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    Synthetic or Blend

    Syn blend is a massive cash cow for oil companies. For the price they charge for syn blend, there is nothing gained. Pay the little extra for full synthetic.
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    Synthetic or Blend

    There are no legal requirements around what percentage the blend is. So you could get a blend that is 98% dino and 2% Synthetic. Stick with synthetic.
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    Rethinking 5w-40 vs 15w-40 for my low use diesels

    That is what 5w40 is for, far superior to 15w40. Block heaters are excellent, those oil pan heaters are worthless.
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    Rethinking 5w-40 vs 15w-40 for my low use diesels

    Cummins certified Premium Blue Extreme 5w40 syn, so yes it will be fine.
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    Mechanic won’t use oil I’ve chosen

    You have no clue what you are talking about, he is correct. That oil is too thick for the cam phasers, it will harm the engine. Many diesel oils have higher ZDDP content, this will harm catalytic converters.
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    Would you use it?

    I would use it, Ford Motorcraft oil is an excellent product.
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    Pentastar 2021 vs 2020 Changes?

    I'm guessing the new oil recommendations was to appease CAFE?
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    Shell RGT vs Kirkland 5w30

    Stock was heavily discounted, none on the shelves anywhere, And no date from Shell on if/when more will be delivered.
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    Shell RGT 5w30 shortage?

    Been scouring CDN tire in my area, no RGT 5w30 to be had anywhere? And word if there is a shortage? Or am I a victim of local oil hoarders?
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    Shell RGT vs Kirkland 5w30

    People must be hoarding RGT 5w30, none to be had anywhere near me.
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    Ram 2500 6.4 vs. F-250 7.3 Gas

    The 150/1500 has IFS, the Ford SD/Ram HD use a solid front axle. If you spec an HD gasser right, it will cost no more than a 1500/150. My next truck will be a Ram 2500 6.4 hemi, the 8HP75 (ZF 8 speed) auto is rock solid.
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    2018 Ram 2500 6.4L oil choices ?

    Would you run M1 Euro 0w40 in a Ram 6.4 hemi?
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    Cheapest and -40 do not play well together. I plan on keeping this truck a long time, cheapest won't be getting bought. I'd rather pay more for a full synthetic for superior cold starts. Next change will be Rotella gas truck 5w30, the change after that will be Amsoil.
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    I love their gear oil and 2 stroke oils, my biggest reason for asking about SS.
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    Yeah, I need to start checking online on the CT site.
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    Covnenience is another reason. I only hit Canadian Tire when I need oil, so I always miss the sales.
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    Hydro-Gear ZT-2800s - What oil & what filter?

    When I do the Service on my Big Dog Stout, will be running the Amsoil 20w50 and the hydrogear filters.
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    Is hydrogenated a tech term for hydrocracked?
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    M1 Extended Performance - Group IV?

    Up here 4.73L of M1 is $64.99, and a 1L bottle is $17.79, that gets me the 5.7L needed for an oil change. $76.20 gets me 6L of Amsoil SS 5W30 with my Preferred pricing.