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  1. LowMilesLesabre

    Do direct injection engines almost require fuel system cleaners?

    You are correct. Actually, both Ford and Toyota both utilize this and I wouldn’t be surprised if other manufacturers take advantage of that approach.
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    Stunning vintage photos of car wrecks from the days before seat belts and airbags, 1930s

    The only thing that might have allowed some of them to survive although maybe not all in one piece is that average speeds for automobiles back then were a lot slower than they are today. And that was probably a good thing given that many of those vehicles did not have hydraulic brakes that would...
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    How many miles do you want to keep your vehicles, expect your vehicles to last. (if currently under 100K)

    I share your approach in many ways. In just a few months, my 99 LeSabre will turn 24 years old and with only 95,000 miles on it, I see no reason to let it go. On the contrary, I see a lot of value in getting the most reliable service you can out of anything you purchase that depreciates which I...
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    What 599k buys in a single-family home in Bayfield, CO

    Those two things may be related or not. Correlation is not causation.
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    New car shopping.. it's been 16 years

    Alternately, may I ask if you I have considered using a new car buying service? I believe many credit unions offer this as a service to their members and AAA may also have something similar. If you use such a service offered by an institution that you bank with, you can always do your car...
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    Mobil 1 Syn ATF clearance at Advance Auto Parts $1.75qt.

    This is actually what I like using for my ‘99 LeSabre. It’s not easy to find in Canada so I may need to make the change to Red Line’s version of DEX3 the next time I do a drain and fill.
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    Any 0w30 users here?

    Pennzoil Platinum Euro LX for my Honda CRV with the 2.4 L Earth dreams engine. Ever since I switched to this away from the 0W20, I have less oil loss during winter months.
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    NFL Player’s Vision For Energy Resiliency Survives Hurricane Ian. Template For The Future?

    Increasingly, the term resiliency is being researched and discussed in order to protect infrastructure from the increasing intensity of storm activityAnd extreme weather events.. This story is interesting because it’s from a community approximately 12 miles from Fort Myers Florida. While it is...
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    AC Stops Cooling After Moving in Stop and Go

    My 99 Buick does the same thing so this set up has been around for a while. The computer temporaryly takes power from the compressor to ensure that the car can accelerate when under load. This does not happen with slow acceleration or at speed, but rather when giving it more acceleration pedal...
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    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    We use this on both vehicles in southern Ontario. It’s not the old traditional thick coating stuff, but rather a viscous fluid that is a little thicker than fluid film but has a similar smell and I think of similar chemistry. Works quite well and does not wash off easily...
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    Oil filter questions

    I would just go to Carquest in Canada and pick up one of their their Carquest brand premium filters which are white with blue markings. They are the same quality as Purolator ONE filters and very reasonably priced.
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    All seasons cracked but winter tires not. Am I trying to get blood out of a turnip?

    Thanks for the insight. Yes, these will be getting replaced long before freezing or subfreezing temperatures come our way. I just wanted to get another six weeks out of them and there’s just one 400 mile round trip planned before October. And I’ll have some local driving going on as well so will...
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    Best way to clean corrosion off of bolder alloy wheels before mounting new tires.

    I decided to purchase used alloy wheels for my upcoming new tire change. I’m changing up from the fifteens that the LeSabre originally came with up to 16 inch wheel which was an option package for the same car. There are so many more choices in tires and brands in the 16 inch size than there are...
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    All seasons cracked but winter tires not. Am I trying to get blood out of a turnip?

    UPDATE: I recently had a four wheel alignment done and went back to look at the Uniroyals that I posted about a few months back and either these hairline cracks were in the sections between the treads already or maybe they have formed since then but I suspect they were there all along but I did...
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    Does American Airlines fly TWA branded planes?

    I’m not sure about what motivates this in the airlines, but railroads often do this with other lines that they have purchased in the past regarded as “fallen flags“. They often do this with certain engines particularly.
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    United ordering 15 supersonic jets from startup

    Not sure what your experience is in that region, but I used to make lots of flights to the New York City area on Continental/United and EWR was, and is,the largest of the three airports that serve NYC. It’s hard to visualize until you actually travel by plane into New York, but the other two...
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    Your Favorite Non - OEM Air Filter ?

    Carquest Premium Blue Label.
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    Michelin Defender LTX/MS after 40,000 miles

    Defender 2 has been announced. They will start phasing out Defender soon.
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    Which Premium Oil To Offer?

    I don’t know about in the Minneapolis area, but I have seen lube chain stores under the following oil brands: Valvoline, Pennzoil, and Quaker State. There may be others but these are some that I’ve seen and you don’t want to compete with their branding. I think you should streamline this so...
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    More Junk Parts

    And your point is exactly why I do not plan on using aftermarket when, at some point in the future, my currently 23 year old, original and still running well Delco Remy alternator on the LeSabre eventually gets tired. We have several shops in the area that still rebuild alternators and I plan on...