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    Best oil filter for 10k+plus oil changes- Fram Ultra, Mobil 1, NAPA Gold?

    My 2001 v10 f350 gets oil and filter twice a year since I had an issue with loss of lots of oil a couple years ago. This last fall at 1000 miles but almost a year i changed oil and could not find a new filter in my garage.. so i unscrewed and drained my mobil 1 filter and re-used it.. first...
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    5 days to charge a EV Humvee using wall outlet!

    Electric cars seem to be more a cult than a choice.. tesla owners seem to be on some sort of program to build a shrine. Tesla has been sitting on the same cars and poor quality build they had ten years ago.. The materials to make and keep replacing batteries are not good for the...
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    How much do you pay for a haircut?

    I spend about 65 bucks for haircut and style. 25 dollars of that is tip to the beautiful girl that keeps me from looking like an animal. The process takes two hours... its worth it for me..
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    Is car performance "maxed out"?

    Cars will get faster until we regulate them.. average drivers have too much car now in many cases. A teen in a porsche gt3 or gt4 wont survive long. They require experience and skills. The stupid 600 hp dodge cars and trucks get in accidents all the time.
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    Should I say something or not? Potential alcoholic ...

    Dont give advice.. offer to listen
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    I rarely change my oil

    I do tons of car maint to prevent huge surprise bills.
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    Ford F150 3.5 Ecoboost cam phasers to fix now or later

    Tundra and sequoia share exact same engines.. 4.7 5.7. And now the v6 twin turbo. Some sequoias had the 4.6 v8 and such same as the lexus gx 460. Think that was a varient same as the tundra as well.. Same trans used in both also. The tundra tended to get the updated engines a...
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    Ford F150 3.5 Ecoboost cam phasers to fix now or later

    I considered buying around a 2012 expedition.. but the older ones had the triton 5.4 three valve...and the 3.5 ecoboost has a lot of timing chain issues with almost every truck.. what a sad state of affairs at ford.. A friends wife bought a couple year old ford edge and the internal...
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    Great “Help Wanted” sign

    I have been retired 4 years. The new guys starting in engineering made 65k starting with three weeks vacation and great medical and 6 percent matching 401 k. The guys we got were on their phones all day and had no interest in working or learning anything. The older guys showed up 5 min...
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    Work Vans - Lots of options out there.

    Fleet engineer here. The fords are far better.
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    Where do you keep the oil level on your dipstick?

    I try for the top when i change oil. But anything over half way is fine. If i am driving to california from wisconsin I try to change oil before the trip. I always carry a couple quarts spare.
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    2015 3.6L Pentastar Cylinder Borescope Result

    I think your engine is fine. I see only flaking carbon which is pretty normal.. i dont like pinging. Dumb question.. are you sure you got a good thermostat when you swapped ?? A high or low temp can cause pinging. Not saying you have an issue... just asking. I have looked at a...
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    This LX 470 might be the worse flood damaged car I have ever seen

    One owner carfax.. 5000 mile oil changes.. color of sand urchin was limited. Seats should just polish up nicely.
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    Future vintage car: EFI or carbs better?

    Fuel inject is 20 times more reliable
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    Mechanic charging for diagnostics?

    Just like a doctor. You pay to find out what is wrong first. There are labs and tests and you pay for them too.
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    This LX 470 might be the worse flood damaged car I have ever seen

    The tire valve caps Dipstick Sand value
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    a '17 Accord CVT's issue

    Another reason for never buying a CVT..
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    Plastic bags slowly going away

    Paper bags are better. Hate this stupid government of fools w open borders allowing millions of deadly drugs in. The push to leftie ideas never works out well.