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    Amsoil 5w40 DEO vs 5w40AFL Differences? ZDDP?

    Thanks for the replies. It was my understanding that Rotella was reformulated in the last year with lower ZDDP levels? Same time it got the T6 label? Ok so lay it on me what kind of ZDDP levels does AMO 10w40 have? How does that compare to DEO? The 5weights seem like a good idea because it can...
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    Amsoil 5w40 DEO vs 5w40AFL Differences? ZDDP?

    Does anyone know what the real world differences between the DEO and AFL? AFL is the European car formula and DEO is a diesel oil. It looks like DEO is thicker and has more additives. Also if anyone has any info on ZDDP levels that would be helpful. Im looking for a universal replacement for my...
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    Bypass Filter & Pre-luber Install

    As another possible return location you could look at the turbo oil return line. There is usually a way to T into it without to much work.
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    SAE On Bypass Filtration

    Hey Gary, most people can't see much of that TDR thread. A while back they changed it so non-members can't see post more than five days old. Too bad there's a lot of good discussion in that thread.
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    Amsoil 2cycle oil allows rust during storage.

    Storage is a big issue. That is the one reason why I don't run amsoil 100:1 at that ratio. Its good oil but it won't protect during storage so I mix at 40:1 just like any other oil. I was running amsoil in my snowmobile, but now I'm rethinking that. I could deal with the off season storage, but...
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    Amsoil 2cycle oil allows rust during storage.

    This is not my info. I don't really have an opinion one way or another. I just thought it was and interesting conversation. One oil is amsoil interceptor used on a snowmobile engine. Another engine was run on polaris blue a cheaper dino 2cycle. One crank is rusty the other isn't. Pics to...
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    Motorcraft HDEO's; Ford says not to use in gas engines!

    This is a classic CYA situation. If ford allows the use of HDEOs in gas motors they run the risk of increased warranty problems. It could also be driven by the EPA requirement that all factory emissons systems be designed to operate within specs for 150k. In tests ford learned that they can't...
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    '69 Bronco w/302 Valvoline AC 10W-40 2745mi

    I may or may not have a coolant leak. If I do it's small and isn't causing extreme wear yet. The lab was very worried about the high lead indicating bearing wear but they said nothing about the sodium and potassium. I forgot to mention that I run leaded fuel from time to time. But considering...
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    Valvoline VR1 "Racing" 20w-50, 5800mi, Porsche 911SC 3.0 Air Cooled

    I'm surprise blackstone flagged the sodium at only 10ppm. Valvoline uses lots of sodium as an antifoaming agent. Or... you could have coolant leak. s
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    What is the consensus on Rotella T 5w40?

    I would start at 5k too. Then if things look good through UOA, step it up. The rotella syn is a group III syn but unlike the other "fake" syns it's price reflects it's quality. Rotella isn't trying to fool your average consumer into thinking their 5w-40 is a syn just like mobil 1. It has a good...
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    '69 Bronco w/302 Valvoline AC 10W-40 2745mi

    This oil was in service for about 9 months including winter storage. About two qts of make-up oil was added. 8 oz of valvoline synpower oil treatment was also added. This 302 dynoed at about 300hp and gets run in all conditions from winter hunting to high speed highway in 100 deg weather. There...
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    Where can I get some old gas analyzed?

    Thanks Terry your always a great help. I got the name zyline via word of mouth from my grandpa. I was wondering why all my searches were turning up nothing.
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    1979 F-150 What Oil?

    5w-40 would be fine at -20. I run 5w-40 year around and chose the oil for that reason. You could run 5w-30 in the winter and 10w-40 the rest of the year if you don't mine changing it more. Your leaks could get slightly worse with a group III syn, but nothing like a groupIV+. Group III is...
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    Where can I get some old gas analyzed?

    I have 450 gallons of 10-15 year old gas. I have run some of it in an old motor that I don't care about and had no problems. I would like to get it analyzed just so I know what it is. It has a preservative called zyline in it. Anybody know where I can get an analysis done. I don't think I could...
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    Tapped pan bolt for return?

    There should be other options on 12v cummins. I belive there are two spots to return oil to. They are on the right side below the turbo. One is used by the turbo for a return. You could T into that.
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    These guys have no clue....

    I sure wouldn't want to have to wipe with the paper I use in my MG. At least on a regular basis. Definitly John Wayne TP. Ruff and tuff and doesn't take no crap off nobody
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    Is synthetic oil worse for engines that get fewer miles?

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Synthetic oils do not stick to metal parts like a dino oil will. They use a tackifier to solve the problem but it can only be of limited benefit. Using a synthetic oil in an engine that sits would be like...
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    1979 F-150 What Oil?

    I have a similar truck and I run Rotella 5w-40 syn in it. It's a group III syn not a real POA. I buy it at walmart for $3.89 a quart I think. Also has more ZDDP antiwear additives because it is a diesel rated oil -something that non-roller cams really like. It's the cheapest 5w-40 that I could...
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    Motorcraft 5w-30 Blend 1998 Ford Escort 4547 miles on oil

    Yea its the old SL oil. Look at the amount of ZDDP in it
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    Time to get hitched, now!!

    Be real careful bud. I would want to be married for a couple of years before I considered kids. It's really hard on them if things don't work out. I have been married 5 yrs and was ready to have kids. Next thing I know the wife moved out with paper soon to follow. Make for absolute sure what...