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  1. Jmlo96

    Thoughts on Daytona 3 Ton Jack stands?

    I have a set of them along with a set of US Jack stands. The harbor freight ones are fine for holding my tractor up but I grab my US Jack ones every time over the Daytonas.
  2. Jmlo96

    $1,300+ monthly payment????!!!!!!

    The unreal thing about these prices is that they've added all these fancy features to these trucks and upped the price tag, and they will still be rusty junk in 10 years (maybe 15 with luck and care). Not to mention all the added complexity and problems that trucks 15 years ago didn't have. I...
  3. Jmlo96

    Michelin Defender LTX M/S winter performance

    My Dad loves these tires too. He never really particularly cared about tires until he got the Defender LTX. When they wore out, he tried the Continental TerrainContact HT and while he didn't dislike them, he liked the Michelins better. First thing he did when he got his new Grand Cherokee is...
  4. Jmlo96

    Goodyear Wrangler Steadfast HT

    I wonder if they will meet 3PMS. I used to have a set of Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors that remind me of these.
  5. Jmlo96

    2011 GMC Terrain Needs new catalytic converter. Go OEM or Aftermarket?

    I'd recommend calling the dealer and/or GM and seeing if they will help you out since it's just out of the warranty. If they won't help, I'd say OEM unless you are getting rid of it very quickly. $250 isn't worth the hassle to deal with the problems of the aftermarket.
  6. Jmlo96

    Turo Rental: 2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid

    Another huge downside to this generation Sienna are the "non removable" second row seats. Yes, I know you can remove them with some work. But I can't tell you how many times my family has pulled the 2nd row seats out of the Sienna to haul stuff. It removes so much utility.
  7. Jmlo96

    New Hamp Oil Under on GM Wax Frame?

    I had my 2022 Silverado sprayed with fluid film. Everything still looks good with the frame coating. For $350 he did my entire truck. He even popped the taillights out and used a really long wand to do the bedsides.
  8. Jmlo96

    Comparing four Michelin tires

    I found the test to be very interesting. The most interesting things to me were how low of rolling resistance the winter tire had and how the Pilot Sport All Season was nearly as good of a performer in dry and wet as the summer tire.
  9. Jmlo96

    How you can tell when a vehicle is from 'up north'...

    Yikes, I almost wonder if someone was using it as a salt truck.
  10. Jmlo96

    How bad do you let your tires get?

    I usually replace at 4/32nds for normal tires and start looking to Discount Tire for the warranty credit. Tires never seem to last anywhere near the warranty around my area as there are lots of turns and slow speeds.
  11. Jmlo96

    Brake fluid to remove wax residue on rubber trim

    I've used pink pencil erasers to remove wax residue like that on black plastic. I'm not sure if it would work on a pliable seal like that, but it could be worth a shot?
  12. Jmlo96

    Installing Preassembled Struts, but only on the front?

    I'd have a hard time justifying taking everything apart only to use KYB struts and strut mounts. I think I'd go for a KYB quick strut setup myself.
  13. Jmlo96

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - brake bleeder rounded off

    A little bit of heat always helps. Another tip is to put a socket on and smack the end of the socket with a hammer. I've had good success with the Irwin bolt extractors if you can't get it off.
  14. Jmlo96

    New Tires Search

    Looks like the RT45s are still made in that size and basically the same price on Tirerack. That would be my choice over the RT43.
  15. Jmlo96

    New Tires Search

    Keep in mind the RT43 has been discontinued in favor of the RT45. That could be problematic in terms of getting a recently produced tire and finding a replacement if you ever have a tire blow out.
  16. Jmlo96

    2013 Honda Accord steering rack bad?

    I would drive it after the alignment. Sometimes there is a steering angle sensor that needs reset. Some electric power steering systems can correct a pull situation. If it hasn't improved, I would try rotating the rear tires to the front. You could also have a tire with radial pull.
  17. Jmlo96

    2013 Honda Accord steering rack bad?

    It’s hard to tell based on your video. Are you sure that there aren’t any worn suspension components?
  18. Jmlo96

    Dishwasher Recommendations

    I really like my Bosch dishwasher. The upper end ones having a heating element which solves any dishes not being dry complaints.
  19. Jmlo96

    When Did Tire Rack Become so Expensive?

    I have noticed both Tire Rack and Discount Tire getting much more expensive. Tire Rack has been more expensive for a while now. Discount Tire has recently seemed to have crept prices up and reduced sales since the founder passed away. I recently needed a set of 15" tires for a classic car. For a...
  20. Jmlo96

    2013 Toyota Sienna AWD - A/S Tire Suggestions?

    They are just normal CrossClimate 2s.