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    Amsoil Universal ATF in GM FWD transmission?

    Just adding that I'm not an Amsoil salesman, merely a customer like everyone else. I wanted to reassure the original poster that it's OK to use the ATF in GM FWD cars. It's likely I could have achieved the same results with a different Group 4/5 ATF and different brand BP filter. M1 and a TP...
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    Amsoil Universal ATF in GM FWD transmission?

    It's true, I have no way of knowing if the fluid or external filtration had the greater effect on the increased trans life since I added them both at the same time. But I know that increased cooling wasn't enough since I had installed auxillary coolers since I first started in business 10 years...
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    Amsoil Universal ATF in GM FWD transmission?

    I own a fleet of 8 GM taxis, currently 5 Montanas 01-03 and 3 Vibes 03-04(spec'd for T-IV). I have racked up about 3,000,000km on Amsoil ATF since switching about 3 years ago. Prior to that I would take the cars in to the dealer for a flush every 50,000km where they would install "GM approved"...
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    Ford Taurus SHO engine knock

    I own a couple 3.0L SHO engines. He definitely spun a rod bearing. Oil pump failure is unheard of in these engines. As stated above some owners replace the bearings as standard maintenance. Although there is no hard evidence, most of the gurus who work on SHO's on a daily basis recommend...
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    0w-40 XD3

    I second the 0w30. I use it in year-round in 4-6 cylinder gas engines with no issues. The 0w40 probably wouldn't hurt anything except maybe fuel mileage but there's just no reason to use it since the 0w30 is available.
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    Looking for GM intake gasket info-model specifics

    I have 5 Montanas 01-03 with 3400's and 4 have had their intake gaskets replaced, so that's 80%. The fifth just doesn't have enough miles on it yet! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Some went as soon as 60k, others made it to 180k.
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    Esso XD-3 0W30 is only synthetic blend according to ESSO dealer

    Shell Rotella T SB 0w30 is a synthetic blend. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    $100 oil change...???

    4L of XD3 and a Napa Gold filter=$27 every 20,000km, all taxes included. Or I could go to a private shop every 5k and pay $35 for dino and a no-name filter...or not!
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    I had the rear of my car up on a hydraulic floor jack while I adjusted the coil-overs. I had my right arm up in the wheel well and didn't notice that the jack was slowly lowering. Well my right forearm got pinched between the tire and fender. I was trapped and no one was around to help me. My...
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    Used Oil Turned Away for Non-OSHA container

    At my local recycler, they will take oil, containers and filters so long as the container originally had oil in it. So you can bring in used oil in milk jugs but you have to take them home. I buy all my oil in 4L jugs which are great for refilling with used oil.
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    Small grease injector?

    You can buy grease needles that pop right into an ordinary grease gun. They look like this: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Any place that sells grease guns and cartridges should have them.
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    How about a filter stash thread?

    About half a dozen Napa Golds(1036+1396) and 3 Amsoil BE-90's.That's my stock for servicing 8 high use vehicles. When I get down to 1 or 2 left of a particular size I just buy another case.
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    best simple brake bleeder

    I've tried a few of these bleeder kits, from the ball valve types to the ones with the vacuum gun to "suck" the fluid out. None of them work very well at all. So now I just use gravity and some clear hose into a drain pan. Most brake systems will gravity drain quite well with no outside help.
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    Some observations between AC Delco, Mobil 1 and Bosch

    Larger holes will provide more flow if there are the same number of them. But the question has to be asked "are the smaller holes a restriction?" Probably not. M1 filters have a very thick can(for higher burst strength) which would account for most of the weight difference.
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    101K Toyota fuel filter pics

    Your lucky your Toyota has a serviceable filter. My 3 Vibes have an in-tank filter. I'm not paying $60+labor to replace it, so it can stay in there until the pump dies. I'm at 205k miles on the oldest one now and no problems yet. My other vehicles have serviceable filters and I change them...
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    Father Inlaws New Chevrolet Mini-Van

    It was probably a Chevy Uplander, the successor of the Venture. I use Ventures and Montanas for my taxi fleet and they've treated me well. I test drove a new SV6 and was not impressed at all. Worse MPG, smaller seats and the new front end design makes you feel like your driving a 4x4 truck...
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    Before or after???

    I "T" in my transmission bypass filters after the cooler. It just makes sense to do it that way so all the ATF goes through the cooler. You will NEVER plug up a filter that's filtering your ATF. If you did, there are bigger problems at hand. I run my Amsoil BE90's for 125,000 miles and they...
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    A question about varnish (photos) 98 Civic 145K miles

    In some engines, the valve cover is not bathed in a constant flow of oil like the rest of the valvetrain. So the moving parts are kept nice and clean by the detergents in the oil while any crud deposited on the valve cover by blow-by gasses stay there permanently. You'll see this in any part...
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    One of the Worst Selling Points, New Vehicles

    My Pontiac Vibes come with Iridium/Platinum plugs as OE equipment. I pulled the first set at 250,000km and they still looked like new. So now I'm installing NGK Laser Iridium plugs in my Montanas. Changing the plugs in these vans is a painstaking 2 hour job so "lifetime" plugs are just what...
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    Battery recommendations?

    I'm slowly switching my fleet over to Optima Red Tops. Regular batteries just arn't up to the abuse of taxi service(heat, vibration, someone leaving the interior light on overnight). I'm lucky to get 2 years out of them. Now that wally World carries Optima, they don't cost much more than any...