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    Tape measure clamp?

    If you measure the board at its longest length and the width, you could use trigonometry to calculate the 'shorter' length of board.
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    Tape measure clamp?

    The play would equal the thickness of the 'hook'. Good trivia at parties.
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    Why didnt this fuse trip

    Don't mean to get off topic but, My sump pump was sharing the line with other outlets. Whenever the pump turned ON, my desk lamp would dim. So, I added a new line and outlet and put the sump pump on a dedicated breaker (all for 20 amp). I ended up using an GFCI outlet because the new...
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    Homes of the rich and famous

    It's interesting how the house design reflects on the owner. A rustic log home is most likely owned by a male. A planer looking home is owned by a planer person (Rachael Ray). Also, you can see a design difference between East coast and West coast homes.
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    Lucus red n tacky or Mobil 1?

    When I'm at an auto parts store and have the time, I like to pull the caps off the tubes of grease and see if any are separating. If they are (in the store), it could be worse in my 90° garage during the Summer. But to be fair, grease guns are sealed on both ends. Maybe we need to consider...
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    What grease should I buy for a grease gun?

    I had several containers of grease in my garage and was wondering if they were compatible. I wanted to use one grease for maintaining my riding mower, push mower and snow thrower. I believe using Lucas Red-N-Tacky will serve my needs. One grease gun, one grease. What would require a different...
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    2000 jeep wrangler , accidentally filled with rapid tap(cutting oil)

    How much was added and for how long? And put the cutting fluid on a higher shelf.
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    Identity theft & so on

    This is a website where you can have your name removed from receiving credit and insurance offers. I signed up five years ago and have not received any offers yet.
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    Whirlpool 2 drum roller grease

    What about a White Lithium Grease. Currently I am minimizing my greases and will use WLG for general purpose lubrication. It comes in a tube and aerosol.
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    Identity theft & so on

    I froze: 1) Equifax 2) Experian 3) Trans Union AND ALSO 4) Innovis 5) Chex System I froze my credit reports and sleep well at night. I also receive emails every time my credit card is used.
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    Slime cheapened their thru-core sealant

    The tire repair shop should be told BEFORE doing any work that Slime is in the tire.
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    Slime cheapened their thru-core sealant

    Slime Co. sells alot of different 'slime' products. Make sure you're using the correct one. Slime's website shows it should be removed within 3 days or 100 miles.
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    Question on bearing choice for snowthrower chain idler gears

    Uxcell - you see alot of ODD suppliers like that on Amazon. I have no experience with them, but would avoid at all cost. How about looking on McMaster-Carr website. They are an industrial supplier that I would feel more comfortable with...
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    New Vehicle Average Transaction Prices Dec 2022

    It won't be hard to convince the 'next' generation to NOT own a vehicle. Get out your smart phone and make an appointment for a self-driving car to pick you up.
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    Wells Fargo Stagecoach

    If in fact I was ever reincarnated, I would have ridden 'shotgun' on a stagecoach.
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    brother laserjet printer

    I NEVER in my life thought I'd own a 'photo copier" .... I got by going to Kinkos. I now have a Brother Laser Printer with a Photo Copier and it is GREAT.
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    Furnace Problems - Trouble Shooting

    W = White R = Red Yes, that would work (turn furnace ON and run continuously) The devise in video I linked to would cycle furnace ON/OFF and maintain 65° That would give homeowner time to shop for a thermostat.
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    Furnace Problems - Trouble Shooting

    Just some suggestions on being prepared for furnace problems. ♦ Learn the START sequence and names of components ♦ Have the Owner's manual handy Spare parts to have 1) Ignitor 2) Heat Sensor 3) Start Capacitor 4) Fuse (located on circuit board) 5) This is a handy tool if you suspect your...
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    Which jump pack?

    I would get a name brand and larger mAh than what you need. Go to You can watch how Amazon raises and lowers the prices daily, weekly, monthly. Put in a price watch and they will email you when the price drops. Someone here suggested that to me. Again I say, "thank you".
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    What’s your thermostat set to any why? Heat source?

    Night 62° - save some money Day 66° - if I get chilly, time to start moving around Natural gas