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  1. chemman

    EverStart H8 AGM - Clarios Made in Germany

    Varta automotive batteries, at least the brand name, is now owned by Clarios.
  2. chemman

    Rislone High Mileage Oil Treatment - Contents ?

    In looking at the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) it appears that Rislone Engine Treatment is little more than ZDDP (also known as Zinc diakyldithiophophates - which is a "mixture" of zinc containing compounds that are soluble in nonpolar solvents such as oils) and petroleum based ingredients. In...
  3. chemman

    Old oil can

    You could be right. I was just relying on old memories. I just remember that whenever we saw single cans (usually after running a forklift through the bottom layer of a pallet of oil cases or just flat out dropping a case while moving pallets around) they were typically metal cans. Those of...
  4. chemman

    Old oil can

    Based on my having worked for a Pennzoil distributor (we also sold most every other brand as well) in the 1974 - 1976 time period, when the switch from metal to paper cans began, I would say we started seeing the paper Mobil cans late in 1974 or early in 1975. I also remember when Pennzoil...
  5. chemman

    Push Mower - which carburetor?

    If you want to add something to the fuel in order to clean the fuel system, use Berryman B-12. As far as any "tune up in a can" goes, there really is no such thing. More than likely, cleaning the fuel system of varnish, dirt and other crud is what restores power, etc.
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    Keep me in your thoughts

    Good luck and hang in there!
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    Why is Momentum Theory so hard to grasp RE: winter driving?

    Because I have someplace "important" to go to, so the rest of you need to get out of my way and stay off the roads...
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    98 Whirlpool Washer, Fix or Replace?

    We, my wife and I, purchased a Whirlpool washer and dryer set in early 1999 and they both are still going strong. The only repairs on the washer required in over 20 years of ownership were a new timer, a new water level sensor, and the 4 "dog legs" for the top agitator all of which I did using...
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    Volkswagen TSB pour in a bottle remedy

    There are many different polyether amine compounds.
  10. chemman

    Electric cars make utility bills cheaper for everyone, new research finds

    That may be but then the utilities will scream that they need a rate increase in order to pay for the extra fuel they have to purchase in order to generate the increased amount of electricity, more payroll, benefits, etc.
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    Electric cars make utility bills cheaper for everyone, new research finds

    My question is what happens when off-peak electrical demand exceeds off-peak capacity and approaches peak capacity?
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    Your Favorite Music Video

    Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al with Chevy Chase. I love the simplicity!
  13. chemman

    TRADE your gas car for EV ?

  14. chemman

    Kenmore/Whirlpool dryer F01 fix

    You are not giving yourself enough credit on your soldering abilities! On that burned terminal/circuit board trace, you might want to rub off some of the protective coating over the trace to expose some shiny copper near the relay terminal and apply some solder there and bridge it to the...
  15. chemman

    After years of treating gas the same way two of my small engines refuses to start.

    Sometimes the polymeric end of the needle in the fuel bowl will swell over time and get stuck in the seat. Hence, I keep a carb rebuild kit or a spare needle and seat on hand for this reason. While the polymers are resistant to fuel infusion, over time I believe they develop microscopic...
  16. chemman

    Hospice Care

    My aunt with Alzheimer's went into hospice about 5 months before she passed. The facility she was in tried pressuring me to use their preferred hospice provider, AseraCare, but I insisted on using the Volunteer Nurses of America (VNA) hospice service even as they threatened to discharge her to...
  17. chemman

    GASOLINE ‼️ What is your to go favorite station ? TOP TEAR GAS

    Costco, Exxon, Phillips 66, Sunoco.
  18. chemman

    Vacuum Gage

    Try cole-parmer instruments ( They have this:
  19. chemman

    Underhood detailing '95 Olds 88

    Wanna' do my '92 Olds 88 next?
  20. chemman

    Bad batch of aluminum? What is this white stuff?

    DriveHard is correct. The aluminum oxide layer is harder than the aluminum alloy used, and it stops further oxidation from occurring.