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    60% ase mechanics say change every 3k

    I hope the euro guys chiming in here realize that when us American bloks say "K's" we are use it as slang for "miles" traveled - not Kilometers! 3000'ks'(miles) here in the states equals about 5000 real K's driven in Europe(and else where in the world). Do I believe in the 3000mile oil change-...
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    Any Opinions on Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant ..

    PS: I grow up in a Full Service gas station and pumped it from the time I was 11 till 19years old and than for another year or so after my dad passed from age 22 till 24 years old(1965 thu 1978). Yes there was a such thing as FULL SERVICE gas station's back than. 1965 at .19 a gal-regular &.23...
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    Any Opinions on Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant ..

    When self serve happened in the late seventy's/early eighty's here on the west coast, Oregon passed a law 'not' allowing it. They have never had self serve and I get into trouble every time I go though there. The attendent's freak out when I put my 2oz of UCL in before pumping gas and want to...
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    Interesting Warning in '77 Ford Truck Manual

    THE MID 70'S were a bad time for oil and camshafts. There were alot of cams being eat'nt up and Detroit was blaming on oil and oil blaming it on Detriot. The claim was soft metal in the cams and oil not meeting Detroit oil spec's. This was also about the time (late seventy's) that they started...
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    Synthetic / 5w30 & 10w30 10K / '04 Colorado I-5

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. My main point pertained to the use of Lucus UCL and how someone thought it was the reason for the elevated SODIUM levels in the Colorado's oil sample and WHY my six(6)oil samples taken over a 65thou mile period of time never showed much of any sodium(4 of the 6...
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    Synthetic / 5w30 & 10w30 10K / '04 Colorado I-5

    6 oil samples/5 were 10thou(starting at 60thou) each using reg. M1 3 times & AMS/GC 1 each and the last one using M1/EP for 15thou(from 110thou to 125thou) and NEVER in any of them was there a problem with Sodium #6-8-3-3-4-7#!!! This car has had UCL in every tank from 37thou till today when it...
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    Lucas UCL + FP60 in at the same time?

    has UCL kept my injectors & valves clean? How am I too know unless I was to put a scope down it's intake. I do know it's still averaging the 43.+ overall mpg with over 158++thou miles on it which must say something for it not being too conjested up with crude. Plus it is a newer than 96 model...
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    Honda Accord Mobil1 EP at 11,000 hard miles

    I made a run using M1/EP 5/30SL awhile back and Blackstone came up with a TBN of 3.6 after the 15000 mile run I put on it. 6.2 after 11000 miles? I can see it. The EP did much better for me than the other 3 10000 mile runs I did on regular M1 which still all did great. 98 Suzuki Swift 1.3L 4cyl...
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    Lucas UCL + FP60 in at the same time?

    lUCAS UCL is more of a top cylinder lubricant(U=upper C=cylinder L=lubricant) and states so along with it having NO solvents in it on it's bottle and I have used it for the last 120thou++ miles in a 98 Suzuki Swift using M1/AMS/GC every 10thou miles and after 6 oil samples and 55 thou...
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    purolater being bought by bosch

    already have over 60 Motorcraft FL400s in stock from when W-M was dumping the MC line than they brought them back at higher prices (less than $2.80 something each-now $3.28 last time I looked) think I will be good for awhile!
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    Metal oil cans

    than cardboard sides would crush down than the spout would LEAK!!! Than you would find the 'GOOD' spout that would cut great and never leak only to have some jerk steal it from you. I speaking from the days of running a "real" service station from yesteryear.
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    New USA 0W30 Castrol ( AC ???)

    have fun!!! everybody thought I was a little funny buying all the M1 SL 0/5w30 when it was replaced with SM.(gots 175qts+) well after Katrina and the price increases I'm sitting cheap!! (got most of it with PepBoys buy3/get3free deal) Let see 60+ FL400s MC filters/17 Purolater Airfilters/10...
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    98 Suzuki Swift, M1 EP 5w-30 @ 15K

    under the valve cover is CLEAN! looks GREAT!! will be rol1ing 139,000 miles tomarrow on the way to work.
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    98 Suzuki Swift, M1 EP 5w-30 @ 15K

    138,000 miles and still running fine with M1!!!!
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    Saw a Yaris Sedan on the road today, it was kewl.

    the Yaris(2100-2300lbs) is not that lite. It's heavier than any Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift(1600-1950lbs)(my first Metro-88-was only 1560lbs)
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    Hardest filter to Change????

    Ford Pinto/Mercury Bobcat with V6 - that is the bad memory from years ago when I was doing it for a living!
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    Saw a Yaris Sedan on the road today, it was kewl.

    the Yaris's EPA mpg would probaly be better if it was offered WITHOUT A/C!! It's like the Chev Colorado, you cannot buy it without A/C.
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    Castrol Syntec 5w20,3586miles,03 Impala

    from what I have read, 5w30 is not even rated to be used in 3800 engines-only 10w30. It is the one engine GM still calls for 10w30 in, with all else they have getting 5w30. I maybe wrong but that is what I have read.
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    02 BMW M56 (2.5l) 10K, BMW HP 5W30

    have been using BOSCH +2 & +4's for as many years as they have been on the market, going a minimun of 50thou miles per plug set change and they have worked great for me. I will keep using them!! 98 Suzuki Swift 136+thou miles so far. on third set of +2's right now and still averaging 43+mpg...
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    Lucas UCL : What makes this product unique?

    U-C-L "UPPER-CYLINDER-LUB" it's oil made to mix with gasoline like 2-cycle oil. It ends up helping the ring seal a little bit being gas engines normally burn a little dry in the upper cylinder area (this is one reason why diesel's last so much longer than gas engines being their upper cylinders...