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    Advice on a '98 Prairie 400 4x4

    I have a 97. It’s a good bike. Full time 4wd isn’t great. Engine is very high quality. Very smooth compared to my Honda recon 250. I had to put an axle in mine, same as any other 4wd. I also had to do some work in the power transfer box, there is a torque limiting spring in there. I welded...
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    How to make Tecumseh engine burn better?

    I do agree, they were very late to the game. I’m pretty sure this twin I had was made mid 2000’s. I knew the old iron ones had coil problems, the 17 I had also ate more than one coil(second was aftermarket)
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    How to make Tecumseh engine burn better?

    Top was what my v-twin looked like, bottom right was the single. I avoid tecumseh in my flipping though. It’s mostly older now anyways.
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    How to make Tecumseh engine burn better?

    I also had a 17hp single tecumseh one time, it too was on an mtd, 42” variator machine. Engine had plenty of torque. It didn’t bog down nearly like a Briggs. It cut more like a big single Kawasaki. It seems they had a lot of coil trouble maybe??
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    How to make Tecumseh engine burn better?

    I have an mtd mower one time with a v-twin tecumseh on it. Engine was a beast. I think it was a 42 or 46” cut, the engine easily could have handled 54”. I’ve seen other mowers with tecumseh v-twins on them. Several Stanley mowers(mtd made).
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    Looking for a pancake air compressor

    I recently saw the ridgid small compressor is belt driven. That seems like a plus in my book. I’d assume the pump is lower rpm than direct drive and should help isolate vibration somewhat. I’d say it’s the best pancake (oil less)style. Not sure about the “quiet” designs. I still prefer oil...
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    Subaru V-twin engines

    Well Yamaha bought Subaru’s small engine. It was for a patent is all I know. Yamaha wanted to get in the zero turn game. I’ve seen a few, never in person.
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    New to me Honda EU2000 Companion

    I agree, when adjusting the valves, replace the pull rope. It’s a long way in them to replace a valve, I’ve done it. Inspect the timing belt while the cover is off. I’d also do a few oil changes on it as the capacity is pretty low. Probably needs a new air filter, they kinda get rotten.
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    New Holland LS-45 Mower (aka Toro 268-H) engine replacement

    Usually when a kohler twin blows a head gasket, you can hear it. Sounds like an exhaust leak. “Usually” gets a little quieter as the engine warms up. I wouldn’t think you would have 220psi with blown head gaskets. I think the oil ring may be sticky. I think id try to do a soak and get some...
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    Milwaukee M18 1/2 impact any size diff on 1400 vs 1100

    There is a new mid torque half inch out, it is also 600ft lb, but its an inch shorter than the previous one linked above. It just came out. It also has perimeter led lighting. Yes the previous models will be discounted to clear out, but I really think I would get this one if I was in the...
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    Zero turn recommendations for hilly yard

    The heavier the better. My new yard has some steep hills. I have two zero turns. One is a gravely zt52hd, the other a zg20 kubota. The kubota weighs almost 1100lbs. It hold the hills great. The gravely cuts better, but is slower and slides on the hills a lot. I figure the gravely weighs...
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    This week Kohler 20hp courage single, valvoline sae30 in, super tech filter 170hrs, unknown drain Briggs 20hp twin T6 5w-40, supertech filter, unknown drain Kubota B7500 tractor 21hp diesel, T6 5w-40, purolator classic filter. Rotella 15w-40 drain I think, kubota filter 245hrs. Last change...
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    New Milwaukee surge

    Love my m18 surge. Very quiet!!! Pretty good power.
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    Did a Stupid Thing

    Briggs twins were notorious for the pan gasket leaking right there. Not to bad a job, remove the engine, remove oil pan, put new gasket on. Take that tin cover off and I bet it's leaking under it.
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    JD will not start

    My vote is starting fluid or brake cleaner or whatever to get it to start. Down the carb throat will be fine. Go use it for awhile. I wonder sometimes if a little water isn't in the bottom of the bowl and the spray will get it to pull it through. Either from ethanol or just water in the gas.
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    So, I kinda fudged up...

    If you want to seal it, re install the Welch plug and seal it with clear fingernail polish.
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    Which 60" or so Zero Turn mower to buy or avoid?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by rekit</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I've wondered what those are like to drive. I sometimes enjoy a beverage while mowing....and with the 2 handles I make a lot of donuts when I take a i sip. But do you have to hold a...
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    Are Theta II engines really as bad as their reputation?

    This spring we sold our 2012 Sonata SE to a co worker. It had 144k on it when sold. 5k mile oil changes since new. Dealer changed the first 80k or so. 2.4L. I actually had the oil changed early for the first one. 2K I think. It did use roughly a quart of oil when I sold it to him. I told him...
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    Felt Battery Washers, Red Spray ?

    I've used dielectric grease, axle grease,Vaseline, felt washers, red or purple spray. All seemed to work fine. I also like fluid film. Used it on my golf cart and no corrosion. Batteries put in Dec. 1 2019. So 10 months. The best is sealed batteries.