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    Your experience with WOWA products?

    Optimum's Opt-seal is pretty popular amongst professional detailers. On my clients cars I see 2-3 months when applied to a dry car and 1-2 months when used as a drying aid.
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    Anyone Tried ArmorAll Wash/Wax Wipes?

    If you want a super safe quick cleaning. Pick up some carpro Ech2o and mix it 1 part to 10 parts water. Spray it on the area and wipe it away with a clean microfiber. You will need to go back about a minute later once it dries and do a quick buff with a new dry microfiber.
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    NuFinish removal

    next time you wash, get the trim wet and just use a soft bristle brush and it should come off unless you left it on too long and it stained. If it stained and it's black trim, pick up some "Solution Finish" and coat all of your trim.
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    wax/ polish can damage paintwork. True or false?

    every time you compound or polish the paint you are removing clear coat and there is only so much material. Wax is old tech. Sealants are more durable and look just as good as waxes. Many sealants can be used as a sacrificial barrier to UVA and UVB rays. If you want the ultimate in protection...
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    Best spray wax?

    If you want some longevity, head over to detailed image and pick up some Carpro Reload. You simply give to sprays per panel and wipe until its gone. You'll easily get 4-5 months of protection, a super hydrophobic surface and amazing gloss.
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    Addressing Factory Orange Peel on New BMW

    Any reputable detailer can do a light wetsand to remove the orange peel. I would then have it polished and coated. I prefer Opti Coat Pro +. It comes with a 7 year warranty and will help guard that remaining clear coat. It is a pretty expensive investment but it's a pretty expensive car too
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    Longest lasting liquid wax/polish

    Do some reseach and buy two products you'd like to try. All are good suggestions. I am a pro detailer and in the last two years have used: 1. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint sealant 3.0 2. Jetseal 3. Optiseal 4. HD Speed 5. Garry Dean's Juice boost 6. Garry Dean's Vitality Shield. I personally...
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    Behr 1 Part Garage Floor Epoxy

    So I just recoated my garage floor with Behr 1 step epoxy. I bought three gallons but only used 2. It says in the instructions not to apply more than 2 coats. Is this so the epoxy can dry? My last floor peeled about 8 years ago and I have been dealing with it. I prepped the floor and this time...
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    going to start detailing my own car

    I'm a professional detailer in the burbs of chicago. I would recommend the following: 1. Remove bugs and Tar with a product like Stoners Tarminator 2. Clean wheels with Sonus Wheel Cleaner (iron remover) 3. Wash using the "Garry Dean Wash Method" You can clay during the wash. 4. Apply a...
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    PUKE, VOMIT ... What is your cleanup technique?

    Where are you located? I am located in Mchenry, IL and am a mobile detailer. I would use carpet cleaner with enzymes. Spray it, work it in with a stiff bristle brush and let it sit for about two minutes and use a cheap spotter (AKA little green machine) and suck all of it up. That should solve...
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    Looking ahead for winter

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Neptune</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks for the advice for the underside, door jams, etc. For the top side I just bought a bottle of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant from Amazon. I've read positive posts about...
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    Washing removes wax...does it remove sealants too?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Tempest</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Dragging a cleaning cloth/mit across a surface causes friction. This friction will degrade the sealant to some degree. A high lubricity soap will minimize the loss. </div></div>...
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    Carnabua Wax is in What?!

    its a relic of the past. Find a good polymer sealant that you find easy to apply and remove (I like wolfgang deep gloss paint sealant 3.0). You will find the sealants last 4x as long (4-5 months) and look just as good.
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    Question on Detailing Technique

    With most polymer sealants (Wolfgang, Jetseal, etc) it's more important to not get the paint wet for about 12 hours after you wipe it off so the polymers have time to "cure". Most polymer sealants want you to let them haze and any additional time on the paint won't make them shine any better...
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    engine compartment detailing

    I make sure the engine is cool to the touch (usually let it sit for 10-15 minutes with the hood up after driving). Then I spray liberaly with an All purpose cleaner (I use meguiars D101) and I let it dwell for a few minutes. I pressure wash it off and take a look. I will re-apply more D101 and...
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    engine compartment detailing

    On a cool engine, I spray with meguiars all purpose cleaner let it dwell for a minute or two and then power wash it off. I will then look for grease spots and reapply the all purpose cleaner and use a brush to get anything I missed. Once everything is clean, I usually shut the hood and let it...
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    Interior protectant recommendation

    Most modern leathers are "coated" so a "conditioner" won't do much. I think using a water based UV protectant is the best think you can do for them. I clean all surfaces with meguiars D101 diluted 10-1 and then give them a quick wipe down with HD protect. It leaves the surface dry and has a...
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    FINISH CARE 218 Paint Sealant

    Times have changed, I would do the following and you'll love the results. 1. Wash the car 2. Clay 3. Apply HD speed by Orbital or hand 4. That's it
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    FINISH CARE 218 Paint Sealant

    If you are looking for a fantastic one step product (polish and wax) pick up some HD Speed. You will get excellent results by hand! <a href=""...
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    Wax for silver car

    That silver "pops" because it's a custom color. I thought we were talking stock factory auto paint. That paint job in the photo you posted is probably in excess of $12,000 so of course its going to look great!