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    Fake Amazon NGK and P0301; bad coil?

    Brand LTHJT? That is what I got from the Link.
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    Updated PDS for M1 5W30, M1 AFE 0W30

    Do you recall, Mobil 1 had errors on their PDS prior? Can their be errors on the SDS? I would think it be more accurate on the SDS. Unless formulation had changed again and they have not updated the SDS.
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    Updated PDS for M1 5W30, M1 AFE 0W30

    According to the SDS, it is not 10.75, Vis @ 100 C.
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    Best place to get replacement key fob for 2012 Accord EXL?

    Vehicles with keyless entry with push start button will have a key hidden in the fob. Why? Because in the event the car battery dies, how are you gonna open the doors?
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    Avoiding counterfeit parts -- Best strategies?

    I've bought many Fram Ultra on Amazon (shipped and sold by Amazon) without a problem. Ebay, is another story.
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    EBC Yellowstuff on Toyota Sienna. or...?

    Installed Toyota pads on an 09 Sienna and in a year, they are at 40%. They do eat brakes for lunch.
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    Fully Coated Brake Rotors and Ceramic Pads

    I had problems on a Kia Sedona using Akebonos with Raybestos coated rotors.
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    Could synthetic have saved this Camry?

    IMO, vehicles with low tension rings (prone to burn oil), doing long OCI intervals cakes up the rings, in conjunction viscosity breaks down and exacerbates the problem.
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    What's your go to interior protectant/dressing?

    Can you share your experience on how it is better?
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    What's your go to interior protectant/dressing?

    I wonder how is this product compared to Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer.
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    a california emissions car purchase workaround confusion...

    You can only do that if you are the owner of the vehicle with current CA registration. Which he is trying to transfer it to his name and get registered in CA.
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    3800 EGR valve rattles like crazy!

    I believe that alternator is overcharging.
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    a california emissions car purchase workaround confusion...

    Do you have a picture of the under hood emission label? What is the year, make, model and odometer reading? Also is the check engine light on? If yes, what is the code? Does the catalytic converter needs to be replaced?
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    Video: How much does duel injection help carbon build-up

    Do you have any pics of the plugs ? How many miles were on it when changed ? Thanks
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    Preference: Charcoal or no?

    Exactly. Although I get them at discounted price, it is still, much expensive compared to the EP Auto. The fitment on the OE is not 100%. There is actually a tiny gap at the end. Although the OE filter is very thin (less restriction).
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    Preference: Charcoal or no?

    How is the fitment of the EP Auto compared to the OE? I notice the pleats are much thicker than OE, this will induce restriction?