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    Russian SU-30

    The whole US arms to Pakistan, Soviet/Russian arms to India is rather interesting. I think it has to do with India not wanting to succumb to US pressure to buy US aircraft and help US companies gain inroads to India during the Cold War. Pakistan has French, Chinese, and US aircraft in their air...
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    Toyta 2zz-ge, Redline 10w-40, 3200 track +city mi.

    I personally am very happy. If you compare this to the previous Mobil 1 it is really amazing. This oil was beat hard. My engine was above 6000RPM (fuel cut is 8300rpm) for 100+ miles, including an entire 1 hour session of 5000+ RPMs. I was expecting something much worse. I don't think the oil...
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    Toyta 2zz-ge, Redline 10w-40, 3200 track +city mi.

    I'm not so upset about the visc shaerdown. The oil was run rather hard. A 1 hour non stop track run is pretty hard on the engine. The cams are cahin drivern as well. I didn't expect this oil to look this good.
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    Toyota you use Yota filters?

    how did you get ahold of the nippon A2 filter? I'm looking for a Nippon A1 filter. I'm assuming you can just order it from any Toyota dealer if you give them the correct part number right?
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    Toyta 2zz-ge, Redline 10w-40, 3200 track +city mi.

    Here is my oil analysis sample of Redline 10w-40 in my 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S. This oil was tracked pretty hard including a non-stop 1 hour session (Thunderhill if anyon wanted to know). I have a Mocal oil cooler that kept temps around 210-220*F most of the time and peaked around 230*F during...
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    Track day: FP, SI-1 or race gas?

    I'm heading out to a track day soon and wanted to make sure I kept my detonation/timing retard down. My car has variable valve and ignition timing and the computer will reduce timing if it detects too much knock. I was wondering if Fuel Power, Redline SI-1, or some 76 100 Octane race gas (a...
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    Removing clearcoat? How?

    wetsand it, than you ar going to have to either roatary or use POrt Cable buffer to remove the sanding marks.
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    How about a Enter at Your Own Risk Section?

    This board still does get a little racist sometimes. I've remember reading various types of ****heads mentioned on here without any sort of care.
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    oil change pump?

    It is an interm solution until I pull the pan off and create some baffles for it. Also this would make changing my oil much easier. I currently am in a place where I can not jack the car up and change the oil. I can access the oil filter fine from above the engine bay. I also have an annoying...
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    Water Cylinder Decarbonizing... Should I?

    Yes many WW2 era piston aircraft used water, methanol, or nitrous injections. It raised the effective ocatne of the fuel and increased power (especially at high altitudes for some systems). Same premise for car water injection. You inject some into the intake stream, then you can up to boost or...
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    oil change pump?

    Nope, it is a standard pan with a windage tray. It is on a Toyota 2zz-ge in '01 Celica GT-S.
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    How about a Enter at Your Own Risk Section?

    Don't make the engineering/tech section of the board off limits to the other members. At least make it viewable if you do. It would be the best way for students, and non-tribioligical engineers to learn more about oil. Most internet message boards lack tech. There is too much hearsay on most...
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    oil change pump?

    The thing is I can't/don't want to take my plug out because I tapped it on a lathe for a oil temperature sender. The wall thickness at the threads is very thin and I don't want to keep applying stress/ elongating the threads doing oil changes. My oil cooler alreayd assures me that I'm not going...
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    oil change pump?

    Anyone use this oil change pump to remove oil from your pan for an oil change: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It is a Harbor Freight piece so I don't know...
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    Mobil 1 R in the Bay Area?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, but does anyone know where I can find Mobil 1 R in the Bay Area? I'm in the east bay (Berkeley/N. Oakland).
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    Low oil pressure at high rpms, my dilema...

    Which engine is this? 2zz-ge or 4a-ge? I know the 2zz has it's relief valve open at areound 75-80psi (which is what I'm getting).
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    oil pressure drop when on throttle

    I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S with the 2zz-ge engine. I just installed a Mocal oil cooler and Autometer oil tmep and pressure guages. I remote mounted the pressure sender using a 12 in long SS braided line with 1/8 in NPT ends. The other end is mounted to a hole I drilled and tapped into...
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    Mobil 1 10w-30 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S (2zz-ge) 5190 miles

    How do I determine if my oil filtration was working well? I'm gueessing the insolubles count could tell me correct?
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    Mobil 1 10w-30 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S (2zz-ge) 5190 miles

    Here is the sample from my 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S using Mobil 1 10w-30 SuperSyn. The oil had 5190 miles on it and I had used half or 1/3 of a bottle of Redline SI-1 during the run (it didn't seem to change anything). BTW how do I convert the pdf I got from Blackstone into a Jpg so I can post...
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    Tire pyrometers?

    ANyone have good experiance using pyrometers? I have heard IR ones are not taht useful as the surface of your tire has cooled down once you measure it. I foudn this probe type one for cheap, any ideas as to how good it is? <a href=""...