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    Diesel oil for all OPE

    Landscaper in the neighborhood uses 5w-40 T6 in everything 4 stroke, trucks (gas and diesel), Hondas, Yamahas, and whatever engines in his big zero turns.
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    Getting a new push mower.. honda power vs briggs?

    My GCV160 wouldn't even start because the air filter was completely soaked in some sort of heavy oil used in the engine for shipping. Evidently shipped/stored on its side. I cleaned the filter with brake clean and no further problem. Yes, new Hondas smoke when first started.
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    'Smart meters'?

    Here is my smart meter story. Few months back I noticed some wonkiness with the electricity in the house. Intermittent light dimming once in awhile, nothing huge. I was out front working on the car when the AEP truck pulls up. He said he needed to ck my meter out because it had reported...
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    High octane fuel?

    Preignition has nothing to do with octane. I think preignition is being confused with detonation, where octane does matter. Preignition happens (as you would expect) before the plug fires. Detonation/ping after plug fires. Preignition can kill an engine quick (broken piston/bent rod)...
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    Question on string trimmer / edger

    Assuming it is not pot metal (zinc) find someone who does TIG welding and see if it can be built up, and then filed out to size. EDIT: 753-04503 Boom Assembly <a...
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    Freeing stuck intake valve Honda GCV 160 on Troy Built lawnmower

    The vast majority of stuck valves on GS/GC series is caused by varnished gas. Same happens on B&S late model engines as well. Happy tip, whenever you remove the valve cover on a GC engine, replace it with a GS series cover. GS covers are nice cast aluminum vs the stamped GC covers.
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    why don't makers use Stainless Steel

    MTD of all manufacturers made a SS deck mower about 8-10 years ago. Reviews reported a deck that was too thin and too flexible. If an OEM made a mower with a quality SS deck, I would look at it in a heart beat.
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    warranty issue-just venting

    Pressure washer, Dewalt. Wand had a leak in the valve body. Took it in for warranty service/replacement and was told I needed to bring in the whole machine in order to work on it. You could blow through the wand without the trigger being pressed. Got PO'd and went to another dealer, showed...
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    Honda GS190?

    Iron sleeve, ball bearing vs bushing on the flywheel side of crank, and supposed to be an aluminum cam cover vs the stamped steel one on the GC series.
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    Reccomend flatbed scanner for cheap ?

    I use a V39 with the laptop for scanning stuff (photos and documents) on the run. USB powered so no brick to bother with. Probably best bang for the buck if you need high quality photo scans once in awhile. Its not my V600, but then it is portable. Very good Software. Canon LiDE90- the V39...
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    Generator Idle Problem

    Doesn't idle smoothly usually means lean, which in this case with a new carb and all....most likely a vacuum leak. Get a can of carb cleaner and spray it around the intake gaskets, engine breather etc to track down the leak.
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    Walmart HD SAE30 Okay for mowers? 30-CF

    I would be willing to put down a wager, a small one, that that "straight 30" is a 10w-30 as well. You can't get an "SN" without some significant synthetic content, and the VI of a synthetic blend gotta be greater than just a straight 30.
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    Honda GCV 160 Engine

    I think I am pushing ten years on the GCV160 on the mower. Total parts cost has been about $25 (spark plug, air filter, recoil mechanism/top hat). To be fair it does mow actual grass, not rocks, dirt, or stumps. Oil gets changed every two years. Nothing bad to say about it.
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    Do you use 5w30 in your mower? Does your mower hold 2 quarts?

    German Castrol 0W-40 (have 4 quarts left) in my little Honda mower. Everything else(generators, pressure washer, water pump) RotellaT6 5W-40.
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    Odd Parasitic Draw, 1996 Contour

    One thing peculiar to that specific model/year is the wiring harness problems. FoMoCo had a program/recall on the underhood wiring harnesses due to insulation degradation. Chances are it has been done, but just maybe something to check on. You can easily tell by examining the insulation on...
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    It is nice to have a dedicated caliper/micrometer for brake rotors. These usually have one or two pointed anvils vs flat anvils. Also nice if you have to measure curved metal surfaces that flat anvils cannot. Brake measurement tools don't have to be expensive top of the line or super...
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    Need recommendation for compressor Air Line

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Bought this in Jan of 2012 and still does its job. No problems. If you ever get cold weather, this is when you really appreciate it.
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    What lubes do brake manufacturers recommend?

    For anything that contacts rubber components Ford XG-3-A Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound This is the only stuff I can personally vouch for, but I don't think other silicone greases are very much different. Used it on brake calipers /pistons, pin slides, cylinder...
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    Strange multimeter reading

    Just random stuff When you disconnect your battery cable to do a current draw, use a decent jumper lead to complete the circuit. Wire your meter on the amps scale of choice parallel to the jumper. Give the car 5 minutes to let the modules go to sleep and then disconnect one end of the jumper...
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    Honda gx390 governor falling back to 3200rpm?

    The spring controls your governed speed. Off chance the wrong spring was installed, or maybe the engine is supposed to run at 2800 RPM loaded.