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    Great battery shopping experience at Sam's Club

    you can't be Sam's scan & go it's the one reason I rarely go to Costco anymore. However, my local Sam's has a nasty policy of swapping date stickers on their batteries (or perhaps their supplier does it??). I found this out the hard way but there's really no recourse. Just reinforces the need...
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    Do you leave your battery charger continually connected whenever your vehicle is at rest?

    @gathermewool nailed it. the OP doesn't drive the vehicles enough to keep the batteries sufficiently charged. ask me how I know this (3 new batteries in 4 yrs on a rarely driven brand new minivan). so yeah I now keep it on a charger whenever it's not being driven. and my other vehicles too...
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    Battery trickle charger?

    I really hate to promote Chinese knock-offs, but you can't argue with performance and value... the absolute best charger/maintainer I've found is why do I like it? It holds 13.6V even with a modest load...
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    Difference in battery or difference in warranty?

    they are almost certainly the exact same battery. if you took a tester to the store they'd probably both measure 600cca +/-. the difference in advertised capacity and warranty is just marketing.
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    Tracking an aging battery

    hmm. it'll probably last the winter, but I wouldn't trust that cca measurement. if you wanted another data point you could get the $15 100A load tester from HF you can't fool a real load test. either it holds voltage or it...
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    Best vs. cheapest battery maintainers.

    i've got 6 of these they work great
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    Everstart Max worth 2x Everstart Value?

    I suggest taking a voltmeter to the store and measuring voltage of the battery to ensure you get a fresh one. Don't buy it unless it's at least 12.6V or so (ok maybe 12.56 is acceptable) but nothing <12.5. Don't trust the date stickers they can change them (yes I've been burned by that...)
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    Everstart Max worth 2x Everstart Value?

    No it is not worth 2x. For the 24F Clarios versions the difference seems to be 1 plate per cell (6 vs 7) and warranty of course. Indeed the Value battery measured 695cca when new (585 rated) vs ~785cca (700 rated) for the Maxx (yes I measured them in the store on the rack before I purchased). so...
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    Got a dud battery

    12.07v not normal. probably 12 months they switched stickers.
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    Got a dud battery

    12.07v.... yikes. yeah that one was bad from the start.
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    Got a dud battery

    lots of missing info. what size? rated cca? how fresh was it when you bought it? did you test it when new with the same tester? have you tested it since and have you noted a decline over time? does it still crank fast? I suspect your battery is perfectly fine and you're worried over nothing...
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    Why do Batteries go bad?

    i'm not a chemist but as I understand it the H2SO4 reacts with the PbO2 cathode and Pb anode to create a charge difference between the two (voltage). That chemical reaction leaves a coating of PbSO4 on both the anode and cathode that inhibits the reaction (eg weakens the battery). When the...
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    Death of my Exide battery

    I'll admit I know nothing about boat storage, but do you have shore power available? if so, then keep it on a maintenance charger and then who cares about the bilge pump or the CO alarm? here's what I recommend. a cheap offshore charger that holds 13.6V float even with a significant parasitic...
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    WWYD - 7y old AGM battery still shows 85% of rated CCA

    that battery is totally fine. especially if you put it on a charger often. whatever you do, don't turn it in for the core charge it's worth way more than that. but yeah $600??? there's walmarts in Toronto you can get one there for 200. or heck even amazon delivered for 250 probably.
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    Death of my Exide battery

    not here to defend Exide... but a battery of unspecified age was connected to a load for a "few months" without charging and was then found to be sulfated. this has more to do with the treatment of the battery than the manufacturer. a regular charger/maintainer will not desulfate it, unless it...
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    How long can a battery stay out of the car and be "ok"?

    you make your wife step over that to load the washer??? and you're still married???
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    Tracking an aging battery

    what you need to do is test the fully charged battery after sitting overnight with no load (eg remove one of the cables, or remove it from the vehicle) *OR* test it when the vehicle has settled to steady state parasitic draw which for most vehicles is ~30mins after the car was last *touched*...
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    Tracking an aging battery

    sorry now you're mixing apples & oranges.... how many days off charge was it when you measured 12.28? what was the load on the battery during that time?? and how does that compare to what you did last year?? these things matter and you didn't say. and how many days when your burb measured 12.7...
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    Tracking an aging battery

    forgot about this thread... I'll say it again I think you're going about this the wrong way. You should test a full charged battery with no load on it. 12.28v tells me its either not fully charged or there's a load on it (car's ECU, etc). if you don't want to take it out of the vehicle then...
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    Walmart 24F Maxx on roolback for $88.00 + Tax (online only).

    I'd still take the $55 value battery. the Maxx will not last 60% longer. as best as I can tell it has 16% more lead (7 plates vs 6). maybe it will last 16% longer, maybe not. but its not worth 60% more $$.