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    Toyota Composite Oil Filter Cap STUCK - Any guidance?

    (y) I think I used one once just to see, watch and feel.
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    RWD? FWD? AWD? What's best in snow, by how much?

    I've had all three. Not the same chassis, but all with winter tires. With winter tires, all are "fine". My number one issue in the winters I experience here is ground clearance more than outright traction in all cases. It doesn't matter how many wheels are driven when the thick, heavy crud...
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    Toyota Composite Oil Filter Cap STUCK - Any guidance?

    22 years of OCs with composite caps and no issues yet (BMW topside). Encountered a Toyota (Sienna, bottomside) metal cap that wouldn't come loose with a slotted tool after a dealer/lube place. Put a piece of ~2x2 against one of the fins and gave the other end a whack or two with a mini sledge...
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    Driving technique and its impact on pad deposits/"warped" rotors

    Was going to add exactly this - I think this is a significant factor overlooked by many. All it takes is one hard stop and staying hard on the pedal at that red light and the cycle of deposits starts at that point. An "enthusiast" might have more mechanical sympathy for their vehicle and...
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    Do you leave your battery charger continually connected whenever your vehicle is at rest?

    I have a CTEK MXS 5.0 wall mounted beside my parking spot in the garage. My vehicle is connected "often". How often "often" is depends on my recent usage pattern and the current weather conditions. My vehicle has an AGM battery and a battery monitoring system whose target is 80% SoC...
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    Castrol Edge 0W30 has BMW LL01 again!

    Aren't all of those statements "Suitable for..." "developed for..." "Exceeds" ? That's still not LL-01 approval, and nothing may have changed with what's in the bottle or the results of certification testing. Not to take away from or bash Edge 0W30 or 0W40 - I ran the former for many years...
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    2012 Honda Fit 96k Under Valve Cover

    Was going to attach the following before, but had to dig it up. Yes, NGK says dry threads, but Honda says wet. Attached pic is a PDF of the official 09-12 Service Manual on the left, and an updated print out of the same page from a Honda dealer in 2019 showing the revision. This picture was...
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    Weird Brake Pedal

    At any time during your recent adventures (e.g. when the rear linings delaminated) did the brake pedal ever travel significantly further than in normal use? The first thing that comes to mind from your description is a master cylinder seal issue. The biggest pointer there is the pedal falling...
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    Glue for rubber lining between hood & headlight?

    I'll give you that the OP's specific application is far from a pristine platform from all appearances, but some reading and contributing to the thread might be concerned about such things. OP isn't the only one here. e.g. my similar need is on a minty example, and finding "do not use on...
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    Glue for rubber lining between hood & headlight?

    I have kinda the same concern but it applies to both. I picked up some weatherstrip adhesive (not specifically 3M) to tack a piece of trim back in place near the windshield of my SO's Sienna, then found the detailed warning sheet (after opening the package and making it non-returnable) says not...
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    2012 Honda Fit 96k Under Valve Cover

    Wow that sounds like a great find. My $.02 -- Yes, I'd check them. But... I've been using a beam type torque wrench for plugs for a while and would probably do the same on the Fit. Instead of just twisting waiting for a click you can see the various phasing of torquing - mating, crush...
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    2012 Honda Fit 96k Under Valve Cover

    Careful on the spark plug torque. Lots of Internet stories of plugs loosening and even being blown out (ruining the threads in the head) if the loosening isn't caught. Original Honda spec seems to be 13 lb-ft which is circulated all over including in Service manuals from the time the cars were...
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    Whats the story with AGM batteries and the GMT900?

    Here's my understanding over the years: AGMs like a higher "float" voltage but have a lower "maximum" voltage. To my knowledge, most AGMs have a hard maximum of 14.8VDC (I've read about some with 14.6). Above that, you're causing damage, even in the relatively short term. On the other hand...
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    Water Cooled Alternators

    The BMW E39 came both ways. My I6 528i had an air cooled alternator, but it had a scoop and duct line from the front bumper skirt directly into the rear of the alternator. It was not cooled by ambient underhood air, but with fresh air scooped from outside. The same year V8 540i (dad's) had a...
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    2003 Acura TL - Need to find switched 12 V for aftermarket DRLs

    Perhaps a dumb question because I have no specific relevant Acura experience of this type - are you 100% certain that a 2003 isn't new enough for a dealer diagnostic system to program the control modules to perform DRL function? On BMWs of that era, it's just an option you can program. In BMW...
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    Krown rust proofing opinions wanted

    Years ago (decades, actually) I used professionally applied Krown religiously, as did my parents. For me this was on a 90 Integra. It kept it rust free. As the years climbed, I'd have mechanics come out of the back of the shop to tell me how easy it was to work on etc... Then a big rust...
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    ZF 9 speed in a Acura

    I was going to reply pretty much exactly this, and saw that The Critic already said it. BMW/ZF specifically and categorically state NOT to 'reset adaptations' (lingo used on German cars) for a fluid change. If you replace internal hard parts only would you reset. Over its lifetime the TCU...
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    Heated Seats and Potential Fire Hazards.

    Common, sadly, for this seat style in this model (F10). Affected me, multiple times. First time warranty replacement of leather seat cover. Second time - two DIY fixes so far. Soldering, heat shrink, replace a short section of wire.
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    2013 Honda Fit spark plugs loosening

    Granted I don't have my hands on the car yet (any day now) I've been looking around online. It looked to me like on the GE8 you could get a socket drive but not a torque wrench into the area without cowl or IM removal (I certainly could be wrong). My plan, if that was possible, to hand check...