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    Backdoor kill-switches in every car by 2026

    Conspiracy minded people love to blow things out of proportion, because that's how they get the attention they crave from others. Again, having a car equipped with technology that prevents a drunk driver from starting their car, and driving it, is a benefit to all the rest of us on the road.
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    Backdoor kill-switches in every car by 2026

    Man, I keep forgetting how many people on this forum are severe technophobes. Pretty wide range, too. "I don't want cars to stop me from being a drunk driver" all the way to "Seat belt mandates infringe on my freedumbs" I'm amazed that no one complained about speed limiters being set to the...
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    Fun at the DMV

    Which Native American Nation are your descended from?
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    Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

    You could go with this for $6500: Use about $750 for flight, oil change, fuel and hotels to get it back home, and still have $750 for a bit of repair money.
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    Solar system ... price, duration, etc. from sales pitch

    BWA-HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA. You have been lied to, and you took the bait. Nope. Just nope. All BS.
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    British owner review on his 200K mile Fiat 500

    Oh my God, that's so awesome! Did you make that one up yourself? You're so clever! Have any others?
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    Can a weak fuel pump really cause misfire?

    You were asked in post #11 if the part was aftermarket or OEM. You didn't reply with the fact that you were using Dorman parts until post #21. In post #26 someone replied that the Dorman part was probably part of the problem. And it wasn't until post #71 that you finally learned that lesson...
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    Really slow cranking battery this morning.

    Everyone else isn't you, and can't make the same decisions that you do in their lives.
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    Damaged wheel :/

    No matter where you move to, your rims would still have been damaged by people who were not you.
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    Bought a 2023 Palisade today

    Congrats on the new car. Oh please, two of the cars in my signature cost more than their Hyundai. People like what they like, and if they are willing to pay the price, let them enjoy their car. I have 6 framed Monroney Stickers that came from new cars that we have bought hanging on the wall in...
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    Odd oil change procedure per alleged Subaru TSB is you use one of their substitute filters

    Think whatever you want. Apparently there's 2 sizes for the temp replacement filters. Make sure you are getting the correct size for your application. Here's a link to a video of a teardown of the original Subaru Filter, the new Temporary replacement filter, and the higher quality Japanese...
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    2012 Fiat 500 Automatic reliability

    The only thing your really need to understand about the comment, but mostly about the person who made the comment, is that he's a jerk. That's it. His whole comment was about being a mean jerk to someone else, for no reason whatsoever.
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    Odd oil change procedure per alleged Subaru TSB is you use one of their substitute filters

    I think it required with either filter, not just the temporary low production replacement filter.
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    Do direct injection engines almost require fuel system cleaners?

    Doubtful. The largest source of oil deposits on an intake valve actually comes down the valve stem, through the valve stem seal, from under the valve cover. Catch can can't fix that source of oil.
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    Odd oil change procedure per alleged Subaru TSB is you use one of their substitute filters

    Not really sure why everyone's so confused about this procedure, it's a common one in the Mazda RX-8 world where an engine is replaced under warranty, and the manufacturer wants as much debris flushed out of the oil and oil cooler system as possible. So, pretty much, Subaru wants an oil flush...
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    What 599k buys in a single-family home in Bayfield, CO

    Well, if you want a house in CO for under 400k, today, you're a bit limited in the choices available. Plus, we've seen the work that GON puts into the vehicles he buys and rebuilds, so this should be way easier. It was built in 2008, so we're talking about a modern house, and not something from...
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    What 599k buys in a single-family home in Bayfield, CO

    Hey GON, I know you like fixing up beat up cars, so I think I have the perfect house for you in Colorado:,-CO-80514_rb/82298235_zpid/ I think its near your preferred price range, but it definitely needs a whole lot of work.
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    What 599k buys in a single-family home in Bayfield, CO

    Does the house have a reliable internet connection? If yes, then it's worth the price in Colorado. Some random tech person in CA or in NY might suddenly get a wild hair about moving to the middle of nowhere in Colorado, and this house is perfect if it has internet. So, hence, it's worth $500k...
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    Interesting VW new car warranty experience

    I understand all of that, but to get so mad you lose thousands of dollars because the company wouldn't cover an out of warranty window, which is just a couple hundred dollars to replace, typically. And the car company is ALWAYS going to blame it on the environment that the car went through for...
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    Interesting VW new car warranty experience

    And this is why I have glass coverage on all our vehicles. 1 call to the insurance company, another call to a glass repair place, and I'm back in business. I can't understand someone selling a car at a loss because of a window replacement, on a car they actually like.