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    Need all season (but good for snow) tire recommendations

    Are you noticing a performance loss, or just have doubts? Obviously the CC2 when new has become the all-around performance king if you must use one tire for 4 seasons. But I think the jury is out on how they will perform with time and miles. If that is a concern to the OP, I would second the...
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    Photos of the Set of Michelin Defender LTX M/S-2 I Just Removed

    Is Discount Tire honoring purchases from Tire Rack now that they own them (for warranty purposes)?
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    Crossclimate 2 10,000 mile review

    Is that a tire issue or a stability control algorithm issue?
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    New to me Porsche Cayman oil recommendation please!

    Does that oil even have a proper add-pack to last...longer than a race?
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    Viking7, Hakka R3, Pilot Alpin PA5 on AWD BMW?
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    0W16 + 0W20 = 0W18? Mixing 2 qts Castrol 0W20 with 2 qts Toyota 0W16!

    Turn off the stingy OCD switch in your brain and take care of your car with what the manufacturer specifies.
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    0-20 motor oil

    I'm surprised GM is spec'ing 5w30. Wonder if this is a result of the timing chain issues they had a number of years ago where the official "fix" was to change from 5w20 to 5w30, and they have not yet updated that engine architecture for a proper fix?
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    Ran my first UOA with Mobil 1 ESP X2. Like the previous UOA with the VW508 Castrol oil, there is considerable fuel dilution. With the Castrol the viscosity did decrease but actually increased. Perhaps the higher oxidation explains that. The Mobil 1 viscosity dropped a bit as expected with the...
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    Oil Suggestions for a new car

    I don't know anything about EP's formulation, but if it matches or betters ESP X2, then yeah go for that. Do you have any links to VOA?
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    Oil Suggestions for a new car

    I'll second the Mobil ESP X2. I like everything about it, detergent is made to prevent LSPI, has both Moly and Boron, and Noack is decently low. Typically these VW508/509 oils also use some PAO to make the standard.
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    There is nothing magical about hydrocarbon viscosity scaling with molecular weight. It may not be a perfectly straight line but it is close. The only hitch is the viscosity improvers, but even there it can't be radically non-linear.
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    Using this calculator it might not be a straight line (linear) but is a darn shallow curve: And how could it not be?
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    If you have a link to that discussion I would like to read it. I suppose I could mix and it send if off for a VOA and see what comes back.
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    IIRC over the 5% test limit, so unknown just how high. The viscosity was actually a bit over VOA, I assume due to oxidation. This was with the Castrol oil. I've now switched to Mobil 1 ESP X2 and will check again soon. OCI @9k, but I may back off that a bit depending on the results.
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    Mixing Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 and ESP 0w30

    Before I get jumped on about warranty, I've always advised staying with the spec so you don't have warranty problems. What is making me reconsider this is the last UOA I did, I had considerable fuel dilution in my Audi SQ5. Probably winter related, but it concerned me a bit. I'm trying to find a...
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    I have no idea where you got that bad advice from, but looking at the Lubrizol tool, VW508/509 is a very high standard, arguably one of the highest. You need at least some PAO and a fantastic add-pack just to meet. Given that Mobil 1 ESP X2 is now at Walmart, and will soon be showing up in...
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    Compressor oil?

    Amsoil makes a nice compressor oil I've been using on my Quincy:
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    Total Quartz INEO LL 0W-20 VW508.00 / $40.XX for 5qt

    Mobil 1 ESP X2 just showed up on Walmart's website
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    0w20 VW oil observation......2019 GLI - oil temp

    A lot of these modern cars have variable cooling. I know my BMW M235 did. On the highway it run 235 degrees, but when I put it in Sport and hit the track it would actually drop to 225. So it would run a higher temp under low load for fuel economy, but drop down when really under load. Maybe VW...