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    Supertech Dexron VI

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    Supertech Dexron VI

    I don't see any numbers that start with a "J". The only numbers on the bottle are F41392898 on the front and B41392899 on the back, probably not the numbers your looking for. On the front of the bottle it has Dexron VI, GM Approved for use where a Dexron VI product is recommended. Also suitable...
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    Supertech Dexron VI

    Has anyone tried this new offering from Supertech. I picked up some today for $2.97 a quart. Gonna change out my fluid when it warms up. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Rotella T synthetic ok for automobile use

    Hey guys, I just scored some Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 ( 18 quarts or exactly four changes )for $1.25 a quart tonight at wally's on clearence. I usually run Chevron 10w-30 summer and 5w-30 in winter at 3000 mile changes. My question " is the Rotella T OK to use in a 2002 3.4 chevrolet gasoline...
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    Mobil 1= more engine noise in my wife's GTP

    Racerjk, When you purchased the car was the engine oil maybe slightly overfull. The reason I ask is earlier in the year I purchased a 2002 monte carlo. I checked the oil cold and the stick read about a quart and a half over the full mark. I asked the salesman what the deal was with the...
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    Advance Auto House Brand Oil

    I have never posted to this site before, but have enjoyed reading all of the great information for over a year. I was curious about the new house brand oil at Advance Auto. I sent an email to customer service at Advance Auto's web site asking if it was produced by Havoline. The packaging on the...