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    New VW Oil LIst

    Rollers on the PD devices: cam to bucket on the valves, IIRC. Guess which wears fastest?
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    Honda Fit

    In the UK garages tend to use 10w/40 in the Fit (Jazz here). I'd prefer the synth 0w/30 but it's the car of SWMBO, so its not my call. Does 48 Imp. mpg but could do better.....
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    WARNING - suspect Oil Analyis results!

    Buster: where did the quote "Oil analysis can not be used to compare wear characteristics between oils. The biggest problem is that particles greater than 5 microns in size are not detectable using these simple analytical techniques, so an oil which has a more severe wear problem and is...
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    VW -- Complete failure of cam and rockers in PD

    Hadn't noticed any US made vehicles giving 45 US gallon mpg on diesel, whilst meeting emission requirements. Design goes back to 1999 intro in Europe. The PD was intended to ensure good control and atomisation, beyond the then capabilities of common rail.
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    PD VW TDI oil issue questions

    Re "I know that your TDI does not have higher valvetrain load then a comercial diesel!!" why do you think that? The TDI has a very heavy load on the injectors, and runs at a higher rpm. HDEO is not tested against VW engine requirements - so any facts to go with your view?
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    Not worth the oil change!!!

    Pits? For incineration purposes only.
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    Mobil 1 and grp III continued.

    The link is very out of date: In Europe there are 6 current categories of oil types, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Group V "other" including esters, Group VI - PIO...
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    PD VW TDI oil issue questions

    The VW 506.01 long-life oils are 0w/30, whilst the VW 507 oils are 5w/30. SFAIK, despite the 506.01 being in use in Europe for several years have not given cause for concern. However, VAG give explicit information on the choice of these long life oils depending on the service conditions: <a...
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    Juicy tidbit for you VW diesel engine owners

    Why? Most PD TDI's (millions of them!) in Europe are run for at least 10,000 miles, and there are no horror stories except when the wrong oil is used. In NA, with ULSD, you're on the same level. None of the UOA show a problem with 10,000 OCIs do they?
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    505.01 oil options ?

    With wear on the cams and lifters, its the potential nickel content surely, if UOA means anything? As for the other aspects of 505.01 e.g. "ho-hum" performance - is this opinion or based on fact? It is the 506.01 that have reduced ZDDP, not the old (its not new by any standards, but has...
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    ZDDP depletion issue

    Maybe it takes 2000 miles to activate: its out of solution but chemically adsorbed in place in the hot spots. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    ExxonMobil continues partnership with McLaren

    I think the 5W-50 is for the McLaren sports car. The F1 uses 5w-5:)
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    Anyone here who drove in the 1970's NOT use 10W-40?

    Started in '68 with a Morris Minor (all of 1098cc) and used 20w/50 mostly, at each fuel stop, to fill up the gaps at the top of the cylinders:) Nope, that didn't work- so it was nearly a total-loss system. But the rust in the sills got to it before the engine gave up entirely.
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    More from Indonesian quake

    I thought banana republics were more a United Fruit CO domain, in the western hemisphere, to the south of the US:)
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    Impressed with the upcoming Honda Fit

    Not if they used Russian miniturised vaccuum tubes... We have a Civic 2.0 (2003) and a Jazz 2006 (Fit in Japan) and although I prefer the Civic for its relative poke, the Jazz is very pleasant for town use, and pretty good on the M-ways in the UK. Handling excellent, quieter than the Toyota...
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    European Oil Better Than American Oil

    Diesel Renault of my sister has OCI at 18,000 miles, as did her previous gasser Renault. Thats standard at the moment. BTW, Europeans pay too much to change their cars twice as often:)
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    what motor oil do ships use?

    From the QE2 site: "QE2'S POWER PLANT IS DIESEL ELECTRIC, a system chosen for its inherent reliability and flexibility. In 1986/87, in an operation costing £100m, nine medium speed MAN L58/64 nine cylinder turbo charged diesel engines were fitted, in place of the aging and fuel thirsty steam...
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    Group 3 vs group 4/5

    So far as i can tell Toyota are also prone to sludging:
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    old oil better than new oil

    Re use of UOA: I think that the limitations of the method rules out UOA, except for establishing a trend on the same engine, and looking for failures of the coolant barriers etc. If accurate wear trends are required, the whole of the components need to be examined, including the filters and the...