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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    had a K24 04 Accord and K24 '09 CRV last 189k miles and 298k miles before seĺling both to our mechanic. That kind of oil burning is typical. Experiment with one weight heavier...0-5W30, see if that helps. Apart from the usual maintenance stuff, the only enemies of high mileage K24 engines...
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    Purolator Boss down-rated to 15k miles from 20k miles with new box design.

    New hexagon-shaped box for the Purolator Boss line with new specs, and the same price (of roughly $15 on Amazon for the Honda/20mm-compatible version). Looks like...
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    What filters are even good anymore?

    If the accountants and engineers at Fram have managed to keep XG quality the same/better than 12 years ago without a noticeable price hike in 12 years (see link), then those people need to be in charge of the Pentagon's budget, GM, and every health insurance company and hospital. that said, I...
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    What filters are even good anymore?

    also blame customers who tolerate "shrinkflation"/cost-cutting but don't tolerate a hike in MSRP. Amazon is selling XG7317 for $7.60 right now (I bought some on sale locally for $6.64 this week). the Amazon price essentially has not changed in 12 years...
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    09 CRV Heater Blend Door (Driver side) - another heat issue

    Have you opened the panel? as a stop gap, remove the old part (keep all screws and brackets), get some string, tie the string onto the lever and gently open the air flap that brings in the hot air. lots of youtube videos. part number depends on whether you have separate passenger HVAC temp...
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    Meijer's, 30% off all Fram (mobile app coupon)

    30% of all Fram products at Meijer during Thanksgiving Week (which for my filters undercuts Amazon and Walmart) Must clip coupon on the "mPerks" mobile app.
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    Difference between M1 0w30 afe and 0w30 esp?

    Go to Toyota's UK or Ireland website and check on the oil recommendation for your Camry's engine over there. Good chance that it will recommend an ACEA C3 oil in a 30 weight.
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    Should I proactively replace my stock alternator at 200K miles?

    yes, bad starter, you can always hit it with a hammer. If alternator brushes go, you have no options. And if happens away from home, you'll need a tow. you can check the old alternator's brushes by removing it. but by that point, you might as well put in a new/reman. alternator.
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    New S60 for driving a million miles in a 740

    With these 1,000,000-mile cars....I've done the math at these guys are in their cars all the time, even assuming highway speeds. apart for the work vehicles, that is some special form of OCD that deserves more than a 2-year rental. Closest I've come to is 298k miles in 11 years in a CRV.
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    what is the best deal on oil?

    IMO, "best deal" (not costco) is Pennzoil full synthetic for $18.84 per jug at Walmart dot com. Free delivery if you buy 2 (>$35)
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    Recommend a family vehicle please

    Preaching to the choir for everyone who has/had a small kid, at this point in your life, being close to a dealer can be just as important factor as everything else. IMO. 1. new; 2. a brand/brand network that OP is comfortable being committed to for the next 4+ years; 3. nothing smaller than...
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    Recommend a family vehicle please

    Ram 1500. If more kids are definitely incoming in the next 2 years, Pacifica base (MSRP 36k, 2k rebate = $34k-ish) (correction). rebate includes $1k for current Chryco owners and a base 2021 (34k) isn't carried near me.
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    I've a torturous decision before me.

    Depends on the state. Some states have very pro-buyer lemon laws, other states don't. And these lemon laws generally were enacted many decades ago, so there is no rhyme or reason on which states have good lemon laws. gotta look it up.
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    Recommend a family vehicle please

    Given the wild used car prices, buy new if you can---even if it means getting a smaller vehicle for the same amount of money. My neighbor uses a Ram 1500 as a family car for his 2 kids. Go for it, if it fits your needs. Otherwise instead of the Tiguan, new Mazda CX-5 Pros: reliability, crash...
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    Super Tech FS prices have increased again

    because inflation is at 40-year highs. The median age of the country is somewhere around 40. means literally the majority Americans were not born or couldn't tie their own shoes when inflation was this high.
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    Empty lots

    if anyone is in the market for a car (new or used), go for it. IMO, while some of the used car insanity will die down, we are not going back to 2019 used car prices until the economy gets hit with a big downturn. And for anyone following politics, all it takes is for Russia to ban...
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    Super Tech FS prices have increased again

    $65.99 for a 4-pack of 5 qt jugs online, was $64.99 online. Was $29.99 for two jugs in-store, then $32.99 last week. Pennzoil vanilla full synthetic is $18.84 for a jug at Walmart. T the statisticians could even argue that a person buying Pennzoil at $18.84 instead of the old SuperTech at...
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    New car price & MSRP

    She's paying 5% interest when inflation is running 7%+. That is winning. just saying
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    Viscosities of various 0W30 and 5W30 oils

    Amsoil Signature 5w30 10.3 Amsoil Signature 0w30 10.4