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    Heads up for Canadians, Pennzoil Synth on sale at Can Tire and $25 discount from Penn website

    Hey all.. Whats your experience with how long it takes the rebate provider to process a submitted claim?.. I sent mine in 2 weeks ago and still in the "Processing" stage... Thanks all
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2017 Hyundai Elantra - 4.5 quarts of Hyundai SP4-M.... Done at 110000km, previous change was at 60,000km...
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    Top tier gasoline gone?

    I assume this website is up todate with its list of which brands in Canada are Toptier?? If so, I am very surprised how ESSO, Petro Canada, Huskey are not on the list! WOW!!! This is the site..
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    Anyone have the OBDII Tool ThinkDiag w/Hyundai software?

    Ping for any additional feedback.. Thanks all
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    Peculiar Internet Problem

    whats the site address?
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    Rotors and Pads

    I replaced my original OEM rotors and pads on my 2017 Hyundai Elantra with Fremax Rotors, an Sangsin pads (OEM) and very happy with them..
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    Kia OEM cut and post 5k

    Can you post the part# on the filter.. thanks!
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    Updated M1 FS 0w-40 - More PAO

    Thanks Travis... Thats what I wanted to confirm.. Not sure if this change is a Good, Bad or indifferent change?... Or if its just a cheaper option for M1 to go from PAO >> GTL.. Thanks all! and Travis!
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    Updated M1 FS 0w-40 - More PAO

    Anyone know where online one would be able to find previous versions of the SDS for M1 5W20 for example?? Looking for the SDS before this current version. Thank you
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    Guess I cannot get away from Chinese boots

    Try Canada West Boots Made in Good Old Canada... I have there work boots and love them...
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    Updated M1 FS 0w-40 - More PAO

    Hey all... Looks like M1(Canada) changed the SDS info this OCT 2021 for there 5W20 What the heck is the item in yellow? PAO? ESTER? GIII ????... Thank you all..
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    PSA for Hyundai Nu engine owners: Check your ignition system!

    Finally!.. NGK released their spark plug for our 2017 Elantra 2.0U Atkinson.....
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    WIX Engine Filter Poor sealing - WA10271

    Wanted to bump the thread and if there are any other 2019+ Santa Fe 2.0T owners that can post some pics of their air filter (mainly the back end).. Would like to see how your filter is sealing... Oh ya.. if you can post also if its OEM or the brand , that would be great also.
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    Brakes pads recommendation
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    PSA for Hyundai Nu engine owners: Check your ignition system!

    I have been talking to the NGK Canada Technical Support MGR for the past 2 years about our 2017 Elantra 2.0 NU sparkplugs and about 10 months ago he said NGK finally engineered a plug for our engine, and they are putting the plug into production. Fast forward about 2 months ago. I pinged him...
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    VW wipers trashed after ~7 months.

    PIAA silicon wiper blades I think are fantastic.. I buy their refills for my 2017 Elantra and 2019 Santa Fe.. As soon as I brought the cars home, I pulled the rubber blades off, and installed silicon refills in...
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    NGK Spark Plug Guide

    Hey all.. For the life of me, I found it once, and now I do not know the site I found it at.. I am looking for the NGK table that shows how to read there spark plug part #s. The issue being, I see tables on their site, but they do not have the longer part# tables, but the part# I am wanting...
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    Mobil1 5W20 updated it spec sheet. What the heck is.....

    what does that mean for a laymen like me??... :)