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  1. Smoky14

    What’s your thermostat set to any why? Heat source?

    58 in winter NG and 78 in summer. Too many expenses for other things, like food, to waste on comfort. We get by. Smoky
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    The love/hate relationship with German cars

    I not only asked CANDY to dance, but I married her. As for German cars to each their own. MHO Smoky
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    My Acura Let Me Down

    Well a bearing, two contacts, and contact plunger later and lots of cleaning and lubrication later the starter works fine and the engine starts. The mechanic’s back requires some ice packs and a couple days off. It seems I can’t spend hours bending over a fender like a could in my mis-spent...
  4. Smoky14

    My Acura Let Me Down

    Actually troubleshooting isn’t really hard, disconnect the solenoid at the starter, put a load, test light,in line and ground it. Attempting a start checks all relays and safety switches. The screwdriver trick is not a good idea on this starter like it is on old American car starters. I really...
  5. Smoky14

    My Acura Let Me Down

    Car in my signature failed me for the first time in 172000 miles, failed to crank and we were 80 miles from home. Now the good side, thanks to having a stick shift I was able to bump start the old girl and drive home. Parts are on order for a starter rebuild and hopefully another 100000 trouble...
  6. Smoky14

    When do you board a flight?

    Flying sober is highly overrated. Smoky
  7. Smoky14

    Anyone in here have a bike that still has carbs?

    I have stored bikes for extended periods by draining carbs, filling with kerosene. after 2+ years drained the kero and had them fire right up. This weas in the era of the XS 1100 which was known to gum up the carbs. YMMV Smoky
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    Volkswagen First Service Disappointments

    All great ideas thanks, however the next closest dealer is across town town from them and really has a bad rep. It is 125 miles. I offered to install the part but got the big “ VW won’t let us” as if VW would sanction the services they did provide. A follow up call to the service manager to get...
  9. Smoky14

    How Lucky Can You Get ?

    Not to say I’m unlucky,but after playing for years with no luck I finally won on the fewest numbers. It was the lowest pay out in the history of AZ lottery. It paid $4.00 on a dollar ticket. I have not played since and that was 25 years ago. Smoky the “lucky”
  10. Smoky14

    Old military records

    If they wanted you to know you would have been told, their war, their story to tell. We each carry that experience in our own way and records don’t tell the whole story. Celebrate their service Smoky
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    Volkswagen First Service Disappointments

    Called VW and got the bums rush, “we can’t control what our dealers do in house” Glad to know VW has my back.
  12. Smoky14

    Volkswagen First Service Disappointments

    The trim part was not available in stock. The only level spot on the lot is inside the building. I had to reason to suspect tires hadn't been rotated until I checked oil and decided to check other work. I worked as an aircraft mechanic for over 25 years then switched to motorcycles. Anyone who...
  13. Smoky14

    Volkswagen First Service Disappointments

    Had my first service on the Passat yesterday. Results were as follows, oil of unknown quality changed, almost a quart low. Tires were not rotated, tire pressure was different in each tire. Replacement interior trim part was wrong color, put that transaction on hold. This is a MB/ VW dealer...
  14. Smoky14

    Who provides the nicest owner's manuals?

    I don't know the best, but worst I've had is VW. It tells very little and references all questions to your dealer. The book on my Acura is very good, explains maintenance etc. I suppose lawyers write the newer ones. MHO Smoky
  15. Smoky14

    Product similar to Wesley’s bleach white

    The title says it all, I need to clean my tires and car wash soap isn’t getting it done. The WBW was great back in the days of white wall tires. Thanks Smoky
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    Wish Me luck Fellas! Shortest night/longest day of my early 40s...

    Never miss a chance to help your folks, too soon the opportunities are no longer available. MHO Smoky
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    Anyone runDunlop Roadsmart 3

    Having a difficult time getting the tires I want, the Dunlops mentioned are available. My riding could be classified as sport touring. If any of you could give me some feedback I’d appreciate the comments. Application in signature Thanks Smoky