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    M1 FS 0W40 vs. Castrol Edge 0W40

    Since my Coyote Mustang takes 10 quarts and I'm anal about frequent OCI's, I want to stick to 5 quart jugs that I can get in the $25 range at Walmart locally. My car calls for 5W30 but want to up to a 40 weight for a bit better protection during hard driving with similar cold-start protection...
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    Mustang Coyote 5.0L V8 engine oil recommendations - Ford has spec’d 5W20, 5W50, and 5W30 for it before.

    I am the OP on this thread. Right on time, after my first 1,000 mile change the infamous barbecue tick has started. Here are two videos of it. I hear Ceratec does work, but a guy on Mustang6G did an experiment that it fell out of suspension after sitting for a week and even left a bunch of...
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    5.0 Coyote oil filters with enough flow to be safe for frequent redline

    Now that my 2022 Mustang GT with a Coyote is broken in, I’m starting to do some auto crossing and having more fun with the car opening it up. Is there any advantage to using a larger style filter than the OEM FL500S size assuming I keep my oil changes frequent? I swapped the factory-only FoMoCo...
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    My Quest For The Best Oil on the Planet

    PUP is literally the hardest oil available to find.. I’ll be sticking with M1 since I don’t try to push long OCI’s
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    Ford Racing revised the CM-6731-FL820

    I definitely like the style of the base-end bypass instead of dome end on the Fram and WIX. (Don’t like WIX for horrible XP filtration). Since Ford recommends it directly as a OEM upgrade to the Fl-500s, I feel safer using it just for warranty purposes
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    Ford Racing revised the CM-6731-FL820

    Looks like they changed to 6 holes and a black gasket instead of the usual 8 holes and blue gasket. Just bought it brand new from Summit Racing so I doubt it’s a knockoff. Still weighs a hefty 19.7 ounces which is exactly what the older design weighed. The Motorcraft version FL820 only weighs 13...
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    Mustang Coyote 5.0L V8 engine oil recommendations - Ford has spec’d 5W20, 5W50, and 5W30 for it before.

    I am picking up a brand new 2022 Mustang GT with the 5.0L V8. Currently 2021-2022 models calls for 5W30. The 2018-2020 were calling for 5W20, all mustang V8s in these model years are identical Gen 3 in terms of internals. The 2015-17 Gen 2 Coyote called for 5W20, and so did the Gen 1 from...
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    2002 Nissan VQ35DE, Mobil1 0W40 4100 miles with autocross/light race duty

    last analysis was done with M1 5W30
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    What are safe oil temperatures during spirited driving?

    I’m running Mobil1 0W40 (changed from M1 5W30 because of supposedly much better shear stability and better base) in a VQ35DE engine. I have a stock oil cooler and stock radiator, just have a secondary trans cooler. I have gauges installed and cruising on the highway, oil temp is 206-213F...
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    Choosing between 5W40 Synthetics

    So in the winter time, say 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, what would be thicker: 5W30 Mobil 1 or 0W40 Mobil 1? And then what about "cold-starting" in the summer temperatures, like if the vehicle has been sitting outside in 80 degrees for a couple days?
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    Choosing between 5W40 Synthetics

    Hey all, after some helpful comments I have decided to go for a 5W40 for my VQ35DE Nissan to be adequate for winter cold starts in Detroit Michigan but protect a little more at the high temperatures and offer more shear stability than my current 5W30 Mobil1, especially when I drive the car...
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    Confused about Ideal Oil Visocities for Nissan VQ35

    How would Castrol Edge 5W40 do vs. Rotella T6 5W40 with a 3k Mile oil change interval? Rotella seems to be praised in the Subaru forums but stirs up controversial opinions on this site. Is it worth considering a 10W40 or would 5W40 going to be safer since our area can constantly be 0, 10, 20*...
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    Confused about Ideal Oil Visocities for Nissan VQ35

    Hey all, I am new to BITOG. I own a 2002 Nissan Altima with the VQ35DE since 56k original miles and now has 72,000 miles. The engine is in excellent condition, I bought it from the original owner who was an elderly lady who saved her receipts for everything. As a young car enthusiast, I have...