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    please help diagnose -low cold idle

    a dead temperature sensor should throw a check engine light before too long. it will on my OBD2 acura. the engine is missing a necessary input. a bad IACV will probable not throw one, it has no input to the computer other than it reading warm or not warm.
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    please help diagnose -low cold idle

    you probably have a bad idle air control valve. it is what actually controls the idle. on some nissan models, it attaches to the throttle body on the bottom and has 2 coolant lines running through it. as the temperature of the coolant rises, the IACV slowly closes a port and lowers the idle...
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    97 Ford Escort LX sedan auto 98K miles

    my sister has a 99 escort. surprising low end torque. 170k miles on it. runs pretty good. a fair amount of valvetrain noise. i went to the j-yard a few years ago and stripped every electronic component off of one and gave hew 2 milk crates of parts for hew birthday. she has used about a third of...
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    Canned Cheeseburger

    love it. i wonder how many weight watchers points it is.
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    Mechanix Gloves - Are They Durable?

    i have found that soaking the HF gloves in boiling how water loosens them up a bit. also, do not soak them in F21 or armor all. they will be so slick you cannot pick anything up with them.
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    Mechanix Gloves - Are They Durable?

    i have tried most every brand of glove. some are really good but the thick ones get caught all the time working in tight spotsand they cost alot. when harbor freight has the blue ones on sale for $4.99, i load up on them. the last plenty long for the $ and if you lose one/get a hole in one, its...
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    Cold Oil in a Honda

    hondas dont heat the oil much in my experience. i worked at a speedy lube years ago and you did not have to be that careful around the hondas like you did on a ford or a GM engine. those things would burn your fingers with the hot oil. ask me how i know.
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    Blown Civic Engine

    i have owned 5 honda products. if properly maintained, they can last a long time. i let the oil get low in a 90 hatchback that i had and i lost compression on #3 cylinder. not having any money, i had to drive it around on a cylinder with 20 psi of compression. once you got it up to speed on the...
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    2004 Corolla idling & fuel mileage issues....

    i checked and the IACV will not trigger a check engine light if it is going out. once it stops working altogether it should trigger one. i would recommend berrymans b12 chemtool from the aerosol can. if it is stuck that should fix it.
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    2004 Corolla idling & fuel mileage issues....

    you probably need an idle air control valve. they commonly go out on these engines. not terribly cheap but you can install it yourself.
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    Anyone own 00-06 Tahoe/Yukon? I'm about to buy one

    i have a 2000 4wd tahoe. i had to have the under dash sub harness replaced to get the dash to work properly. thank [censored] for the extended warranty. i would have cost me $1500 otherwise. it uses a quart of 10-30 every 3500 miles. other then that, its been pretty good for 80k miles.
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    Help me install an extra gas tank for my 1992 car

    get a 5 gallon gas can. if you cant get to where you need to be in 150 or so miles, you dont need to be there.
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    What oil to use in CH Compressor pump?

    your compressor was made by IMC american. i have twoe of them myself call them at 800-528-5192 and ask them.
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    98 chevy truck heater will not work

    get a meat thermometer and stick it in the radiator fill hole and go by that. dont trust your gauge. i bet a new temp sensor cant be more then $20 for one of these. less i bet. the rising/falling of coolant sounds strange to me. sounds like an air pocket. it could be dangerous. no cooling...
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    1996 Cavalier 2.2L - 168k cylinder head picture

    wow. that M1 sure kept it clean. looks nice.
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    98 chevy truck heater will not work

    for there to be no pressure in the system with the truck warmed up, you have to have a leak in the system. its not in the cab/heater core or it would fog up your windshield and you would probably smell it and there would probably be a puddle on the floor. lets assume that you did a proper job of...
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    BMW $5,300 trany replacement estimate

    i would ask the dealer to call his doctor and ask them for an estimate on size 12 boot removal from [censored]. ask about head removal as well. sounds like they need it. its always nice to know that you are helping some poor BMW dealership mechanic make his monthly boat payment.
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    OEM's coating engine internals?

    spoke with a friend today who races 2 stroke motorcycles. the pistons, valves, rods, combustion chamber and exhaust ports on his racing engines are all coated. on a 250cc engine they are only worth about 3 hp but he claims almost twice the lifespan compared to the non coated engines. he said...
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    OEM's coating engine internals?

    i have read that ferrari/maserati use piston and combustion chamber ceramic based coatings heavily. many motorcycle engines use a piston skirt coating. BMW and porsche used to use nikasil on their engines. now they have a silicon carbide cast into the cylinder liners themselves. this keeps them...
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    98 chevy truck heater will not work

    i second bob. also, do you have the all digital heater control or the one with the slide levers? the all digital ones have a step motor that controls the flaps the control the airflow. there should also be a motor that controls the water valve that controls the flow of coolant through the heater...