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    Recommendations for my 1988 Ferrari Testarossa.

    My 2022 is very clear that only 10w60 is spec'd, for all applications. Same Ferrari engines that were specifying 5w40 three or four years ago are now specifying only 10w60 for all applications. Not sure if this applies to all Ferrari engines, but know that it applies to some.
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    Recommendations for my 1988 Ferrari Testarossa.

    Modern Ferraris now specifying Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10w60, or Penn 10w60, meeting API SN/CF and ACEA A3, B3, B4.
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    2019 Ford F250 6.7L OCI dilemma

    As others said, if under warranty change it. Otherwise, I'd run it more.
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    .308 Win. @ 3K Yards

    ****. My .308 hold is well over 30 feet at 1,000 yards. Can't imagine 3,000 yards.
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    Why the Glock is the sidearm of choice in Special Operations

    Probably most reliable gun out there in its class. Sand, water, mud, etc, and they keep on ticking.
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    Stick with E0. That's what I do. All marinas I use in the US (Florida, NC, and MD) have EO for a reason. Your fuel dilution (fuel in oil) is more reason to avoid ethanol. Agree with what Trav says above. Btw, he also does great job cleaning injectors for my F300s.
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    My 3rd Ever Glock

    Great information. Have a question for you. Both my Gen 2 and Gen 4 Glock 17s say "Made in Austria" on the lower. Are you saying the Gen 4 was not coated in Austria? Or was just the lower made in Austria? Note that finishes look the same on both. Thanks
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    Mobil 1 Delvac ESP vs Rotella T6

    Not sure that Mobil 5w40 ESP has 1,000 ppm P, which is a key requirement of the Ford spec. Not certain here, going off memory. If you cant find something on Fords spec list, Amsoil SS diesel 5w40 or 15w40 would be a better option imho, as they meet all they meet all the spec requirements from...
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    Have used both Amsoil 5w40 SS and 15w40 SS in a 2022. All good.
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    Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60

    Shelll Helix Ultra 10w60 is currently available in US from ECS Tuning in Ohio.
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    2015 Ford F250 6.7 PSD - 134K miles on Delo 400 LE 5W40

    Yes, this is what I was trying to say. He said it better.
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    2017 PSD motorcraft 10w30

    Piston material and emissions system are the cause of the fuel dilution in your year 6.7. Totally normal to be 3.5 to 4.5%. Add good amount of idle time, and 5% doesn't seem unusual. Btw, Ford has now fixed it in last year or two. Also, delete would largely get rid of your fuel dilution...
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    2015 Ford F250 6.7 PSD - 134K miles on Delo 400 LE 5W40

    This. Not gonna solve the fuel dilution problem on that year 6.7. That's why bypass system not a real advantage for that engine.
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    Yamalube HD gear oil

    Thanks. 10w40 is the only oil that prevents "making oil" in my F300s. My 4.2s require the HD gear oil.
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    Yamalube HD gear oil

    HD is synthetic, but my recollection is not for 250s. For 300s and 350s I believe. You may want to look into this.
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    In Need Of Some .40 Caliber FMJ Bullets
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    Yamaha SHO Oil

    The ONLY oil I've found that prevents "making oil" in my 4.2 F300s is Amsoil 10w40 marine. Have tried many others, and all result in significant fuel dilution.
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    Oil temperature towing

    Not unusual. Towing 14K I usually see 210-220 on flat terrain, but in summer with hills have seen 230s with 5w40 and 15w40. My 6.7 has 250K.
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    Ammo Shortage News Update

    Yep. Ammo factories are running 24/7 365 - at least the big ones I've been to in past several months are. Shortages of materials are not an issue with ammo.
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    Ammo Shortage News Update

    Lol. :rolleyes: Will Big Brother delete this post too?