery Failure

    Critic, out of curiosity, what was the block voltage and internal resistance of the new battery unit? From one of your pics, it shows block #7 as the main culprit, with a low block voltage and a high internal resistance. I wonder if it would make sense to only replace the faulty block? How...