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  1. endeavor to persevere

    Smog Tests

    In the 60 years I have worked on cars, I have never disconnected the battery. If I'm working on a part of the car that needs electoral disconnected, I pull the fuses to that part of the car. Never had a problem. And that includes replacing air bag modules.
  2. endeavor to persevere

    Mechanic charging for diagnostics?

    I've never paid a fee like that, but I've always fixed my own cars.
  3. endeavor to persevere

    Feels Good to Know My Son Pays Attention

    Being the same age as old people (78). I've been working on cars a long time. My dad knew nothing about cars. He couldn't change spark plugs even if he could have found them. I had to learn it all by myself. At an early age, someone said why pay someone a lot of money to screw up your car, when...
  4. endeavor to persevere

    2021 chevy equinox service esc light on

    I told them the same thing when I had it in the second time.
  5. endeavor to persevere

    Do aluminum blocks have the same risk of cracking when exposed to water while hot?

    Had a 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 with a 215 V8 all aluminum motor. Put 150K on it with no issues what so ever. They have been making them for a long time.
  6. endeavor to persevere

    2021 chevy equinox service esc light on

    OK, update on this problem. Took the car to the dealer first week of November. Codes were P0171. P0300 and P0133. They said they couldn't duplicate any problems with these codes., Erased the codes and told me well the codes are not there now. I said they were when I brought it in and you erased...
  7. endeavor to persevere

    Costs of vehicle repairs/maintenance

    I did all that maint. on my cars for years till I had a stroke back in January of this year. I have replaced front struts on my car since then and put in a new coil pack as well. I've slowed down a lot though.
  8. endeavor to persevere

    Portrait Of A Broken Automotive Industry

    Being 78 years old, I really don't give a rats. LOL
  9. endeavor to persevere

    How bad were oils in the 1980’s?

    The word paraffin is a very common and basic term for base mineral oil. The MSDS sheets for many motor oils use the word paraffin to describe the main oil in "SOLVENT-DEWAXED HEAVY PARAFFINIC PETROLEUM," which is how Valvoline phrases it in their MSDS sheets. Paraffin is the...
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    Where do you keep the oil level on your dipstick?

    Both of my cars hold 4.2 quarts, so I always have left over oil to use.
  11. endeavor to persevere

    Ecotec 1.4 - which engine oil?

    I use Red Line 5W30 or Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 in my 2020 Trax. Never had any issues. Its tuned and runs 20 pounds of boost.
  12. endeavor to persevere

    Having a non-car person other half - the things they do.

    Wife used to drive with one foot on the brake pedal in case she had to stop quick. Took me 30 years to break her from that habit. I got tired of changing brake pads under 20,000 miles.
  13. endeavor to persevere

    Set Tire pressure to Manual/Sticker Recommended or 2 PSI over?

    2 pounds over for 60 years. No issues yet.
  14. endeavor to persevere

    Biggest and smallest Vehicles you have owned?

    Biggest was a 1955 Pontiac ambulance. I was in a rock band in the mid 60s and we carried our instruments in it. The smallest was a 1989 Ford Festiva.
  15. endeavor to persevere

    Being a customer of Lucas oil

    I don't buy anything from them.
  16. endeavor to persevere

    2021 chevy equinox service esc light on

    The code PO50D refers to fuel injector problems is why I brought that up. Ill find out next Friday.
  17. endeavor to persevere

    2021 chevy equinox service esc light on

    I'm beginning to think its a fuel injector causing the lean condition. Thanks for all the answers.