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    Any reason to not switch to AGM?

    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. Up until the other day, I haven't had any significant problems that would warrant upgrading to the larger battery. The only thing I've noticed occasionally were my headlights dimming very slightly if I am opening / closing all four windows at once...
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    Any reason to not switch to AGM?

    Well my 2016 Accord needed a jump this morning. I'm pretty sure it is the factory battery, so I know I was already on borrowed time. I am planning to replace it with an AGM 51R - thinking either the DieHard Platinum (Part # 51R-AGM) or a Super Start Platinum (Part # 51RPLT). My options seem...
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    Getting a car they way you want it is normal!

    I have a similar issue with my Accord. I bought it in July of 2019 and CarMax only put two new Vredestein Quatrac 5s on. The other two tires were the OE Continentals. The mis-match has been bugging me, but I can't bring myself to replace all four yet. I'm on a matching set of Blizzaks for the...
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    Short tripped ‘17 accord 2.4

    My '16 Accord also sees a fair number of short trips. The last UOA I took shows that Valvoline 0w-20 Extended Protection would probably suit your needs and was used over a similar mileage.
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    I was hesitant to run an aftermarket CVT fluid in it but now I am glad to know that Amsoil is a great alternative!
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up! The original TAN value was something I had not considered.
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    Sorry I should've specified - I drove a few miles after the first drain / before the second to get it all mixed. Since I purchased the car used, I wanted to have a good fresh baseline to start from.
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    Valvoline EP 0w-20 - 5.5k miles 2016 Honda Accord K24W 28k Miles

    I had specifically switched to using higher octane (mostly 89) more frequently to see if it made a difference in this 2nd UOA. I frankly wasn't anticipating a change, but since fuel dilution went down I was very interested in seeing everyone's feedback! I feel like throttle response improved...
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    Valvoline EP 0w-20 - 5.5k miles 2016 Honda Accord K24W 28k Miles

    I was surprised by this as well. It's concerning to think what the TBN would've been if I actually followed the Maintenance Minder. I would probably be looking elsewhere if I racked up more miles and was looking for a longer drain interval. I've been sticking with Valvoline EP because it's...
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    I have been trying to knock out some preventative maintenance this fall for the same reason!
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    Exactly! After only 28k I was surprised how much darker the fluid was than the new stuff. I'm glad to see the properties of the fluid were still good.
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    Valvoline EP 0w-20 - 5.5k miles 2016 Honda Accord K24W 28k Miles

    It was discussed in the thread for my other UOA so I figured I'd give it a try. The vehicle this replaced "recommend" 91+ so continuing to fuel up with higher octane didn't hurt all that bad. The fuel % did go down in this UOA, but since that's likely a coincidence, I'll stick with 87.
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    Valvoline EP 0w-20 - 5.5k miles 2016 Honda Accord K24W 28k Miles

    This is the 2nd UOA for my 2016 Accord. The first (using Valvoline Modern Engine 0w-20) is posted here. As the title states, this was running Valvoline Extended Protection 0w-20 with a Honda A02 filter. 5,586 miles / 10 Months on this combo. The Maintenance Minder was at 40% My driving habits...
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    2016 Honda Accord CVT UOA 28,612 Factory Fill

    This is the 1st UOA for the CVT in my 2016 Accord Sport with 28,612 miles. I purchased the car back in July of 2019 with 13k miles so I am almost certain this was the factory fill. It seems like (thankfully) pretty boring results! I completed 2x D&F (~8 quarts of Honda HCF-2) when I took this UOA.
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    Post your last tire/wheel purchase

    A little late as I actually had these installed last summer but.... I purchased a set of Hankook Ventus v12 evo2s in staggered 225/45/17 and 245/40/17 fitment. They replaced some worn out Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I loved the performance of the Michelins but I figured I'd give the Hankooks...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2008 Smart ForTwo 65,977 Miles Out: Mobil 1 0w-40 and a Mobil 1 M1-108A filter OCI: 3,245 Miles / 10 Months In: Same combo. New 108A is longer than the old one for some reason. 2006 BMW 325ci 76,072 Miles Out: Valvoline 0w-40 and a MANN HU925 / 4X OCI: 4,635 Miles / 15 Months In: Mobil 1...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2016 Honda Accord Sport with 28,612 miles -Drained about 4 quarts of the factory fill CVT fluid. It was a bit darker than I assumed it was going to be, but didn't appear bad overall. -Refilled with Honda HCF-2 and then drove around the block -Drained again - Refilled with more HCF-2 and...
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    Post your latest brake fluid change

    2016 Honda Accord Sport Out: Likely the original brake fluid - it was dark. In: Approx 36oz of Honda DOT Brake Fluid through the calipers The brake fluid was an oversight since the car is still pretty low mileage. I'll keep after it going forward! Not sure how much is a placebo effect, but...
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    Reusing Fresh Coolant

    That's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.