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    ever heard of OPTI-2 oils?

    I am looking for the best 2 cycle oil to run in a variety of engines at our cabin from outboard motors to chainsaws and small water pumps. I usually use Amsoil Sabre outboard and run that in everything. A family member has been using an oil called OPTI-2 and is suposed to be a great oil like...
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    Amsoil filter question

    I've got an 03 Silverado 5.3 and I plan to try Amsoil out. I have some S2000 0-w30 and two filters that I ordered through a dealer. After I looked online the amsoil site says for the 03 5.3 I should have the SDF 32 filter. What I was given was the SDF 64 filters which appear to be for an 02 and...
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    When do I change my oil???

    for you guys who like to change the oil hot but hate buring your fingers on the oil and drain plug do this: Crack open the drain plug with your normal wrench/socket. Then throw on a 3" or longer extension and back it out by hand the rest of the way. This will keep your fingers away from the plug...
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    Sell it or junk it?

    If you have a local technical college with an automotive program or a high school program you might think about letting them do the work. Around here they just make you pay for the parts and do the labor for free. I've never had anything bad happen to my cars or anyones cars I've know to be...
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    No oil in filter. Should I be worried?

    I'll see what I can do to get it cut open with pictures. I've only tried to disect one filter before and I hacked it up pretty bad just trying to get it open. I have noticed some strange noises every once in a while when I start up the car. It sounded to me like a bearing on a belt tensioner or...
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    No oil in filter. Should I be worried?

    2002 Mazda protoge 2.0L with 67,000 miles. I've changed the oil myself since 17,000 miles when I bought the car. Last week when I changed the oil I noticed that I did not lose one drop of oil down the side of the block when I took off the filter. The filter itself looked really really empty of...
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    Oil Drain Valve

    I chose not to use one because both of my drain plugs are magnetic. I like to inspect them and clean off any particles that may accumulate. I also seem to get just as messy if not messier changing the oil filter, so the little bit of mess a drain like this eliminates doesn't keep me clean...
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    Automobile related movies/shows

    Ronnin and the original gone in 60 seconds.
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    Freezer test:M1 0W40 vs Chevron 10W30

    My shed test: I believe the temp was -20 F. I went out to my shed and picked up 4 bottles of oil with 1/3 qt in them. M1 5w30, Halvoline dino 5w30, Mobile D.C. 5w30, and Supertech Full synth 5w30. I did not pour any out but rather tilted the bottles so I could see the oil run on the inside. (not...
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    Burning 1 Qt of Oil per fillup!!

    Picked up a used 92 honda civic. just over 100,000 on it. It turned oil black like a diesel motor and went through a quart every 250 or so miles. If I waited to check the oil at the same time I filled up with gas it would be nearing 2 qt low. I couldn't believe a Honda would do that. Ended up...
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    How to remove rust from chrome

    I will have to double check on the paint warranty, but with over 60,000 miles already I wasn't holding my breath. Thanks for the input both of you. And FAST!
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    How to remove rust from chrome

    I have a small spot of rust forming on my chrome bumper of my 03 silverado truck. How should I go about removing this? I wish I still had a warranty.
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    Can I go 10k - 15k miles on...

    Thanks everyone. I guess I still haven't made up my mind on what I'm going to do, but I do have some more info to help me decide thanks to you. I'll have to check back on Monday and see what more info is waiting for me. Does anyone know of a cheaper place to get a uoa done than Blackstone? I...
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    Can I go 10k - 15k miles on...

    M1 5-30? Vehicle is 2002 Mazda Protoge with the 2.0L. I don't plan on doing a UOA because that would involve getting under the car to get a sample, I could just change the oil instead if I have to crawl under, but with winter coming I want to avoid this if possible because I have no garage here...
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    2006 GM LS7

    I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't know this but, what is a "Dry Sump"?
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    List of manufacturer recommended OCIs

    2002 Mazda Protoge 2.0 schedule 1 (normal) 7500 Scheudle 2 (severe) 5000 5w-30 2003 Chevy Silverado 5.3L Change according to the GM OLM. Or 3000 miles if used commercially. If the GM OLM is mistakenly reset, change oil 3000 miles since the last oil change. 5w-30
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    My oil collection

    I think if I had as much oil on had as you guys I'd change my oil every week! The only way I can make myself wait 5k is to not buy it until I need it!
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    Transfer case synthetic oil suggestions

    Check your owners manual. If you have the auto 4x4 option you need to use the blue colored autotrack II fluid only. I believe it's a synthetic. About $6 a quart at the dealer.
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    Pennzoil 10w30 vs Motorcraft 10w30

    I was thinking of doing a similar switch. I posted a question and it came up that the 5w30 motorcraft is not raved about like the 5w-20 which seems to be part synthetic. If you are not using 20wt I would stick to the Penz.
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    Motorcraft 5/30 vs 5/20?

    GM Oil life typically comes on about 6000-7000 miles for me. Personally I don't feel comfortable going that long on dino oil so that is why I use M1. I usually start thinking about changing it anytime after 5000 miles that I've got the time to do it or when it hits the monitor limit.