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    Motorcraft syn-blend - Does it still have it's place?

    I searched up a lot of UOAs and compared them shortly after I bought my '18 3.5L ecoboost. Turns out that there's very little difference in the performance of an oil when it meets or exceeds manufacturer specs. After I realized this I started looking for the best sale on oils that fell into...
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    I'm new here, and after doing a quick sweep, there is no consensus-favorite oil to use?

    I looked for the best oil when I first got my 2018 3.5L EB F-150. I compiled a bunch of different UOA's for the engine and compared them. Turns out that oils that meet spec all pretty much perform the same. I picked up a bunch of Pennzoil Platinum when it went on sale for nearly 50% off, then...
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    2014 Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost, Rotella Gas Truck 5w30, 7.5k OCI

    I'm with you on this one wpod. There's not much difference in the reports from the various oils presented in the UOA.
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    -25C Cold start 2018 Ecoboost

    Completely normal. My 2018 3.5 EB does the same thing when it gets cold out. Last year we had -41c and the truck fired up like a champ despite not being plugged in. I run PP 5w30 in mine simply because I got it cheap during a black friday sale at crappy tire. FYI -41c is -41.8f. It's friggin...
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    Which SN+ or SP XW-30s are actual 30 weights currently?

    Perhaps you should change the title of your thread as all Xw30 oils will fall within the 30 grade range, and is the answer to your original question "which SN+ or SP XW-30s are actual 30 weights currently?" Whether an oil is on the high/low end of the range, it is still within range. I...
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    No more gas truck?

    Our local wal-mart just started stocking this. Canadian Tire has had it for quite some time now.
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    Hard to read dipstick

    My wifes Honda has an orange dipstick that makes it hard to read as well. The metal one in my F150 is better, but boy that PP is hard to see when you first change it. I usually have a hard time reading it until it darkens up some. Good thing it uses an even 6L of oil or I'd be all over the place...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2018 F150 3.5L EB 54,300km (32,580 miles) on the engine Out - 13042 km (7825 miles) on oil. 5L Rotella GT, 1L PP 5w30 Fram TG filter In: 5L PP, 1/2 L Rotella GT 5w30 Fram TG filter. I'll probably top up later, but JUST missed the rain on this change. This change cost somewhere in the...
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    2020 F150 3.5EB - Winter Oil

    I ran PP 5w30 in my 2018 3.5EB F150 last year and will be again this year since I got a bunch on sale at Crappy tire during their Black Friday deals. It has great cold crank numbers as well. In fact we dipped down to -41c for a day last year and my truck didn't miss a beat. We don't usually get...
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    high quality filter wrench?

    I have both tools mentioned by Johnny Johnson and ejes. Both work great if you have the room to get at the filter. I rarely use either one now that I'm the only one doing the oil changes on my vehicles. Dang iffy lube joints seem to be under the impression that proper torque is strip it on, then...
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    Castrol EDGE does it all...

    That's what I've noticed in a few VOA's posted here at BOITOG. Magnatec:Titanium - 30 ppm Edge: Titanium - 10 ppm Much higher dose of boron in Magnatec too. There are a few other differences between them in terms of calcium, magnesium, cST and TBN
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    Mobil1 Truck & SUV from 10 years ago

    Gee RGT didn't stray too far from that advertisement did they?
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    PUP 5w20 vs 5w30

    In my neck of the woods in Canada, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart seem to base their pricing on the type of oil - convensional, synthetic blend, full synthetic. It goes in that order from cheapest to most expensive.
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    2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EB Oil recommendations

    I have a 2018 3.5L Ecoboost F150. I came back to BITOG after a long absence in search of some better oils for the engine as well. I've poured over a LOT of threads, collected a LOT of UOA's, and even compiled an excel spreadsheet for my specific engine. I've come to the conclusion that it...
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    I actually found some Fram TG on clearance at Wal-Mart for $3 CAD. I picked up 3.
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    2014 Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost, Rotella Gas Truck 5w30, 8,367 miles

    Pretty consistent showing across the board. I've read a lot about how Magnatec is THE oil for Ecoboost engines here on BITOG, but I'm also seeing a number of reports (this one included) demonstrating that it's in-line with all the other brands out there.
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    Castrol Magnatec GTX 5W-30, 8656 km, '18 F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    When I first bought my '18 3.5l EcoBoost, I read a fair amount here from a few prolific posters re: Magnatec being the oil for this engine. I looked all over for it, but have only seen it once in my travels between 3 different cities. The one place I had found it, had two 5L jugs at $30 CAD...
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    Pennzoil Platiunum 5w-30 Too Thin?

    Not terribly surprised that there's little to no change other than on the labeling. Many companies stated that their then current products met the new tests before the new tests became official.
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    Oil stashes

    I hit that sale too. I grabbed 4 5L jugs for $12ish each after rebate. Stuff is regularly $60 per. Hard not to stock up at that price.
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    Castrol EDGE 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic vs. Quaker State 5W30 Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic

    The standard Castrol GTX has 30 ppm titanium, but the edge version only has 10ppm for some reason. Noticed this in the VOA posted here at bitog. Valvoline full synthetic appears to have a VERY similar add pack to Castrol GTX. N