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    '02 Honda Civic, mix in a quart of 5w-30?

    '02 Honda Civic, 85k, not on warranty. Is there any reason not to mix in 1 qt 5w-30 to 3 qt 5w-20 in an oil change? Oil is all Pennz YB, I just have a jug of 5w-30 left and no 5w-30 cars any more.
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    Received My Replacement Filters from Purolator

    I had a filter failure from a Wix filter, took pics and got the filter in the hands of their rep. <a href="" target="_blank">filter pic</a> They couldn't have cared less.
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    Toyota cartridge filter

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: Samilcar</div><div class="ubbcode-body">That is exactly what I (and I'm assuming also milwaukee) are looking for. The OEM Toyota filter has no end cap, just a center ring gasket with the pleats floating freely...
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    Where to buy Valvoline Merc. V????

    Meijer (my er) in Jeffersonville Indiana carries it.
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    Interesting Cartridge Filter

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: Eddie</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Maybe we should let WIX inspect the filter and give us an answer. </div></div> Wix has it.
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    Interesting Cartridge Filter

    I'm pretty sure the Wix was made in S Korea. Toyota's filter is made in Thailand.
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    Interesting Cartridge Filter

    This is a Wix 57047 cartridge filter taken from a 2007 Toyota Sienna. <a href="" target="_blank">Wix 57047 filter pic</a> Note the cracks across and all the way through the end sealing material. The cracks were on one side only. Oil was Pennz...
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    Toyota cartridge filter

    The Purolator I looked at was made in India.
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    Best way to remove cartridge filter on '08 Toyota?

    Do you have a part # for the tool that worked? Thanks!
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    free oil changes at Toyota dealer

    My wife has a 2007 Toyota Sienna with 3.5 v-6. I put in a magnetic oil pan drain plug at the first change, and changed oil 3 times with Toy filter and Pennzoil YellowB 5w-30 every 4000 mi. Almost nothing on the magnet each time I changed oil. Then I used a free oil change coupon at the...
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    Has anyone with a block heater tested"most wear at startup"

    From living in North Dakota in the 70's I can tell you that that era's 10w-30 dino oil in a chevy v8 without a block heater on a -35 F January morning gets you 0.00 oil pressure at startup and for a good while. With a block heater the pressure came up pretty quick. Without empirical evidence...
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    John Deere Turf Guard 10W40 SL

    If you drive in Ala and have a lower RPM pushrod engine try Chevron DELO 400 when it's not 'winter'.
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    Go to a decent mechanic and get his opinion. A Q45 should not be a piece of junk. You may have a number of bad valve seals, a relatively cheap and easy fix for most engines. You may have PVC issues, gummy oil rings, who knows. Engines can have oil burning issues that are not difficult or...
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    Phillips TropArctic oil- where?

    Who regularly sells Phillips Trop Arctic motor oil? I can't find it around Louisville Ky. Quarts, Gallons, or my favorite- 2.5 gal jugs- will work. Thanks in advance!
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    Oil in a lawn tractor- Kohler CV460 (command)

    Hi, Live around Louisville, Ky. Mower engine is a Kohler Command 16hp, they say use 10w-30 due to hyd lifters. Engine has a full pressure lube system. 10w-30 seemed a little thin for an air-cooled engine on a hot day, always used straight 30 in 4 cycle air cooled engines in the past. I...
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    ELF Doesn't believe in "5w-20"

    The whole goal of car manufactures and dealers in the US market is to have the whole vehicle die just after the warranty period has elapsed. Then they'll lease or sell you another one with no money down and low low payments for another 60 months. Anyone who wants to buy and keep a car for a...
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    Mixing Havoline & Chev Supreme 5w-30

    Hi, I can't get Chevron anymore, still have some left, will have to mix with Havoline to use it all. I'm thinking this is no problem, but then again I've been wrong before. What say you? Thanks in advance.
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    SM oil- is it safe?

    As for the new SM oils, I really want someone like Laurence Olivier to get his dental drill going, strap the tribologists to the chair and ask them "Is it safe?". I'm getting the creepy feeling this time around, going from SL to SM oils, that new isn't really improved, and the SM oils aren't a...
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    What makes an engine 20W friendly?

    Ford would be quite happy if your engine wore out at 36,001 miles/37 months. Reengineering motor oil isn't done for YOUR benefit.
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    High Mileage oils

    So what makes a high mileage oil different? From Pennzoil/Chevron data sheets, the high temp viscosity is about halfway up to the next grade. So if I want a 10w-30 high mileage oil change I use 3qt 10w-30 and 2qt 10w-40 regular oils, and I don't pay an extra 50 cents per quart. What else...