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    Oil for 2007 Honda Accord

    I have tried both Castrol Syntec and Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 on my 2.4L Accord for the recommended 10,000 mile OCI. I was very happy with the wear using either (7 ppm Fe). However, I stayed with the PP due to a higher TBN after the end of the period (3.8 vs 1.9). Don't let anyone on this...
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    Anyone use Pennzoil Ultra 5W-20 in Honda 2.4L?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: radtech91</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Got a quick side question, how much oil are you guys replacing on your oil changes on your CR-V, Element, or Accord 2.4L? The book says 4.4 qts, but when I put 4.5 in last time...
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    Oil change on a 1999 and 2000 Handa Accord

    I have 2005 and 2001 4 Cylinder Accords. The location of the filter in the 2001 is in such position that it is impossibe to remove without spilling some oil on the exhaust pipe. There is also some sort of mesh joint on the pipe where the oil collects and burns for days. The 2005 is a little...
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    Honda Oil is made by....

    The oil at my dealership is clearly labeled "made by Exxon/Mobil"
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    (.59 Cent) Chevron 5W-20.... 7,470 mi. Honda 2.4

    I had a TBN of 2.1 on this same engine after 9100 miles with Mobil Clean 7500, a much maligned oil around these parts. It is getting impossible to find so I'll have to switch to something else. <a...
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    That is interesting. It explains the lack of consistency in the VOAs. Some had sodium and some did not.
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    5w20 in High Performance Turbo Engine

    I am a firm believer in 5W-20 for engines designed for it. However, I'd be curious to see what manufacturers that normally use 5W-20 recommend for their turbos. The two that come to mind are the Acura RDX and Mazda CX-7. Since Accura/Honda use 5W-30 in the high output non-turbo 2.4L in the...
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    0w20 or 5w20? honda 4cyl

    Honda has their own 0W-20 oil. I have seen it at the dealer. I do not know the price. It is their standard recommendation for the Accord hybrid.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    Wow!!! It is amazing how much controversy some simple data can generate, especially when it conflicts with some strongly held beliefs. Some clarifications: Honda's OCI for the V6 engine is 7500 miles. The 10,000 mile OCI is only for the 2.4L DOHC engine. TBN readings from a V6 are not a...
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    Regarding the accuracy of my statements: 1. Honda does recommends 10,000 miles OCIs. I own the car and the manual. I know it is in there. 2. The manual, does not specify 10K with synthetic only. The only requirement is that the oil have the API certification seal for gasoline engines...
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    Thanks gary. We missed the Potassium again. It was 5/0.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    There was no makeup required. The level never even got close to the low mark in the 9100 miles. I forgot to add that the filter was a Purolator Pure 1.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    This is actually my second set of data. The first was posted back in february 2006. I tried to show both in this post but the formatting was so bad that all the numbers got mixed up to the point it was unintelligible.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    It was 5. Looks like I missed copying it.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    I forgot to describe usage. The car travels to work only once a week or less, 115 easy highway miles. About half the total miles are local traffic. The interval did include one 1500 mile vacation to Maine. Mileage during the mostly highway vacation was 32-33 mpg.
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    Mobil Clean 7500 Honda Accord 2.4L 9130 Miles

    This is my second cycle with this oil. From the first cycle results I decided to go with the Honda recommended 10,000 mi OCI. I cut it short at 9130 because the end of my vacation was a convenient time to change the oil. The TBN was 2.1 so this oil can go the Honda 10,000 OCI. Maybe Honda...
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    Purolator's disappearing!!

    With Bosch buying Purolator, I would expect it to be bad news for Champion who is the current Bosch supplier. I would expect Bosch to start using their newly purchased factory to supply their brand. Purolator should be OK. Their marketing may change though.
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    Castrol GTX 5W-20-What kind of detergent?

    Some GTX UOAs and VOAs have been appearing with significant Sodium content. There seems to be a trend here.
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    Why no anger at Mobile, just like Castrol?

    As an early Mobil user (1980 in a 5 cyl. Audi 5000) I do believe the manufacturers underestimated the effect of additive depletion, thinking the superior base oils would be enough to extend the OCIs to 25K. In my case, it was all academic anyway. The engine soon started consuming oil through...
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    5W-20 people - explain this please:

    I believe there is a misconception that the european and North American 2.4 Liter engines are the same. The european 2.4 is found in the Acura TSX and even here, the recommendation for that engine is for 5W-30, not 5W-20. I do believe the European engine is run at higher operating...