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    Insurance companies refusing polices for Hyundai and Kia vehicles in some areas

    It's gotta suck if this is the second or third time this has happened to you 😳 I like this seatbelt steering wheel lock The satire is funny, the reality is sad 😭 Steering wheel lock seems ineffective
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    Insurance companies refusing polices for Hyundai and Kia vehicles in some areas

    Kia Boyz be wylin 😳 This is all Hyundai and Kia's fault, they cheaped out on something that's gonna burn them for years to come I've still yet to see the proposed software fix for some models, or the TSB dealer installed Crimestopper alarm that's supposed to fix this At this point, the...
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    Toyota oil change question

    After dealing with 2AZ oil burners No 🤨
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    What are you working on today?

    ... apparently the Grand Prix takes on water when parked nose down on the driveway 😳 Now I get to clean this up, idle it for a while with the heat on, and go to Home Depot and buy some Damp Rids 😒
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    It's tax time

    Resident young person here 👋 They do need some education... $4,040 federal, $4,038 to NYS $763 coming back to me 🙂 I'm not the biggest fan of giving people a 0% interest loan on my money, but I don't like being told I owe multiple thousands either 😳 I wonder how much cheaper my taxes would be...
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    2008 Scion xD?

    That's sad 😳 People forget that selling a car is not a meritocracy 😒
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    It's tax time

    I'm getting a little less back than last year But I earned notably less than last year 😭 Hopefully FY23 will be better
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    High School Reunions - Generational thing?

    Didn't go, wouldn't really care to Those who I care for, I keep in touch with This song was trending when I was in middle school, oh how we laughed With age comes wisdom, they were right :unsure:
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    Glass Bottles are Making a Comeback

    Mexican Coke (glass bottles made with cane sugar) hit different 🤤 I'll never forgive Snapple for going from glass to plastic Nothing quenched on a hot August day like an ice cold Snapple Lemon/Peach, the glass just made it taste cold :D
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    It's tax time

    And mine are done (y) TurboTax emailed me today saying the IRS is now accepting returns I'm lucky my taxes are simple, single/no kids/no property/no investments W-2 and a standard deduction has been my M.O for the past 8 years If it took me 15 minutes, that's stretching it :cool: They imported...
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    2008 Scion xD?

    Why does this thread sound familiar? Did you find another one?
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    What are you working on today?

    Maybe I'll put a can of Motor Oil Saver/Mos² in the next oil change I guess I could change the PCV valve again, but that seems a waste of money Every time I use Mobil 1 oil filters, cold starts are hella dry and loud 910s has a better drain back valve IMO Also, are you supposed to do an oil...
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    Another Salvage Auction thread- this time a clean titled (repo) 2004 Lincoln Navigator

    Completely OT, but didn't these have filters on the climate controlled seats? I can't remember if it was on this generation, or the later ones It came up in the service schedule for my Villager, no idea why I remember it from there 🤷‍♂️
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    What are you working on today?

    Being depressed that the Camry puffed a little blue smoke for half a second or so when I cold started it today 🥺 She ain't no spring chicken anymore at 195k
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    Injector cleaning.

    He helped me with my lean running 2AZ 👍
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    All the locked threads...why?

    I remember one in particular About a Volvo, a green Blazer, and a can of Restore, in the great garden state 🤪 ...wonder whatever happened to him 🤔 I'm mostly satisfied with the modding, however I've been threatened a handful of times with using the (Grammer element) the escutcheon (...) As a...
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    How you can tell when a vehicle is from 'up north'...

    All 4 seasons gang 🫡 Cars need functional heat AND A/C Mandatory tire tread depth is actually ABOVE the wear bars 😳 Tints for the summer, heated seats/wheel for the winter Remote start ALL THE CARS 🎮 This winters lack of snow (and requisite salt) has the sanitation department confused 🤔
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Sunroof people be like 😏 Mine is more open than closed
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    8 Month old group 24 700 CCA Costco battery drained, reads 4.66 volts, is it toast?

    Costco is good at switching batteries out Shame their 24F has a weird case that doesn't fit my cars right 🥺