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    CV axles life span?

    I’ve only replaced mine on my Mini (and other cars I’ve sold) when they are obviously worn or the boot is ripped and the joint full of crud. Yes, I’ve used aftermarket axles. They functioned just fine and no issues. I don’t own Hondas or other such cars so I can’t speak to aftermarket axles...
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    For those in the Midwest: How did your battery do over the cold snap?

    My cars sit out in the weather, no shelter of any type. Temps up here in northern Minnesota were hitting -20F at night and not warming up much during the day. All three started and ran just fine. The Jeep is new so it had better have no issues. The Mini has a Group 48 FVP AGM battery I got...
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    What are you working on today?

    It is much better. I scanned for codes and only got a couple related to my unplugging connectors when I did the work. I cleared them and they did not return. Before, even after the Seafoam spray treatment, I could detect a slightly rough idle, stumbling during the idling, and hesitating on...
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    What are you working on today?

    Completed the walnut blast of the intake valves on the Mini Cooper S. I did a spray Seafoam treatment before, but it wasn’t enough. I pulled the intake and cleaned it out, replaced the throttle body gasket and cleaned that up as well. All new intake gaskets went on, as the ones on it were...
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    LF brake hotter

    I agree with the hose too.. The 99 Dodge Ram 1500 we use for trash runs had new brake calipers, pads and rotors installed by me earlier this summer. The right side went on but the line had barely any fluid coming out. The original caliper on that side was working, no lock ups but it burned the...
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    MacOS Ventura (13) experience so far? (10/24 release)

    I upgraded my MacBook Pro and my Mac Mini M1.. if I didn’t go looking at the settings, I would not even know it was a new OS. It’s that subtle to me. 🙂
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    When a Cooper is no longer Mini

    And the fabricator used a higher-line Cooper S body to fit to that chassis.. 😁
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    What are you working on today?

    Replaced the rear control arms on my niece’s 2004 Jaguar X-type. She bought it from me and went to get it aligned. Shop told her it needed all that and even a new driveshaft for whatever reason. She knows her car stuff, and didn’t bite at their $2000 offer to do it all right then. 🤣 She...
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    What are you working on today?

    Yesterday (Thursday)… installed new left side rear caliper on the Mini. I bought a pair on eBay, but the right side had a stripped out thread for the brake line. My right side was working, but I was changing it out because I had the pair. So I’ll be in touch with the seller about that. 🤨...
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    Are you OLD.

    The only one I never did was the nuclear bomb hide under the desk. That ended before I started school. All the rest, yep. I know. And I still have my 1964 black Western Electric rotary phone. It worked on Comcast’s phone service 10 years back. I doubt it would today.
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    R1234yf AC refrigerant

    R1234yf was in my 2015 Ram 1500 I had… it was super expensive to fix that failed system. Parts were not the big spend but the refrigerant. Chrysler started early.
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    I need a new coffee grinder

    I was reading this without intending to comment, but.. You originally had my first burr grinder, the Cuisinart that died. Mine is just packed someplace in my storage and I’ll find it eventually. 🙂 But you bought the very same replacement I did. And I can tell you I’ve had mine for about 10...
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    What are you working on today?

    Did a project on my mom’s Craftsman DGS6500 54” garden tractor on Saturday. I installed a new PTO switch and added a voltmeter and fuel gauge. Why? Why not! The parts were not that expensive and I also wanted to see if I could do it. And anyway the PTO switch was so old and faded that the...
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    Any suggestions: Repairing a modular wiring connector

    I went through this on the Mini… b*stard rodent of some kind chewed the top oxygen sensor wire connector on the harness. Not in the middle, but right at the connector. I am no wiring guru but I took a shot at fixing it. Nope, the wire was too damaged. So I thought I’d see if someone sold a...
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    Guess Amazon or rockauto is the hassle free place to buy turn signal bulbs-sad

    I have my own stash of common bulbs found in a lot of the cars I service. I buy the 10 packs and keep them in a cheap Husky toolbox I got at Home Depot a few years ago. The box is pretty flimsy but it’s good enough to hold supplies like bulbs, filters, wiring and pigtails, etc. So I tend to...
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    How easy is your oil filter access?

    2022 Jeep Wrangler - pretty easy as it’s up top. Pentastar 3.6 as you know. I got two oil changes left that are no cost for me so I’m not doing it until they run out. 2011 Dodge Charger 5.7 - fiddly with having to remove the lower engine cover. But once it’s off the filter is right there...
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    Got a dud battery

    When I see a Walmart ValuePower in a used car for sale, I know it’s suspect and being flipped on the cheap. I scrutinize even closer. That said, I’ve bought a few of these cheap batteries to get a niece or nephew by for a few months or so until they can get a better one. Or a better car...
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    What are you working on today?

    Mini Update: 🫤 No, it did not go faster. The rear calipers are original, and 15 years of use have seized them up. That explains why the pads wore out faster than expected, since the fronts are about 50%. They were all done at the same time. All the hardware and things that could rust...
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    Weird battery damage

    I’ve never seen that, ever. But because it’s an AGM, that might be the reason. I only recently started installing AGM batteries in my cars and trucks, so with this, I’ll keep an eye on them more. Yow!
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    Just buttoned up: 2014 Jetta GLI engine replacement

    European cars are not for everyone… I’ve worked on a few and, when you get used to the fact that European engineers do things differently for whatever reason, you can work with it. Doesn’t mean you like it 😎. I’ll work on them, but to a limit; I don’t know that I’d have done what the OP did...