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    Odd group of parts

    Odd group of parts for cost of shipping... Single Xenon bulb (originally for a 2002 Nissan Maxima), Yamaha oil filter, filter gasket and drain plug gasket (originally for a 2003 V-Star 650) and Beck/Arnley Stabilizer Bar End Links (originally for a 2002 Nissan Maxima). Vehicles are long gone, I...
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    What are some of your favorite Album Cover Pictures?

    Possibly but not mine ;)... I was a Technics fan back in the 80's (I was just a teenager on a budget) . Still have couple newer ones around.
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    What are some of your favorite Album Cover Pictures?

    another cool and unusual one
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    Great bass playing in a song

    Jaco Pastorius and Weather Report Kathy Valentine and the Gogos Billy Idol "Eyes without a Face" - Sal Cuevas Geezer Butler and Black Sabbath
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    Pentefrost a2 or Peak Asian Green For 2008 Elantra

    Agree with Trav. Same with Pentofrost A2 and A3. A2 is concentrated and A3 is 50/50. I use A2 in my daughter's Soul without issues.
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    Do wider tires increase that feeling of 'stability?' how does it affect steering? (We're talking 175/65R15 vs. 195/60R15)

    It did help in my Fit although they were different tire brand/model so that probably had more to do with it. The reason I did it was getting more options in terms of brands, tire models and availability. It could affect fuel economy, but I don't regret it.
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    Any websites sell Purolator Boss / Wix XP 6-packs etc?

    My bad... They seem to only have Napa Gold, not the Platinum.
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    Any websites sell Purolator Boss / Wix XP 6-packs etc? I am not affiliated with that site, just trying to help.
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    FVP filter R1356

    Some pics of an FVP R1356 filter removed from my son's CRV. Looks like a Wix Napa Pro Select/Silver level filter. It was installed by a car maintenance shop chain in NE. No plans to cut/open it.
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    Motorcycle oil filters

    FRAM Ultra XG6607
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    I don't see why not. I barely got 5 seasons from the original Yuasa and 4+ from a Might Max at that price point makes it a great deal.
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    Bought it thru Amazon, but sold and shipped directly from Mighty Max (location shows Edison, NJ).
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    Got the Mighty Max YTZ12S today. Paid $33 plus tax with free shipping. Arrived in 3 days thru USPS. Voltage at arrival was 12.8. Hooked it up to the charger/maintainer and stayed charging for 2-3 hrs. Now charger is in float mode, voltage at 13.1. Looks good so far.
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    Bait-n-switch... Agree. "Mighty Max" is now sold online by Home Depot and Lowes (ship-to-store) so I would prefer that. Not such luck with Kinetik, which so far I have only found in eBay/Amazon from the same location at Edison, NJ. Will see.
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    @wrcsixeight thanks for the advise. My bike sits around too much, as I only ride on weekends and usually short rides. Looks like UPG has the Kinetik branded APTZ14S which is a match to the YTZ14S. Will look into it a bit more.
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    Almost 5 years ago but wondering if those Mighty Max batteries are worth a shot, since I'm in the market for a new battery. My bike takes a YTZ12S but a YTZ14S has exactly the same dimensions. Looking at Motocross by Yuasa or BatteryPlus Xtreme at about $100 but I would rather pay half for a...
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    First time motorcycle buyer

    Yep, realized that after posting, but couldn't delete it.