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    2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8l

    Thanks for the info. The filter is a regular spin on. The dealer said "they changed the oil" but when I got the car home it was dark so I changed it and put in valvoline synthetic and a pure one oil filter. My main question is , since I don't drive many miles and to keep the warranty up , would...
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    2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8l

    I just purchased a 2008 toyota corolla with a 1.8 lt. I want to do the oil changes myself and was wondering what oil and at what interval? The car is under warranty and I don't want any problems with the stealership as far as warranty requirements. Any thoughts. Also the car right now has aprox...
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    Lawn Boy ignition problem??

    The coils on these motors go all the time, if there is no spark , changed the coil, they now make an upgraded coil that should last longer. I think the part number is 100-2916.
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    Bypass Mount and VVT-I Engine

    Check to make sure the noise you are hearing is not just a viberation though the hoses, had the same thing happen on an install I did and we had to insulate the hoses with rubber pads were they met the frame or body.
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    Amsoil ASL 5W30 vs. Series 2000 0W30?

    Pablo, If price was not an issue, and I was looking for the best fuel economy and engine protection, would the TSO 0w30 be a good choice? 2001 4runner 45K on the clock.
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    Worst oil

    Years ago I had a freind " a very cheap freind" that purchased some oil from a discount "liquidator" type store for his 1998 camaro. This oil was about 79 cents a qt. and came out of the bottle very dark. I said it looked like used oil that was run though a cheese cloth he said it's fine. Well...
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    best filter for 3.4 v6 4runner

    I have a 2001 4runner w/ 3.4 v6 and have run the Amsoil Eao oil filter and the oil stayed alot cleaner looking and my magnetic drain plug had a very small amount of "stuff" on it as compard to when I was running the oem filter. I know it is not to a positive way to test a filter but when you...
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    Brake Fluid and Diff every 2 yrs - Overkill?

    I have a small pump up power bleeder and bleed the brakes fluid on booth of my vehicals every 2 years and I have never had to replace a caliper or a frozen wheel cylinder yet. Brake fluid attracts water and if you leave it in to long you will have brake problems down the line. Plus the brake...
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    02 Ford F150 Supercrew Motorguard Install Pics

    You can cover the line with split wire loom and this will protect the hoses and you don't have to remove them to install the loom. I do this on the Frantz filters I install and it works great.
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    How do I add bypass filter to small engine

    I work for a power equipment company in New York and I became a Frantz dealer recently. We can install a Frantz filter on just about any piece of equipment that has an oil pump with a presure lube system. It's just a matter of finding the right fittings and adapters. Some of the motors have pipe...
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    Return oil from bypass to oil filler cap issue

    I had my Frantz return to the valve cover for a while but now it returns to the drain plug and I find that the filter drains much better this way and makes element replacement much neater, also if you look at any OEM bypass filter set up they almost always return the oil to the pan.
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    AutoRx and Bypass filters

    It depends on the milage, if you have 25k or more you would want to run Auto rx along with your bypass filter. If not 3oz. at every oil change would keep things nice and clean. I have a Frantz bypass on my 4runner and I just did an Auto Rx treatment and together they worked great. The way I look...
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    2003 Jeep w/4.0lt. Schaffers 10w30 w/ Motor Guard bypass filter

    Mark; the analysis was done by Blackstone's and they said that being that the TBN was at 3.2 that I should change the oil soon. Since I am running a motor guard bypass filter with element changes at 1200 to 1500 miles and about 1 qt. of oil being replaced every time the element is changed , that...
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    2003 Jeep w/4.0lt. Schaffers 10w30 w/ Motor Guard bypass filter

    Sorry, there was 2,543 miles on this oil, the fuel is due to short trips and the 4.0's are known for running alittle on the rich side. What I am wondering is if the bypass filter is helping at all, if the tbn is shot at 7 months and 2500 miles, maybe I should just change the oil every 6 months...
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    2003 Jeep w/4.0lt. Schaffers 10w30 w/ Motor Guard bypass filter

    The oil was run for about 7 months, with element changes at 1200 miles,( 2 changes).Jeep is a 2003 Rubicon and has 13,895 miles on it. Aluminum 1 2 Chromium 1 1 Iron 7 9 Copper 10 8 lead 2...
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    MG-60 inline fuel filter.

    I purchased the MG-60 from Ralph a while ago for my home heating system that uses #2 heating oil. The fitler actually supplies both the furnace and my hot water heater and it has no problems flowing enough oil to keep both units running fine. Also, the system has a return line so there is...
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    Toyota 3.4L 1, 774 miles w/ Schaffers 5w30 and oilguard bypass

    Thanks for the replies, you're probably right about the lack of miles and without a particle count there is no way of knowing for sure. From what I have read on this board it seems that with the low cost of replacement tp and the finer filtration that the tp filters offer it would seem to be a...
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    Toyota 3.4L 1, 774 miles w/ Schaffers 5w30 and oilguard bypass

    The numbers seem fine but from what both I and the rep. at blackstone came up with is that the oilguard bypass really did not affect the numbers in a positive way. I think that a tp bypass filter would have performed better. I am going to purchase a Motor guard from Ralph and try to sell off the...
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    Toyota 3.4L 1, 774 miles w/ Schaffers 5w30 and oilguard bypass

    This is the results for a Toyota 4runner 2001 w/39,000 on the clock , about 5 months all around town driving running an oilguard eps-20 bypass filter and Schaffer's 5w30 blend. It seems that the oilguard bypass filter did not perform all that well and I am thinking about switching over to a tp...
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    Engine Warranty & By-pass System?

    If you look at Oilguard's website they do offer a warranty reguarding any posiable engine damage due to the use of one of their systems , and since they are a part of a huge company like Racor industrial filters I dought that you will have any problems. I have their EPS-10 on my wifes 2003 Jeep...