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    Maine Coon cats

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: double vanos</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Agree with the above. Mine was named Gus and he was a great, loving cat. Wife and I have had cats for over 40 years, at times with 19 in the family. Now, down to two, a...
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    Equivalent to stihl grease?

    I am looking for an equivalent to the little tube of stihl headge trimmers gearbox grease? Any suggestions?
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    PSA: "Cats" the musical North American tour

    If your wife is not a fan of musicals it does not apply to you. If she is.... Good luck.
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    Additive Component Chemisty VII

    1. Surfactant 2. It allows the creep or flow by reducing surface tension. If you have ever noticed water flowing on a surface, and have taken your finger and made a new path for the water to follow it begins to also follow the newly wetted trail.
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    Additive Chemistry Components III

    Tackifier. 1. Foam air filter oil. 2. Chainsaw bar oil. 3. Engine oil supplements. Hasting motor honey comes to mind.
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    1997 Volvo Penta 5.7GSI 5w-30?

    If it was mine, I would use it. In 1997 did the 5.7 have an output of 250hp yet? What boat is it in? What's it weigh? How many hours are on the engine?
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    Grease recommendations for RC car differentials

    When I raced, we would fill the diff with a heavy silicone fluid, this was done to prevent the unloading of the inside wheels when going around a turn, think of it as a easily adjustable torson differential.
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    too little oil found after oil change

    My apologies sir. I did not read all of it. Some dip sticks are difficult to read, try twisting the sick one way or another. The point of friction wipes the oil off or smears it making it difficult to read. Some dip sticks have a twist in them to prevent this.
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    too little oil found after oil change

    I think you should check the oil. You have already owned the car for almost a year, and you think they might have shorted you on oil when it was changed in April 2017? I think you should have checked the oil in April 2017 and once and a while after that. Good luck with vehicle owenership.
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    Best vehicle I ever owned

    1984 Chevy camaro 2.8 th700-4r Replaced bendex and brushes in the starter twice. I also rebuilt the alternator. But before all that work I fixed the rust and painted it. The typical struts spings and shocks. Oh, and I replaced the trans dipstick seal, and the windshild washer fluid pump two or...
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    Living room, workshop, wood floor protection

    Get a cheep carpet, put it carpet side down facing the hardwood, get plywood and place it over the carpet. No scratching and you can hammer within reason on the plywood. Have fun!
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    Craftsman tool warranty

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: EdwardC</div><div class="ubbcode-body">There are rebuild kits available out there, check out eBay. </div></div> +1
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    Roll pin punch recommendations

    Look up Gray tools... Made in Ontario. Support local.
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    Jalopnik on warming up cars

    I have to laugh at you warm climate guys. If you ever started a engine in the really cold and herd what it sounds like, I bet most of you guys would get scared and turn it off instead of driving away.
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    Machine washing a "dry clean only" winter coat?

    Without question I would throw that in the washer and dry it in the dryer. I have washed wool suit pants by mistake, they came out perfect. No dryer for those. My Canada goose parka gets put in the washer also, I just unzip the fur. It goes into the dryer also. Doing so voids the warranty...
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    Stage 3 wrx oil recommendations

    Noise? Like rod knock? Use whatever xw40 that is on sale... But, cut the filter and look for metal. My bet is that you will find some.
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    Question for Pet Owners - Raw Food Diet for Pets?

    Look up freshpet. It's easy to feed and inexpensive and is working quite well for my cridders.
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    Taking care of animals....

    Any updates? Give the dog a pet for me.
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    Forgot Oil cap - Should I sample?

    Just for an exparamental sake, keep the oil cap off and start the engine. What happens? Does it blow out or does it produce a vaccume?
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    Broken exhaust valve

    Anyone know about 5252rpm and what that graph above is missing?