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    Peak has a New Antifreeze

    I want to use this to top off my 2019 Jeep GC and a 2021 Canyon, makes it easy as it says for most 2012 to 2022 North American vehicles. Has anyone used this and troubles if any?
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    Peak has a New Antifreeze

    I plan on using this for top off in my 2021 Canyon and a 2019 Grand Cherokee, both V6 engines. Neither need a change for a while.
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    GM Carb'd 2.8 V6 Oil choice?

    I had a 2.8 TBI V6 in a 1993 S-10 I always ran M1 15-50 in it and never a problem for 150,000 miles.
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    Old Chevy 305 oil recommendation

    I ran a 1978 C10 with a 305 and always used 10-30. At 85,000 miles it needed a timing chain new gears and a cam because of two flattened lobes. The guy who did it used steel gears not nylon tipped and a Crane Economaster 2 cam and lifters. He told me to use 10-40 and I did for another 150,000...
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    Oil filters. Which ones you guys like / trust / recommend for normal condition driven sedans?

    I will be using the OEM AC Delco filter for my 2021 GMC Canyon Elevation V6. They don't look bad and the dealer used one on my one free OCI. The service tech said to do OCI's at around 5,000 miles. I'm sure they will be ok for that mileage. BTW I'm using Mobil 1 5-30. It has Delco 5-30 SYN in it...
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    Synthetic oil bad in a lawnmower? Any truth in this self proclaimed experts statements?

    I used to use NAPA 14-40 Universal Fleet in my outboard, generators and all my 4 stroke equipment. I was getting it for free and it never caused any problems. I replaced it with Mobil 1 10-40 High Mileage. I also now use it in my Yamaha golf cart.
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    What motor oil does the best job of cleaning?

    Back then it was just Mobil1 10w30 synthetic, there were'nt many synthetics available in the early eighties.
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    What motor oil does the best job of cleaning?

    I bought a 1980 Olds Cutlass V8 and used Castroil GTX for 50,000 miles. I had a valve cover leak and pulled borh sides for new gaskets, what I found was shocking. There was a waxy build up on the cyl heads that I uses a small spoon to remove and had to wire and blow out the oil returns. I got...
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    What Oil Should I Use for GMC Yukon 2019 in a VERY HOT Summer

    Back in the day I used M1 15-50 in my 1992 Ford explorer and then my S-10 2.8L from dai one and never had a problem here in S Fla. Now I use what the Mfg says, I do have Jeep Grand Cherokee and as soon as it's out of warranty I will switch from 0-20 to 5-30. I think you would be OK with a 5-30...
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    Best filter for 2021 GMC Canyon elevation V6

    I have a 2021 GMC Canyon Elevation V6 and had one oil change by the dealer. Now I will do it myself. I plan to use Mobil1 5-30 and am wondering about what filter to use. I'm told that the stock AC Delco is good. I plan 5,000 mile changes as I was told by a few because of the cam chain and...
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    Generator oil choice

    My Honda V Twin 20 HP says 10-30 conventional oil. I broke in with that then went to NAPA 15-40 Universal Fleet for about 300 hrs with 100 hr OCI's. I recently changed oil in my two generators, Pressure cleaner, lawn mower and Yamaha golf cart with M1 High Mileage 10-40. Here in N Fla it can get...
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    Amalie Elixir Full Synthetic, What group is it?

    Here in Daytona the Supertech at Walmart is marked WPP. I'm gonna start using it for all my lawn and other power equipment. Probably the 10-40 flavor.
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    Oil for 72 Corvette

    Some of the 350 engines from 69,70,71 were commonly called nickel blocks because they had a greater amount of nickel in the casting, they were all 4 bolt mains and just above the timing cover to the right and below the intake manifold they had 2 vertical embossments that looked like parentheses...
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    Oil for 72 Corvette

    Thank,s that's good to know. I only use it in my two generators and a pressure washer. I'm sure they are OK with this new formula. I guess it would be OK for a stock 72 Small Block Corvette, if not there are lots of other oils to use.
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    Oil for 72 Corvette

    I would go with M1 10-40 High Mileage, it is a good oil and has a bit more ZDDP in it for an engine od that age. OCI's at 5,000 would be good too.
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    Red Line for Cleaning

    I had an Olds that had a 260 CI engine that was really sludged inside. I had to spoon it out of the cyl heads. I put in 4 qts of Marvel mystery oil and one Qt of 50W and ran the engine at idle for about 15 minutes. Then I changed the filter and oil and did the same thing again. After that I ran...
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    Havoline "Lifelong" ProDS Oil

    I guess this oil will be good for my 2021 Canyon 3.6L V6. Having a hard time finding oil I want as there seems to be a shortage. I've used M1 for almost thirty years and wanted to use M1 5-30 in my truck. Looks like at Walmart my choice is Havoline, Valvoline or Supertech. I think any of these...
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    Anyone with a golf cart?

    In our family we have three gas powered golf carts.One is a Yamaha drive with Yamaha engine, Two is a EZ GO with a Kawasaki, Three is a Club Car with a Subaru. I dont see much diffrerence in the three. We maintain them well and have had no issues. I am told that parts for the Subaru engine are a...
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    Yamaha Drive 2 Golf Cart

    I have a 2020 Yamaha gsa golf cart and there is no recomendation on oil. The shop where I bought it said put 20 her on it and the owner said I use Mobil1 15-50 in mine. Te told me if I wanted since it was summer in FL I could use 10-40. I chose M1 10-40 High Mileage cause thats all I could get...
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5W-30 vs. Shell Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 compared

    I don't pay attention to the OLM. My dealers service writer and the tech that did my first oil change said to go with 5-30 synthetic (no brand discussed) and don't go over 5,000 miles because of cam phaser issues. So it looks like M1 or RGT 5-30 it is. Cheap insurance to me.