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  1. funflyer

    Rumor Mill at Full Throttle

    Just another deployment. So glad I retired from all that.
  2. funflyer

    Consumer Reports : Low-Rolling resistance tires rated

    IME, it's extremely difficult to tell the difference in MPGs from tire to tire in a non-hybrid vehicle. Having driven more than 300k in two different Prius's I can tell you with certainty that there is a significant difference from tire to tire with hybrids. I've experienced a 10MPG difference...
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    General Altimax RT43

    These are on my 2016 Prius. They replaced Michelin Energy Savers so the 8.8% hit isn't surprising.
  4. funflyer

    General Altimax RT43

    Thought I'd post a 12,000 mile update. The RT43's have developed just a little road noise between 50-70 MPH but are still very smooth. Wet handling, rain and snow has been very good. Gas mileage is 5.1 MPG less than the Michelins they replaced so cost per mile should be pretty close between the...
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    Let's hear some Old Country Music from days gone by...

    You want old? You gotta go back to the beginning.
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    Garage door won't open- Wife said she heard a loud noise last night- this is what I found

    I won't comment on whether a DIY'er should do this job since we all know our limitations, but I will say it's a wise idea to have a spare set of springs available for when they break, and they will all break eventually.
  7. funflyer

    Wonder what happened to this bearing?

    Parked when hot with the wheel on that side much higher than the other. Cooled, moisture condensed and the Jeep was parked too long afterward so corrosion set in.
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    K46 1st oil Change Question

    My motivation to change the oil was the environment I operate the mower in. I've got an acre and it's pretty much wild grass, weeds and lots of loose dirt so after an afternoon of mowing it's completely covered in dirt. Also, temps in the summer are well above 90 so I figured the original fill...
  9. funflyer

    K46 1st oil Change Question

    I just did the first K46 oil change last week in my Cub. I was going to do it at 100 hours as my 1 acre yard is a real dirt/dust bowl but it ended up with 170 hours by the time I got motivated. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was super clean inside with very little wear metal in the...
  10. funflyer

    Is anyone saving copper pennies?

    I use copper pennies to make gas checks for my shooting hobby. I run them through a jewelry roller then punch them out from a die. Commercial checks cost about $50-$60 per thou, but I make them for under $1 per thou. They also make great shims for many different applications. I used them when I...
  11. funflyer

    What odd items are you having trouble finding in the stores?

    I couldn't find any Pennzoil Synchromesh. Was checking several stores weekly since November. Finally found some today at Advance Auto. I bought three of the last four quarts they had on the shelf and the counter guy said that was all that was left from their last shipment.
  12. funflyer

    Slip Yoke Plug Leaking

    Took the driveshaft and new parts to the shop today. They welded the plug in place, shortened and balanced the driveshaft. They said they've welded more than a few yokes over the years without issue.
  13. funflyer

    Slip Yoke Plug Leaking

    Since the shop has to balance the shaft after they shorten it any fix shouldn't be an issue.
  14. funflyer

    Slip Yoke Plug Leaking

    In the middle of a TKX installation for the 66, I temp installed a new yoke so I could service the ATF and get the trans in the car. Today I went to pull the yoke, in preparation of having the driveshaft shortened next week, when I noticed a drop of fluid coming from the plug. I verified the...
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    A $3 filter with a $12 paint job. When our Sears was going under they had these on clearance for 40 or 50% off (from their regular $15). I talked to a guy buying several of both Kohler and Craftsman branded ones. Said he'd never use anything else and was shocked when I told him I use a cheap...
  16. funflyer

    NPR: 'Carolina Squat' vehicles are now illegal on North Carolina roads

    I've been saying the same thing for years. Seems more and more laws don't get enforced, and more stupidity makes it's way into the auto world with every new generation of driver.
  17. funflyer

    Clutch release bearing, plastic/composite?

    Centerforce bearing on left, Timkin on right, plastic in center.
  18. funflyer

    Clutch release bearing, plastic/composite?

    Already have the Timkin, no plastic anywhere on it.
  19. funflyer

    Clutch release bearing, plastic/composite?

    Same bearing two different pictures.