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    Good years for used Rav4?

    Go easy - we're both unfamiliar with them, and the price range is one I picked considering her minimal budget. It's more likely unrealistic on my part.
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    Good years for used Rav4?

    That's reasonably low mileage. But $6K USD for a 26yr old vehicle! Interesting to note first 2 gens only rank as Average on reliability.
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    Which Vehicles Have Simple Engines?

    I have the 3.3L 3MZ-FE Sienna engine with VVT - currently @ 372k km's and never thought about variable valves in almost 11yrs of ownership. Also 8th gen Civic 1.8L seems simple - boring and lacking power, but simple.
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    Good years for used Rav4?

    A family member is looking to buy a used Rav4 in the $3-$4K (CDN) range. I think 2nd gen (2001-2005) would be a better option to avoid the timing belt of the first gen. Would appreciate any feedback regarding problem areas to watch.
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    Mazda 3 - 5w40?

    Thanks for everyone's feedback, we went ahead and used the 5W40 - I'm sure all will be fine and the motor will last another 100K. :) BTW, both Mazda's 2.3L and 2.0L engines are surprisingly solid. The weak points of the Mazda 3 are more associated with poor suspension components, and miserably...
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    Mazda 3 - 5w40?

    CT oil prices have been obscene lately - I only shop there for convenience.
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    Mazda 3 - 5w40?

    Canadian oil prices are currently obscene (Nov 2022): cheapest 5W30 conventional 5L oil ON SALE at Can Tire was $28, so I paid another $8 to get 5W40 synth at $36.
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    Mazda 3 - 5w40?

    A family member has a 2009 Mazda 3 manual 2.0L with 299K KM's (186K miles). We've used 5w30 because it seems to consume oil between changes (could be close to 1L over 8K KM's). I didn't see the Euro part and bought this oil tonight: Quaker State Euro Full Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil, 5-L Here's...
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    Mazda 3 - 1st gen review after ~3yrs

    Thanks for the feedback. I've had four in our family and haven't had as many problems, but they don't easily go through control arms, and struts / shocks are a consumable. No need to take out glove box when removing cabin filter, as some Youtube videos suggest. And I've also encountered the...
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    OBD2 Scanner Question

    I'd rather support other online retailers besides Amazon, but where in Canada can Autel's be purchased?
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    What are you working on today?

    Recently have done front brakes and a wheel bearing. Now trying to find a *reasonably* priced TCM for a 2006 Mazda 3.
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    I bought my first proper scan tool 🥰

    I bought the Bluedriver because it was inexpensive and had good reviews. But ... it fails to impress (maybe my expectations were too high for $125 CDN). They pay for themselves quickly but would rather have something more comprehensive. Thanks for the review.
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    Post your Gas Mileage : Calculated

    35.6 MPG (US) or 6.6L per 100KM on my 2007 Civic 5sp manual. That's city and hwy, driving like Grandma.
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    Any cars you regret buying? - My '14 CR-V experience

    Thanks for the writeup–I appreciate the detail. I'm a Honda shill, and am currently driving a 2007 Civic 5 sp manual. I've also complained about the following, and concur it's an unusable power range:
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    Pressure washer choices

    Those are slick, and would have come in handy about 10yrs ago when I started pressure washing a large exposed aggragate driveway. O.O I was expecting ~$500 for the rotary attachment, lists as $150USD which is better than expected.
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    Pressure washer choices

    I bought a Karcher with Honda GC engine in 2009, and it's been excellent. I used an electric for a short period and not worth the aggravation, esp for an exposed aggregate driveway.
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    Jack Stand Catastrophic failure

    EDIT: Ignore, questions answered below.
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    2007 Honda Civic - new acquisition

    1972 is when the first gen Civic arrived on the scene (Britain, from what I understand). 2022 marks 50 yrs - so we're due for a special anniversary edition (with a bigger engine hopefully lol).
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    2007 Honda Civic - new acquisition

    It's probably my preferred for the Civic. I was thinking it might be something stuck in motor too.
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    I turned 48 today, at what age did you start to feel old?

    I tell young people this, but youth is wasted on the young. Take care of yourself early, because there's much living to be had at age 50+.