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    Premature spark plug wear

    I would not buy amazon spark plugs. You don't know how they were handled, if one is dropped it is ruined. That is one item that can not be dropped ever.
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    Glass Installation

    All those type of windshields have (from the manufacture) the black border around the edge. Because the urethane is sensitive to the sunlight, that is there to protect it. Keep any silicone off the body of a car or truck. Worse stuff to use for leaks.
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    Best Way to Add ATF

    There are long thin special funnels for that, go to an auto parts store and ask. Yes check and fill with it on flat and running. If you don't want drips put card board under it while filling it. Some Honda cars like CRV check and fill when stopped. But to check they have a time limit.
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    Backdoor kill-switches in every car by 2026

    The technology already exists to shut down the cars from I'd say 2002 to now. It all started with systems like GM's Onstar system, that can do almost anything a high end scan tool can do. Telematics is so totally integrated into all modern vehicles now, that adding this new system will not be...
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    Permatex "Red" Threadlocker - 4 different ones?

    I can not think of an application for red thread lock, except maybe heavy equipment track shoe bolts, never on an automotive bolt or nut. I have used the orange though "removable high strength". I have used Green retaining compound for industrial sleeves. I see those goofy youtubers using red...
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    Plastic caged crankshaft bearings?

    Reason ? 1 Plastic is easier to work with than metal. 2 Plastic will be destroyed long before metal. 3 Plastic and assembling it is way cheaper to do. 4 Plastic will hopefully mess it all up and require some expensive work and parts, or the purchase of a new engine or saw or what ever they are...
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    You want to know why everything is so expensive?

    Everything so expensive? Because of this. Taxes, Regulations, Pensions, Greed. Taxes and regulations are the big reason. Every company involved in the making of those parts, has to deal with taxes and regulations. The miners for the materials, the smelter that melts and forms the raw...
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    Under the valve cover - 2002 Outback H6

    It was a joke. As in not many know what real sludging looks like. And I call it very clean, that is nothing abnormal at all.
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    Tractor supply destroyed their once good bar & chain oil. Now what?

    I prefer thinner oil, I like to have my oil pump work. I don't like to have to use a paint brush to brush on the ultra thick stuff.
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    Interesting about electric mowers, saws etc.

    Battery, I don't mind a non Lithium Ion battery tool. The lithium ion batterys have been proven to be huge fire hazards, yeah they aren't going off all the time, but the potential is there, it is a roll of the dice so to say. I'd like to see more nickle metal hydride batterys come back, much...
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    Under the valve cover - 2002 Outback H6

    ? Yeah all that sludge will soon be plugging up everything, I'd go for an engine replacement right now.:unsure:
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    Anti seize for exhaust manifold does not work

    And is why not to put it on spark plugs.
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    Hunt for chainsaw saga continues... - Got it down to 3 models

    I know of some nice old early 1960's saws that are still running just fine. None of these new slow bio degrading plastic saws will ever last that long. Gosh even the simple stuff like the fuel lines in the old ones are still just fine, those don't last for more than a year or so on some newer...
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    Rough used price on a few chainsaws looking to aquire.

    When they were built out of the right materials instead of plastic.
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    Chainsaw coil damaged by spark plug wire falling off?

    Yes the module was bad, coil ok.
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    Hunt for chainsaw saga continues... - Got it down to 3 models

    If they are made like toys made from plastic I would choose none of them. Just not durable enough for me.
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    Interesting about electric mowers, saws etc.

    Maybe the EV bunch would also enjoy it.
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    Fighting a VERY stuck bolt in a bad spot. Out of ideas.

    4 days? The engine could have been removed in 1 day.
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    Chainsaw coil damaged by spark plug wire falling off?

    This has the coiled wire type connector inside the boot and it just easily slips on and off. I will be replacing it with something that locks on very tight. Will have zero problems then.
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    Spark Plug Replacement LS400

    Just never try to clean the airflow meter on the older LS400's that will ruing them, if I remember right they have a small mirror in them?