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    House electric questions

    Ground screws should only get one wire under them. There's tandem breakers so double tapping doesn't have to be done.
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    Help me add a C-wire

    Do you have a G - fan terminal?
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    Seized chainsaw chain links

    soak in ATF fluid and acetone.
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    How did I do?

    Never ran stabil in my machine, I do use 93 octane and 2-3 oz chevron w/ techron in my gas can then start the machine every 3 months or so until snow season.
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    Homemade adjustable wrench!

    shark tank that lol.. very nice
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    UPDATE: Sludged Cobalt

    valvetrain noise - "tappat" does the sound go away at higher engine speed?
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    Valvoline Modern Engine Full Synthetic

    PEA is a common fuel injector cleaner, so it's not nonsense just not factual information for Valvoline. Here - **Maybe Valvoline is be adding polyetheramine "PEA" into the blend**
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    Just switched from VZW to Cricket..

    I have learned that VZW is BOSS of wireless.
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    milky oil

    Water in the gas
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    Just switched from VZW to Cricket..

    Cricket is advertising get a free moto e5 cruise. And 4 lines/$100
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    Just switched from VZW to Cricket..

    You'll get the same coverage as AT&T on cricket wireless-cricket uses AT&T tower's. Only drawback is the throttled data speeds. Just stay clear of metropcs and T-Mobile, both the same network coverage sucks once you're out of a metro area.
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    Valvoline Modern Engine Full Synthetic

    Valvoline must be adding polyetheramine "PEA" into the blend
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    5W30 in a 1.6l Ecoboost

    Yes, 30wt is good for the turbo
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    What things do you not like about your car?

    Crutchfield has some 2 ohm speakers avail. unless your 911 has 1 ohm speaks then your outta luck
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    2015 Tahoe - previously an Uber?!?!?

    probably is abused and had numerous sexual acts performed in the vehicle.
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    I’m getting old...

    No Nissan for me unless it's a manual. And the Versa Note SR isn't avail in stick - what a bummer.
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    dealing with impatient people?

    I don't know about dealing with impatient bosses. I recently started a cleaner job at the community college and have been working with these two stripping and waxing floors one kid can't stay off his phone he can not complete one task fully without touching and fondling his iPhone. When he...
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    Metal or plastic mailbox

    plastic will be good for life - if its a slip over sleeve than the 4x4 post will just need replacing when rotted.
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    I’m getting old...

    My lease is up in February and I am undecided if I want to lease again, purchase new or used for my next vehicle and if I am going for an auto or manual. - I just scored a state - county job working 1.8 miles from home. I had a 2014 Chevy Spark with a CVT and around 60k it started to develop...