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    Pump accuracy

    Both of my last two cars, 2001 Toyota Corolla and 2005 Honda Civic can hold significantly more than the stated tank capacaity if you keep pumping after the automatic shut off. Both quote 13.2 gallons but I've pumped over 14 in both already when they weren't even completely empty.
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    Great Job Ford!!!!

    Ford does make some nice vehicles. I personally think they styling of the Fusion is way too gaudy, but that's just my opinion. There are so many differences in saftey equipment, engine size, interior trim, etc, its hard to guage which is the better value. The Fusion is already $1300 more as...
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    Valve noise with M1?

    If your CR-V was going to be noisier, it should be apparent very quickly. Before I knew of the "allegtions" of increased noise with M1, I ran it (5W20) in my Civic and was distressed to hear the valve noise. After then finding this site and searching a bit and discovering lots of comments to...
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    Why all the idling of diesels?

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    question for the stashers

    The heating oil is without a doubt much more flamable but its stored in a legally mandated vessel. The motor oil of course is not an ignition danger in itself, but would provide a source of fuel once a fire was ignited. So would wood for that matter or the gasoline in your car. I do recall...
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    question for the stashers

    For those members who store a hundred or more quarts of oil -are there any ramifications for your homeowners insurance coverage? Most policies have clauses preventing the storage of hazardous, including flammable, substances beyond typcial household needs. I wonder how understanding State Farm...
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    Crude prices are climbing, should I stock up on oil?

    "Experts" are typically "oil analysts" - that is, they are the speculators that are largely driving these increase through hyperbole. The more hysteria they can stir up, the more they profit. I really wish people would stop saying they "heard gas prices are going to be $x.xx a gallon", and...
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    who makes Dayton tires?

    FWIW, I don't think Dayton tires are really crappy, but I don't think they're a good buy at typical Firestone store prices. But if I could get them cheap, and they had decent specs, I'd give them a try.
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    content/not content-Mobil 1

    I switched from Chevron dino to Mobil 1 in my new Civic and was very disconcerted at the noise, then came here and found it was a common problem. Switched to Penn Platinum and it got significantly worse. Back to Chevron Supreme 5W20 and much quieter. Gas mileage data collected over the life...
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    who makes Dayton tires?

    Dayton is Firestone / Bridgestone's low-end brand.
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    at what mileage is a PCV valve typically replaced

    No mention of it at all in the maintenance schedule for my 05 Civic. I assume it does have one?
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    Time for service?

    Wow, you're right about the hidden costs with the Hyundai. There would also be oil change expenses in addition to what you've listed. You're paying for that warranty all right. Probably best to think of it as a forced purchase of an extended warranty. Even in that light its expensive. 120k...
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    Users of Mobil 7500 clean

    Sodium in itself does nothing to prevent wear. It is simply a counter-ion for the anionic species that are the active additives. Typically, instead of sodium, magnesium or calcium are the counter-ions. Personally, I'm a little leary of sodium salts being used as additives. I'm not convinced...
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    I don't buy it. In most industries, when record profits have been the norm for some time, investments are made in the infrastucture to plan for these events. Not so with big oil. Despite all the incoming revenues, these capabilities have not been improved, because it can simply be passed on...
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    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Pablo: <strong> Please research the causes of the current gas price increase. Methinks a portion of it is MTBE to EtOH changeover. </strong><hr /></blockquote>Youthinks incorrectly, unless you mean a VERY small portion, like about 2.5 cents / gallon.
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    Impressed with the upcoming Honda Fit

    I think the Fit will do extremely well. I think the car is priced a little high, but Honda is doing very well with the new Civic which is priced at a big premium. I would be interested in the Fit but I can't buy one for the 12.3k I paid for my 05 Civic VP. The EPA numbers may be a little...
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    UOA's and valve clearances

    That's probably what I'll do. Even a 30k interval should be pretty safe. In the manual, they say to adjust the valves only if noisy, which would indicate a loose clearance. The tight situation, by far the most dangerous, wouldn't lead to noise.
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    UOA's and valve clearances

    Honda recommends 105000 mile valve clearance adjustments on many of its 4 cylinder engines, including the 1.7 in my 05 Civic. There has been a school of thought that this is possibly far too long. In fact, severe damage to engines in Gen 1 CRVs has been pretty well documented in some forums due...
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    Terrible oil sample analysis!!-Mobil 1 5W30-1,627 Miles-2005 Nissan Titan 5.6L

    Have you looked up the trade value of your truck in KBB? I'm guessing but a (model) year old truck with 9k miles is going to have depreciated significantly. But it sounds like you're taking a big step down in "quality" of the new truck. By looking in KBB you might be able to tell what, if...