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    My wife hit a skunk,

    Oh, you must be smelling my new tires!
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    Shake before serving?

    Gee, this discussion makes the "do you prefill your filters" not strange at all!
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    Cheapest DEXOS 1 Full Synthetic 5W 30 ?

    Mobil 1 periodically on sale at Farm and Fleet for $3.69/qt.
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    2011 Silverado with a new engine. Oil SWAP?

    Dksram: What engine are we talking about here?
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    Quality Control, as told by Bob Lutz

    Note that GM pickups for at least 10 years have two valves in the back of the cab to equalize air pressure.
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    Compare resistances to flow of synthetic filters..

    I guess it wasn't obvious enough to me, sorry.
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    Compare resistances to flow of synthetic filters..

    Isn't that Toyota filter shown base down a fuel filter? Don't think there is a bypass on fuel filters.
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    Compare resistances to flow of synthetic filters..

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 2010_FX4</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dickwells</div><div class="ubbcode-body">On the modular engine the base bypass is critical for the...
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    Compare resistances to flow of synthetic filters..

    On the modular engine the base bypass is critical for the sideways mounted filter. When you have gon nuts trying to solve starved cam on one side only to find a hunk of crud blocking that little oriface you will use motorcraft from then on.
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    Silverado Ignition Recall

    The problem with these 4.3 distributors was that they were not vented properly and would get dirty inside.
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    6x6 fence post, treatment?

    Tough wood, also known as Hedge or Osage Orange in the Midwest.
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    Best oil filter from reading this forum.

    Pure one has ver good filtering for sure but I would never use one where it would be exposed to gravel by sticking down below the underbody level. In addition should the filter be over torqued it may be easy to crush or tear on removal due to its thin case. Just sayin
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    RIP Tom Clancy

    No cause of death released as far as I can tell. May I let my paranoia run wild and make a speculative guess that he succumbed to either a small bb dosed with Ricin or a tasty cup of Polonium tea?
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    Vanish, Sludge or carbon build up? Solution please

    Wish you had a beforehand pic. Doesn't look too bad from here. I can tell you that mobil 1 5w30 cleaned up a badly sludged gm v8 for me but it took about 50k miles to make it spotless.
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    How many of you re-use your filters atleast once?

    Avoid dry starts by flooring the acc pedal and then cranking the engine for a few seconds until the oil gauge comes up or the light goes off. In a fuel injection engine this cuts off the gas to deal with flooded engines.
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    Synthetic oil all of its life

    A dry start is when a defective anti backflow valve on the oil filter allows the oil to drain out of the valve train galleries, through the filter, and back down to the oil pan. Has nothing to do with the position of the filter as far as base up or down. The oil pump must then refill the...
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    Best cheap investments you have made?

    Silver @ $1.29/oz
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    TWA Flight 800 Investigation

    A mixture of fuel and air has to be within a fairly narrow range to be explosive/flammable. With any liquid fuel still in an enclosed space the mixture will be over the upper flammability limit (a little under 6% IIRC) . This is analogous to a car engine being flooded. I don't know how they...
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    Pennzoil ultra noise

    Startup noise is a warning of a bad anti backflow valve which can happen with any filter. Watch your oil pressure gauge or warning light to see if it takes longer to build up pressure. Slow pressure buildup is deadly to 4.6 engines as the chain tensioners are oil powered. Good luck.
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    oil flow problem with pure one

    I have to guess that the problem is caused by leakdown of the filter from not sealing well at the anti backflow valve. Even silicone ABFVs can fail to seal on occasion and require the galleries to be filled before the lifters see any fresh oil.