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    New M1 Formulation and Noise

    I used M1 20 years ago and it was for SURE noisier than a couple of other brands. As a Tech, i'm in tune with noises. That said I kept with it, as it was a very good oil. I run M1 now, and notice no noise difference.
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    How to Use a Road Force Balancer

    Are you ok paying twice as much? Because if you have to move all 4 tires around looking for lowest # it takes about twice as long, esp with newer low profile stuff. We offer it at work as an upcharge , and 99%+ are not interested.
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    Trim Clip Removal

    Yep they all do that....even if you pull it right back out.
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    Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV

    Looked today....mine were made in Germany
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    Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV

    I have a set on the Prius , they work well .I tried lots of snows over the years,. I found the Bridgestones worked well also....But I'm sticking to the Michelins now , for 2 reasons. One, the feel of the Mich. are almost the same as summer tires. Brid. are very mushy, and I hate that as an...
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    Local Dodge dealer's lot looks like a broken down Amazon truck storage lot.

    We service and sell a bunch. Any that are taken care of dont have many issues. Any of the delivery one seem to get the **** run out of them and have more issues. Our parts van just rolled 180k and only issue has just been a rad this week. Still original trans , axles, and motor has not been...
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    Tire Melter!

    Not so sure on the sound, but crazy none the less!
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    Air jack?

    Well tried it a few times, and works pretty good. The pole inside sounded a little dry, so popped the top off and lubed it up good.
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    Destroyed Aluminum Threads (and how did I?)

    Those threads dont look that bad to me....I'd chase the threads and bolt in a new one. I'd also be very suspect of the torque wrench sure its accurate??
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    Cummins 6.7L P0101 and P2281

    Dig into EGR system, something going on there.
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    '22 Charger

    They are solid, we see very few issues.
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    Air jack?

    Bought one of these to try at home. Anyone ever try one? And yes I know its just to lift and then put on stands......
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    DEF and Storage

    Doesn't has an expiry date. With the price of an SCR and/or def injectors, I sure wouldnt be playing around
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    DEF and Storage

    The OE stuff we sell has an expiry date on it......and its not far out as I recall? 1.5 yrs? If def is in poor condition, (even when good to a point) it can end up it dried chunks in front of the scr....causing a restriction
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    2020 Grand Cherokee SRT - 20,000km update

    Yes normal fuse. But an Amp or 2 will start a fire. That's wired to 12v feed to coils
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    2020 Grand Cherokee SRT - 20,000km update

    Oh ya I would change harness too. I just meant it wouldnt be the cause.
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    2020 Grand Cherokee SRT - 20,000km update

    How have never seen that before! I would say must have shorted inside, not a bad harness. Wouldn't take much to start that on fire, prob why fuse didn't blow.
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    Steering wheel zero turn

    Thanks folks....None close at all to try unfortunately. I guess the question is, has anyone went from a regular rider to a steering wheel zero turn, and if so , how does steering effort compare. Thanks